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Scent Bar for Target Lotion, Body Wash and Body Mist - Review, Pictures

When I posted the press release for the Scent Bar for Target back on July 9th, I was excited about a new line of scented body/skincare at affordable prices.  As much as I love certain perfumes, they are expensive and to add on body washes and lotions the cost to maintain my "signature scent" would be astronomical.  I have done two things to rectify this. 1) Give up having a signature scent. 2) Choose body washes and lotions that compliment whatever fragrance I am wearing that day.  So far this approach has worked out very well.

I was sent three products from Scent Bar for Target 1) Cabana Body Wash. 2)Sunswept Body Lotion and 3) Blush Body Mist.  Here is my attempt to describe the scents as best as I can.  Now keep in mind that sometimes the scent of a body wash can be different from the lotion and the mist in the same scent family.  But bear with me here.

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Cabana Body Wash
The Product:  An ample amount (12 oz) in a standing plastic container with a pump. I used about 2 pumps for my entire body. It foamed up quickly with fluffy bubbles.  The wash was effective however it did leave my skin feeling very dry after use.  It retails for $8.99 and can be found in store at Target.
The Scent:  You know that sharpness you get with artificial coconut scents?  The only coconut scent I have ever liked is the Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil.  But that being said, I haven't tried a lot of coconut scented products. They all smell too "plastic-y" to me.  When I was trying out the Cabana Body Wash, which is fragranced with notes of coconut, Tahitian vanilla and papaya, I was hesitant. Upon initial sniff you smell the coconut and it does have that artificial tang to it, but then the scent of the Tahitian vanilla really mellows out the artificial coconut.  The two fragrances mix like a well blended cocktail.  The shower is transformed into a lush waterfall in the middle of a tropical island. The warm water is soft and kisses your skin. Droplets of water tease your eyelashes and lips. The coconut, vanilla and just a hint of fruity papaya envelop you in a daydream transforming you into a beautiful island princess. You have tanned brown skin that almost shimmers and looks as smooth as silk.  Your slender arms and delicate hands pull back your long, thick, dark hair and the Scent Bar Cabana Body Wash melts away your stress like an island sunset.  Of course then you turn off the shower and you are faced with a pale lumpy body with scraggly wet hair.  But hey, the fantasy was nice while it lasted.

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Sunswept Body Lotion
The Product:  A good amount (10 oz) is in the white plastic bottle which is decorated with the Orange Sunswept motif. It comes with a pump dispenser.  The lotion is fairly thick and feels almost like a body butter.  It smooths the skin easily and sinks in without a greasy feel.  My skin felt well moisturized after using this.  The fragrance is fairly apparent in this product but when I wore a more citrus based perfume with it, the lotion did not compete for attention with my perfume. It retails for $8.99 and is available in Target stores and on
The Scent:  Lemon, orange bergamot make up the main notes of this classic citrus fragrance.  I love how companies like to include where the citrus comes from. Sicilian Orange. I have been to Sicily several times and each time I am greeted with fresh seafood and fresh fruit. It is truly a beautiful island.  The fragrance of the Scent Bar Sunswept body lotion is decidedly citrus.  There is a strong orange note and it mixes with the lemon.  The Bergamot helps even it all out and the result is a bright and happy fragrance.  I have to use this lotion in the morning because it really wakes me up and charges my soul.  The scent reminds me off picking lemons and oranges off of my cousin's tree in Catania, Sicily. Catania is at the foot of the active volcano Mt. Etna. The lemons give off their scent straight from the tree. When my cousin squeezes the lemons and oranges together the juice is out of this world!  This lotion takes me back to sitting under the grape arbor in the back yard, sipping orange-lemon aid sweetened with a touch of honey. The crisp dry air is hot but the shade and the breeze from the ocean makes it so relaxing. I could stay here all long as that volcano behaves.

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Blush Body Mist  
The Product: A generous 8 oz body mist comes in a clear plastic bottle. The mister gives an even spray and provides a decent amount of product per spray. The fragrance is light but has a good lasting power. It does not fade as quickly as some of my expensive perfumes.  The lightness of the scent allows me to spray over my whole body without suffocating my friends and family.  The Blush Body mist retails for $8.99 and can be found in store at Target and on
The Scent:  Being that this is a body mist I have to believe that the body wash and lotion smell slightly different.  That being said, this body mist is quite enjoyable and very feminine.  This is a youthful fragrance that reminds me of spun sugar and flowers.  The peony scent isn't very outstanding but peony is a fairly hard fragrance to replicate even in the finest perfumes.  The sugar hits you after the initial floral note and it settles down into a sugary sweet scent.  There is a slight fruity scent to it as well which makes me think of the county fair every summer.  Farmers bring in their prized peaches, strawberries, apples and raspberries while at the same time, the carnival is selling cotton candy by the bag full. The sounds of children running amok amongst the straw bale maze and the hot summer sun shining down all combine into the perfect summer afternoon. A belly full with cotton candy and funnel cakes, face and hands sticky from the fresh picked peach you just that's a great day.

What do you think?  Will you be indulging in any of the reasonably priced Scent Bar products from Target?

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  1. I have a coconut bodymist from The Body Shop, a coconut eau de toilette from Yves Rocher, and you are right: they all tend to smell artificial. It's not a good thing when people scream: COCONUT! when you walk in the room :-/
    I'd love to try out the Cabana Body wash and find out if it really smells pleasantly of real coconut.

  2. I just hope these stick around for a while. I'm on a "no-buy" for this sort of thing, until I get through at least half my hoard, which probably won't be for another few months. They all sound like lovely, wearable scents, so I'm really looking forward to trying all of them.

  3. Hm...I might try one of the body lotions if I'm already at Target--but I wouldn't go out specifically looking for this. I haven't worn body sprays since I was a teen--they just don't last and are usually too sweet or too artificial or too "young". As for body lotion, I'm really low maintencence. If I'm already at a Target and I happen upon these and they smell good, I'll grab it. Otherwise, I'm perfectly happy with my Aveeno or Johnsons

  4. I saw these and they def piqued my interest- I'll have to check out the orange line..I've been obsessed with orange scents.

  5. Yes, that's how I feel every morning while I lather up with my $1.79 Suave body cleanser. I can imagine how the Cabana body wash would compare to that!

    I KEED of course. I will have to check this out - just because I have brown skin doesn't mean I feel like an island princess every day. But this might do the trick!

  6. OMG Catania! I have really fond memories of the food there! My first ship used to anchor in Augusta Bay just about every time we passed thoruhg the Med - it was one of my favoite ports and I always wished we could stay longer. The food, the people, the FOOD!!!

  7. Wow I will definitely buy the sunswept body lotion next time I shop at target. I have been wearing a lot of citrus perfumes lately and this lotion might just complement my summer/fall look.


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