Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birchbox August Box - Review and Pictures

I'm really not sure what to make of this month's Birchbox.  First off I apologize for the lateness. I received the box late and with all the stuff going on in my personal life I wasn't able to have the review ready until now.  But that's not what is puzzling me.  I'm not sure if Birchbox thinks I'm inept at lining my eyes or overly hairy.  I received some unusual, not bad, products in this month's box and I'm not 100% sure if I should be happy or displeased.  Let's all take a look and you can tell me what you think. 

First of all, my Birchbox arrived super late this month. Well past the 15th of the month and well after most other bloggers posted about their box.  I'm more than a little annoyed by that.  But I don't have a leg to stand on because I didn't blog about it until now and what, it's Wednesday the 22nd?  So I'll shut up.  As always my box arrived well packaged and looking pretty.

I received a pretty full box of samples this you can see.

I also received this rather long, yet informative insert that came with the box.  It was called Beauty School or some such nonsense.  The insert had some helpful tips that I already knew and some that I didn't. However, if I see one more "Shaving Tips" piece on the web or in magazines I'm gonna explode!  If I didn't know how to shave my legs properly at my advanced age, I might as well just give up shaving entirely.  It's not rocket science people!

Which brings me to the first item in my Birchbox.  A Schick Hydro Silk Razor.  Not a terrible extra if you ask me.  I could totally use this.  While I already have a Schick Razor I can always use another one for travel. Plus this sucker retails for $9.99 so a nice value as well.

I received the Oscar Blandi Jasmine Shampoo.  I like this shampoo. It smells amazing. It cleans my hair well. The sample size is generous and it's large enough to take on a trip and not have to worry about running out.  I'm happy.  I have a TON of shampoos at home, so I don't plan on purchasing a full size, but if I didn't I probably would.  Sadly tho this shampoo retails for $20 USD which is pretty expensive for just Shampoo....*says the woman with so many bottles of shampoo in her shower that the combined cost is well over $100!*  But we're not talking about me, were talking about Birchbox.  Let's move along. Nothing to see here.

OK. The next item made me guffaw.  Eye Rock Designer Liner.  This is a stick on adhesive liner. This retails for $13 USD and the package has 4 sheets of liners.  I received what looks like a full size. So yet another good value...if you like adhesive liner.  Personally. I watched the instructional video and it looked like it takes longer to apply the adhesive than it does to draw the line yourself.  

HOWEVER, I must admit that for those that want a bold look and are not as experienced at lining their eyes with liquid liner, this MIGHT be a good alternative for a special occasion. Each package  comes with four different designs, ranging from classic cat eyes to "bold runway-inspired styles" Birchbox's words, not mine.  I probably will try this out and then give the other sheets away to a friend.

I received 2 little sachets of Caldrea Hand Soap. I'll keep these with me in my purse on the rare occasion there is no soap in a public restroom I visit, but other than that I have no desire to spend $10.50 USD on a 10.8 oz bottle of liquid hand soap. I wash my hands too often to spend big bucks on hand soap.  Sorry.

Last but not least, I received Beauty Fixation Pre-Tweeze Treatment.  Another full size product in this month's box.  This retails for $5 USD.   Basically this contains single-use swabs that are filled with a solution that has an antibacterial properties and an analgesic (aka temporary numbing agent) that relieves the discomfort of waxing or tweezing.  All you have to do is snap the end of the swab with the blue band, and the liquid is released and soaks into the cotton on the other side. Then you just swipe over the skin before you tweeze or wax.  I plan to attack my Grouch Marx-esque eyebrows this weekend. I'll give these a try and I'll let you know how they work.

I also received a perfume sample, but honestly I don't count those because let's face it. Unless it's a mini bottle of a scent I really like/want, it goes in the giveaway pile.

So do I like this month's Birchbox?  I do and I don't.  Nothing blew me away as far as "Oooh I've been wanting to try that!" but nothing turned me off like "Yuk I have no use for this. Ever!"  So it's is OK. It gets a B+ (Since they used the back to school theme). I like that there were lots of full size items in this month's box and things I could actually use (for the most part).  DO I recommend Birchbox?  Yes. I still recommend it.  However, it's better for those that are sample junkies and have $10 extra bucks to spare each month.   I have provided my referral link HERE.  As I expressed lat month. Sharing my referral link will get me referral points which I can use toward purchases from the Birchbox store. So far, this is the only beauty subscription service where I have shared my referral code.  I have provided my referral code only once in his post.  (Located above with the "HERE" designation) Throughout the rest of this post I have used non referral links to Birchbox, should you choose not to sign up though my referral code.  I'm totally OK if you choose to do that.  These non-referral Birchbox links in the post will not garner me any points or special favors from the company.

I still maintain that putting $10-$15 a month aside and using it at the end of the year or every 6 months to buy one super, ultra, awesome item is better than all the sample boxes in the world. That's just my opinion.

So what do you think of the box I received this month?
If you also receive a Birchbox. How similar was your box?  Did you like yours?
After reading 6 reviews of my Birchbox boxes have I convinced you one way or another to sign up or not sign up for this service?

Just like the other beauty subscription box I received this month, the Beauty School theme in this one made me start singing the "Beauty School Drop Out" song from Grease.  That's an earworm I'm not getting rid of any time soon. Grease was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater and This was my favorite scene from the movie. What made a lasting impression was Frenchie's pink hair and the awesome silver hair roller headpieces worn by Stockard Channing and others in the Beauty School Drop Out Scene. 


  1. So I too have not posted about mine yet! But mine was fabulous. Really it was. But I've been backed up with MyGlam, Klutch Club, & TWO Glossyboxes. I ordered one & pr sent one without my knowledge... Planning to have it all up this week. It was a good month though honestly!

  2. I wish I had gotten that pre-tweeze treatment, having my upper lip threaded is about 10 minutes of torture so anything giving me less pain would be great. I think mine was just a boring box. I got the razor, but I prefer men's razors to that style b/c it doesn't quite take off the hair as I'd like. I got a tiny pot of Pomegranate shaving cream, I think it's only enough to shave 3 inches of my leg. hmmm. I got that perfume too, eh, I generally don't like Juicy Couture perfumes. Gosh my box is so boring this month I can't remember what else was in there. lol

    That eyeliner packet. It's useless. I tried one of those suckers on and it was THE most annoying thing I could put on my eye. I could feel it stuck to my lid and it was uncomfortable. I'd rather draw on my liner.

  3. How cool are those eyeliner stickers? Would love to see a review on those... :-)

  4. I got a similar box to Evelyn. I was pretty unhappy with it. I got the razor, Whish Pomegranite shave cream, juicy couture la fluer, YuBe moisturizer, and a puny sample of Stila BB, Foundation, and concealer. The foundation and concealer were much too dark for my pale skin. There isn't an option for pale on the birchbox profile so I knew right away it wouldn't work. The shave cream smelled good, but was uninteresting. The YuBe moisturizer smelled very medicinal and was only enough for one foot. And I hate receiving perfume samples.

  5. My Birchbox was a bit different this month, but I also have not posted about it yet. I got the same razor and perfume sample, but my Beauty Fixation swabs were the makeup remover ones and I only got 3 swabs. Then I got a few tanning packettes from cosmodynes and a DDF cleanser. This month's box was an okay one, but certainly not great for me.

  6. Jeney, I got the same one as you, and it was enough for me to finally cancel. Previously, I'd gotten self-tanner packets (yuck), and so this one, with no decent make-up or anything (that razor will CUT you, ho!), I'm done. They are just way too hit and miss for me: some people get decent product, and LOTS of us get garbage or stuff that's free at Ulta and Sephora.

  7. I feel the same way about sample boxes. The value is okay, on average, but I feel like I could just save the money and buy something I have been wanting for awhile.

  8. Overall I've been happy w/ Birchbox. I feel like I get my money's worth in full size, useable products. This month was "meh" - I also got the razor and purfume. The purfumes to me are just the size of free samples, not exciting - and I didn't care much for the scent. The razor is nice. I also received Blue Canyon face mouisturizer, which was a agood size, and gave me pimples. The hand soap - tiny and not something I would ever buy (I just don't equate "luxury" with hand soap - I go for cheap and effective). I have two boys and what I need to cheap soap that gets their nasty dirty hands clean after they have been playing with the chickens. And lastly those Beauty Fixation things, but for lips. I don't understnad the product at all - for 24 uses it is very expensive per use, the product is excessively oily, and it takes 20 seconds or so for the stuff to run into the end. I'll stick w/ chapstick or whatever.

  9. I still haven't received mine...and here it is the 22nd. hmmm

  10. ha! I really love the humor in your writing. And always look forward to your reviews. I cut all subscriptions a while back except for New Beaty's test tube....but I kinda want to get a birch box for fun every once in a while.I miss getting samples in the mail more often

  11. lol this Birchbox made me think of that same song! Also, I received those liner sticker things awhile ago and you will CRACK UP when you try to apply them. It's hilarious.

    1. I had gotten them a while back too, I guess they had a few extra and popped them in some people's boxes this month too. I cursed while trying to get them on but laughed hysterically when I looked in the mirror. You won't look like the model when you are wearing them...maybe if someone doesn't get too close you'll look better. lol

  12. I got the stick on eyeliner things too, but I'm not going to use them. I also got the same perfume sample. I'm happy with my box, though, because I got Deborah Lippmann Stripper to Go wipes and a full size Pixi lip stain.

  13. I got the same box and I personally love the Beauty Fixation pre-tweeze treatment. I used it and it made a difference, so I ordered some more with my points :)

  14. Aw Frenchie. I actually didn't receive a box with a razor. For some reason I am super bummed by this! I love razors. Also, I would have loved to receive stick on eyeliner. Just because. I'm the type of person who would want to stick on eyeliner?

  15. I, like a few others who have posted, also got the razor and perfume sample; however, I got a few different items that I was pretty happy with. I got a pixi lipliner/lipstick duo which I really love, yu-be moisturizing cream, and miss jessie silkening curl creme. All in all, I was really happy with my box this month.

  16. Mine was a little different than everyone's listed here. I got the razor and the perfume sample, as well as the conditioner that goes with your shampoo. I also got the DDF face wash, and a full size Noir eyeliner pencil that I haven't used yet, as well as a decent sized sample of a tinted moisturizer that I can't remember the name of.

    All in all, I like the fun of getting the box every month, but I think I'm over it and will cancel it soon.

  17. I was pretty happy with my box this month. Same as you: razor (which I actually REALLY like & will buy again), and the perfume (sprayed all of it on a sachet & stuck in my underwear drawer), and 2 different varieties of Caldrea hand soaps (agreeing...not gonna spend that kind of $ on hand soap...with 4 kids in the house).
    What's different: Pixi Beauty Line Relax Serum in a HUGE bottle (it's full size, $32 value!). Talika Lipocils Expert, which is a plant-derived lash serum that is supposed to spur growth without the harmful side effects of Latisse. It's been around in Europe for like 60 years or so and has a cult following, from what I've read. I actually use Latisse, so I'm gonna use this when my Latisse runs out and see if it maintains the lash growth that Latisse got me. It's a decent size to get a feel for it - 2ml, whereas the full size is 10ml and is $55.
    I'm 39 and tend to receive more facial care products than makeup, and that's good with me. I can find makeup I like easily, but it's harder for me to decide on facial care's effectiveness, so this works in my favor.
    I am very happy with my box this month.

  18. My box sucked,it included two tiny hand soap packs,the tiny Perfume,a small DDF cleanser,the razor and a very small sample of per-fékt Beauty Lash Perfection Gel.

    My DDF sample leaked all over everything which caused the pink in the tissue paper and the ink from the paper insert to bleed all over everything and my per-fékt sample was all dried out because the top was not twisted on tight enough and so I can't even use it.

    I know the razor is enough to almost cover the cost of the box itself,but I don't need a new razor and I'd prefer not to receive items that can be bought at Walmart. I live in the boonies of Alaska so I want to try things that I can't get here in town.

    This months box was a complete bummer for me,but I will stick with the service and cross my fingers that the remainder of the year will have better boxes to offer.

  19. This was my first Birch Box ever and I was super excited to get it. I wasn't all that thrilled once I opened it. The only thing my box contained that was the same as the others was the puny sample of Juicy Couture fragrance. I picky about my perfume and this one did not interest me.
    I also got a small tube of Dr. Jart + BB Cream (3 mL/ 0.1 Fl oz.), a larger than expected 'sample' of DDF Brightening Cleanser (4.5 Fl oz.), some LiQWd Professional Volumizing Catalyst (10 mL/ .34 Fl oz.), and as my Lifestyle Extra, a LARABAR fruit and nut bar.
    Food? Really? I hardly consider a fruit and nut bar to be the latest must have beauty sample.
    The Schick Hydro Silk Hydro silk razor wasn't in my box.

    I'm going to see what happens next month. I have a friend who really loves theses boxes so I had high hopes. Sadly, the first box didn't live up to my expectations.

  20. Last month's box was fine, as have been the 11 before that. But this month I got a ziploc baggie and a piece of elastic tied in a knot, and I think it's time to investigate other options.


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