Thursday, August 30, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI Photos - Part 2

Chalk drawing from Star Wars Celebration VI!
Last week I took a vacation with Mr. Sith and Darthypie to Orlando, FL. We attended the Star Wars Celebration VI Convention.  This convention was a 4 day long program with vendors, displays, fans, discussion panels, costumes, you name it.  If it had to do with Star Wars, it was at Celebration VI.  One of the cool things about Star Wars fans is that they are very generous and friendly. They also love to get their picture taken,. which  is why I have 2 separate posts of SWCVI pictures to share with you.  Here is the 2nd installment. I decided to put more of the goofy pictures in this post. 

Goofy is the Ice Cream Maker Guy from Return Of the Jedi.  You need to see the evacuation of Cloud City to understand why this guy is so awesome. Here is a troop of people dressed as the infamous Ice Cream Maker guy photobombing a lot of pictures on day 1. Check out the origin of the Ice Cream Maker Guy HERE

And this is the team after I asked if I could take a picture. They all shouted "No Pictures!" and ran off.

Even Darth Vader needs a cheering section. Here are the Sith Cheerleaders

Of course no Star Wars Convention would be complete without the Muppets! Well. Stormtrooper Muppets at least!

I'm not a fan of the Miami Dolphins but I'll give them credit for excellent costuming!

Don't have the body for the Slave Leia costume? No problem. Just paint it on! Slave Leia T-Shirt

Futurama's Bender as R2-D2

The Futurama is nice and all, but no one beats The Family Guy animated parody of Star Wars. I give you Chicken Fett

My 2 favorite genres. Zombies AND Star Wars. I want to be a Zombie Stormtrooper when I grow up!

I learned that 5 year old children do not like spending all day at a convention, no matter how cool it is. Here is a cranky and tired Dartyhypie with a Lego Boba Fett

Fortunately we were able to get a life sized Kenner action figure of Darthypie made. Unfortunately we had to leave it behind because it didn't fit the carry-on luggage requirements.

Who remembers the movie Space Balls? I do!

And you can't forget John Candy's exquisite rendition of Barf the "Chewbacca" of Space Balls.

Oh yeah! It's the Adidas Storm Trooper. P.S. He's really cute without the helmet too...and he's British!

His "bling"

And his Boom Box which plays only 1990's rap and hip hop. BASS! How low can you go?

The Best Mom Ever makes her daughter a Hello Kitty Mandalorian/Clone Trooper outfit.  Yes She does. 

Dead Mau5 meet Death Star Mau5 

Of course there were cool things to buy like this excellent Lando Calrissian Disguise Kit!

And neat things to look at from Rancho Obi-Wan.  Yup. There were specific items from Rancho Obi-Wan on display at the convention.  Like this Darth Vader Disco Helmet!

And this Stunning Admiral Akbar Paining.  It's a Trap! I wonder if it is painted on black velvet.

Last but certainly NOT least. Rancho Obi-Wan had MAKEUP!  Yes.  for some reason Yves Saint Laurent came out with a makeup collection for the first prequel.  I never saw this in stores so it must have been boutique only.  If I could have I would have swatched the entire collection right then and there!

Thanks for looking at all my pictures.  I promise to get back to makeup blogging as soon as I have recovered from my vacation!


  1. oh yes i knew about the makeup if you buy the 1,000 collectibles book he has out he has photos of all the stuff in rancho obi wan and the stories behind the them! i wish i could of went this yr of course they have it when i dont live in orlando anymore ugh

  2. holy moly! is that YSL amidala nail polish? It must have torn you up to not swatch that display. another fun post- thanks for the chuckles

  3. OMG looks like you had a blast, Elvira!!! I would have loved to be there and meet the sexy british Adidas Storm Trooper :P

  4. wow,it looks very interesting,I like Star Wars~~~

  5. Omg...YSL collection <3
    This is so epic. I would have loved to be there!!!

  6. Wow what fun! Your pics put a smile on my face and these days I'm having some tough moments....thank you!

  7. Best. Post. Ever! Love the Star Wars Makeup!!

  8. I never even saw the movies (I know, I deserve a whipping), but I really like the MMORPG. Thanks to that I know understand what all the SW fuss is about :-)
    And I never knew about the YSL make-up! YSL is a nerd, how cool is that?! :-)

  9. Those are some fun photos. The cheerleader on the left has some serious abs.

  10. The first picture of your son...the expression on his face!!! Just priceless!!! what great memories!

  11. Great pics! I had to show my hubby who is a huge SW fan. He's jealous! BTW, we named our youngest daughter Mara Jade. I'm sure you know who that is, but just in case, she's named after Mara Jade Skywalker from the extended universe. :)

  12. Oh, I remember that makeup collection! I got the blue/gold duo eyeshadow and the red lipstick and I still keep them along with a leaflet... sadly I was still a student at the time, otherwise I would have bought everything! I went to SW Celebration Europe in London in 2007 and I had an amazing time :-D I hope I can go to the next Celebration next year in Germany!


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