Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Lipstick League - week of 9.24.12

Question of the Week: - How does your makeup routine change from summer to fall?

Answer: - It really doesn't…except that I wear dark lip shades. Hee! What about you?

Prime Beauty - adds some BAM! to her usual neutral eye look with 6 great green eyeliners. 

Phyrra - shares her tips and tricks for How to have the Best and Brightest Hair!

we heart this - ever wonder what a beauty blogger buys when she's the one paying? Find out with Stef's latest Bluemercury and Kiehl's haul.

Clumps of Mascara - is giving away THREE $50 gift cards to Wanna win one?

EauMG - Oud has been the "it" note in niche perfumes for awhile. We've smelled dirty ouds, rose-ouds, and ouds for dudes. Finally, we have a pretty, pretty princess oud - Review of HEELEY Agarwoud extrait parfum.

Lipglossiping - looks for the thorns among the roses in Balenciaga's latest fragrance, Florabotanica.

Gouldylox Reviews - Read the tale of the FNO That Never Was and find out how you can scare sharks right out of your bathtub!

Nouveau Cheap - tried her first Asian BB cream, Missha Perfect Cover SPF42, and tells you exactly why she loves it more than her American BB creams.

Pink Sith - Reviews butter LONDON nail polish in Knackered by using .gifs and pictures, and is giving away 2 more nail polishes from butter LONDON to boot!

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Prime Beauty - Lola's Secret Beauty blog is a little known gem in the blogosphere. Lola has excellent taste in cosmetics and a beautiful writing style. A must read!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pan P0rn MAC MSF in Porcelain Pink

I know it's a Highlighter You Can't Have day, but I'm a little behind on my writing, so I thought I would entertain you with the most magnificent PAN P0RN ever.

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Porcelain Pink...THE PAN

All gone. I scraped the last of it out with a tooth pick this morning.

Thankfully I have a back up.

Have you finished up any beauty products lately?

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Poll

The other day I finally had a Crumbs Bakery cupcake.  I have been hearing about Crumbs for a long time and was excited that they opened a bakery in Washington, DC.  Mr. Sith and I picked up a sample of their mini cupcakes.  They have a variety of fantastical flavors and toppings and filings.  If you can imagine it, they have it.  So it was disappointing to bite into this cupcake and "feel nothing".  OK. Let me explain.  The cupcake tasted VERY good. It was sweet and flavorful. The frosting was delicious and the cake itself was moist and yummy.  But there was something missing.  It wasn't a flavor or ingredient, per se. It was more of...It lacked soul.  This cupcake was a cupcake in the very definition of the word, but there was no love behind the cupcake. Whoever made this cupcake, is not someone that loves the craft of cupcake creation.  I know this sounds strange, but in cooking and baking, there is a little bit of the soul of the person that makes the food added into each dish they create.  For example. There was a move released in 1992 called "Like Water for Chocolate" (Como agua para chocolate). This Mexican film is based on a novel.  A story about a woman name Tita and a man named Pedro. They are in love, but forbidden to marry because of family tradition.  Tita, being the youngest daughter, is forbidden to marry before the eldest daughter and has been confined to a life of taking care of their elderly mother.  When Pedro is given the hand of Tita's older sister in marriage, the wedding cake Tita makes for them is infused with her tears. The sadness overcomes the entire wedding as the guests and the bride and groom eat the cake.  More emotions of the current situation are infused into the dishes that Tita makes and as the story goes on you see how her current mood affects the people that eat the food she creates. You all need to see this movie, if you haven't already, and make sure you are near a Mexican restaurant after watching it because you will have a strong desire for Mexican cuisine after watching this movie, for sure!    Tita put part of her soul into the dishes she created.  Something lacking from the Crumbs cupcake I ate. Then it hit me.  A cupcake that has soul!  A cupcake that you can taste the love and pride and commitment in every bite. Danielle's Desserts.  No. I am not being paid by them to write this, I am doing this because they have the most awesome baked goods ever!  Danielle's Desserts is a small bakery located on the third floor of Tysons Galleria Mall outside of Saks Fifth Avenue.  This small shop makes the most wonderful and honest cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies and bars I have ever had in my life.  Every item tastes home made.  The small batches help, but Danielle and her staff truly make each item with love.  I happen to adore their Caramel Cupcake.  The rich buttercream frosting is astounding. It is almost sinful.  The cake, the cake of the cupcake is the best I have ever eaten in my entire life.  Unlike other cupcake boutiques like Crumbs and Cake Love (another local cupcake shop) Danielle's Desserts cupcakes are simple and straight forward. The cupcakes at Danielle's Desserts may not have the bells and whistles on each cupcake like other retailers, but you really don't need that in the first place.  You just need excellent cake as the foundation and then the most delectable and perfect buttercream frosting to top it off.  I don't know why I am so passionate about these cupcakes, I think it's the passion infused into each creation that comes out of this small bakery that keeps me thinking about them.  So while the Crumbs cupcakes are quite tasty and well made,  they seem like empty calories (literally and figuratively). Where as a Danielle's Desserts cupcake (Has empty calories too) but at least I feel and taste the affection for the craft baked into each item I purchase.  OK, enough about my cupcake fetish!
On To The Poll!

1. Lip Of The Day? - Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose. I am coming back from being sacked with a migraine all day yesterday. I'm doing the minimal makeup thing today, because I think I might have to go home and rest because I feel like a truck has run me over.

2. Do you like cupcakes? Do you think food can have "soul"? Are you a foodie? - YES. YES. And I didn't think I was until I went off on this whole thing about cupcakes, so I guess I am a foodie.  I'm certainly married to one.  I don't think I'm a true foodie, but I like what I like.

3.  What is an underrated makeup brand, in your opinion? - (I'm actually asking for a friend) I think The Balm Cosmetics are underrated. They have an excellent concealer and their shadows are pretty awesome. I also hear their blushes are good and lipsticks rock!

4.  Like Water For Chocolate made me crave Mexican food after watching it.  Have you ever seen a movie that made you crave a specific kind of food after watching it? - Aside from LWFC I also craved really good Chinese food after watching "Eat Drink Man Woman".

5.  What is your favorite beauty item (Mask, Hair treatment, Moisturizer, Mattifier, etc) to create from items found in your kitchen? - I love making a honey cinnamon mask. It's great for acne and irritated skin.  I also love doing a yogurt and honey mask.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy Eyeshadow Primers - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy in Moxie, Roxie and Foxy

Guess what eyelids!


I have a new treat for yooooou!

What? A New eye cream? Another Taupe shadow?

Nope. Even Better!

Ummm. Not another eye primer.

And they say you are the dumbest part of the body. YES! A new eye primer from Stars Makeup Haven!

Who says I'm the dumbest part of the body? The lip? They never stop talking smack!

It was a figure of speech.

What?  Never mind. I don't want another eye primer. I'm happy with the one I'm using right now.  Plus I thought Stars Makeup Haven only sold empty eyeshadow pans and palettes.

Au contraire mon ami!  Stars Makeup Haven also sells eyeshadows and lipglosses and has THREE different eyeshadow primers.  In fact, they are back in business with a whole new commitment to customer service. They have maintained their high quality in products that they offer as well.  The owner recently passed away unexpectedly, but her husband and a close personal friend have taken over and are making sure that Stars Makeup Haven is able to carry on.  It's quite inspiring, to tell the truth. It's sad, but it's nice to see that there are people out there that loved the owner so much that they continue to carry on her dream.  Don't ya think?

Yes. That is nice. I'm glad they are still around.  OK.  So tell me more about this eye primer.



Yes it is.  It's very similar to Urban Decay Primer Potion in texture, but seems to last as long as Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Lorac Behind The Scenes Eyeshadow primer!  It's kind of the best of all three primers rolled into one!  The best part, it's only $9 USD!

WOW!  That's really inexpensive for something that works as well as you claim it to work.  But I really need to be the judge of that.  Hey! Right Hand!

Right Hand:
I'm workin' over here!  Whaddya want?

Could you lay some of that Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy Eyeshadow Primer on me?

Right Hand:
Which one?

The Mox-E-Poxy! Duh!

Right Hand:
I KNOW you mean the Mox-E-Poxy. I meant which color?  You have three to choose from. There's Foxy, Moxie, and Roxy.

BRAIN!  You didn't tell me I had THREE to choose from. That's freakin awesome!

Yes. Well, you didn't really give me time to explain. But yes. there are three shades.  
Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy in Foxy

Foxy which looks like the Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance color. It comes out a light peach color but is practically transparent and matte once blended on you.  

Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy in Moxie

Then there is Moxie. This dark brown grey primer can double as a creme eyeshadow and can be layered to increase the color.  You can also use it as a base for a smoky eye which just makes smoking out dark shadows even easier and intensifies the color.  This was the gunmetal shade that Stars Makeup Haven customers voted for.
Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy in Roxie

Last, but certainly not least, is Roxy.  This golden peach champagne color is an excellent boost under your shadows to add a hint of shimmer and depth to your shadows.  It also makes a great all over color as a creme eyeshadow. The Ear tells me it's a best seller.

OK. I'm actually excited to try these.  But you know I HATE when I get creases.  I'm still a bit hesitant.

Well you don't have to worry with the Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy. Not only will it hold your shadow in place all day long, it prevents creasing and fading.  It also works well with some glittery shadows to really cling to that glitter and keep it in place all day.

I'll just have to try for myself.

Hey Eyelids.  Just wanted to let you know that I don't detect any odor from these Eyeshadow Primers.  They seem to be almost scent free.  Oh and do you think you could ask Left Hand to scratch me for a sec?

I'll take care of that, Nose. 
So are you ready to try it Eyelids?

You bet I am. I'll let you know how it worked out for me at the end of the day.

~12 hours later~

Brain! Brain!  Guess what?

Not another stye?  Ugh.

No silly! It's been 12 hours and my eyeshadow, the one that likes to crease by hour four is still going strong on me!  It faded slightly but the contour crease color is just as vibrant as when Right Hand applied it 12 hours ago.  This Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy rocks!

Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy Swatches in Foxy Roxie and Moxie

Oh I'm so glad you like it!  Did you try it out on it's own, wearing Moxie and Roxy as shadows?

I sure did.  It looked amazing.  I actually had right hand do one of me in the Mox-E-Poxy alone and the other one of me in shadows. Both of me look awesome 12 hours later!

You didn't allow Legs to walk us out of the house like that did you?

No. Of course not!  Who do you think I am, the Cheeks?


Whew.  Thank goodness.  So shall I instruct the Hands to type a blog post telling people that they "NEED" this?

Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy Applicator

For sure. It's a great alternative to the pricier eyeshadow primers on the market. It works JUST AS WELL as the others AND it comes in fab colors that can double as a creme shadow.  Plus people would be helping a small business by purchasing from them. What's not to like?

Excellent! I'll get started on that right away.  Now if you will excuse me. I need to tell the Stomach that it is full and to stop eating.  The damn thing never listens to me!

You can purchase Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy in three shades for $9 USD at

Monday, September 24, 2012

butter LONDON Nail Polish in Knackered - Review, Pictures, Swatches and Giveaway

image from
When I ordered the butter London Nail Polish in Knackered I was excited because it looked like the perfect green blue purple with shimmer I had been looking for.  I had ordered it from when they had a special going on for bloggers and readers of specific blogs. 

"Coterie is an exclusive, members-only site featuring an ultra-selective collection of the newest and most sought-after beauty products. In collaboration with top makeup artists, stylists and industry trendsetters, Coterie provides the woman on-the-go access to everything she needs to know, all in one place. You can like, love, pin, post, tweet — share and get rewarded for it. Coterie is collective social shopping at its finest, definitely something worth talking about."

I received my polish in like no time flat and greedily unpacked everything. I reached for Knackered first because that was the color I was most interested in trying.  I removed my old polish from my left thumb and immediately applied knackered to my bare nail.

It was sooooo sheer. I was crestfallen. It would take maybe 4 or 5 coats to become opaque and vaguely resemble the color in the bottle.

I was all:


Mr. Sith heard all the commotion and was all:


Of course I tried another coat and that when I discovered that  it really wasn't going to work as a single polish and that butter LONDON in Knackered would best be used as a layering polish.  I was all:


And of course Mr. Sith was all:

So I sucked it up, painted my nails black and layered butter LONDON in Knackered over them. The result was this:

(please excuse my crime scene like cuticles. It's been a rough few months of inattention to my hands.)

AWESOMENESS!  Sure it isn't exactly like the bottle with far more purple undertones, but the result is still so incredibly beautiful I wore this for a week solid even though I had a slight chip by the 5th day.

I was all:


I want to spread that happiness. 

As you might know, butter LONDON was recently featured on a website called  This website is new and recently launched by offering select bloggers a set of butter LONDON polishes and a matte top coat.  They they had a flash sale where those selected bloggers were given codes to give to their readers and their readers could use that code to buy butter LONDON polishes at a deep discount.  Some of you were able to participate, and others were not because I posted about the code a bit too late. I feel bad about that. So I decided to give away two of the polishes I received from as a way of asking for forgiveness for being a slacker. That's why I'm giving away 2 butter LONDON polishes to one lucky winner in the US (Sorry international. Shipping nail polish to some foreign countries is a total pain in the butt. I'll have a giveaway for international only soon!)

The polishes I am giving away are:

All Hail The Queen and West End Wonderland.

These two beauties are brand new and have never been opened or tested.
Enter the giveaway using the contest widget below. If you don't see the widget either wait for it to load or adjust the privacy settings on your browser.  This is open to US residents over the age of 18 only.  There is one required entry and two optional entries.  I might add additional ways to enter later on, but for now there are just three.  The contest will end on October 8th and a winner will be randomly selected from all qualifying entries.  The winner will be contacted via e-mail that day.  The winner has three (3) business days to respond or else they forfeit their prize and a new winner will be selected.

So enter today!!  If you win you can be all:


Contest Widget
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beauty Spotlight - What's In My…With Beauty Crazed

For some time we've suspected that Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed is all kinds of nuts, but her turn with the Beauty Spotlight's "What's In My...?" proves it beyond any doubt! 

Take a trip into her twisted mind and overstuffed dressing table and be sure to stay tuned for her upcoming appearance on "Hoarders - Beauty Edition"!

But seriously. I plan to break into her home and steal part of her limited edition makeup palette collection. I am so jealous!

The Lipstick League - week of 9.17.12

Question of the Week: - Your three favorite fragrances, name them…

Answer: - Oh I have SOOO many

  • My top fave is Cereus Pour Femme No. 3 which is Magnolia, Citrus, Peony and Jasmine
  • My second fave is Fresh Pink Jasmine Which is Red Orange, Freesia, Magnolia, Peony and Jasmine 
  • My third fave is a tie between two Creed Fragrances White Flowers (I don't own a full bottle b/c it's hella expensive) Which is Parma violet leaves, green apple, lemon, jasmine, geranium and Bulgarian rose.  AND Acqua Fiorentina, The Encore, (Again, I don't own a full bottle b/c it's hella expensive) which is Greengage plum, Diamond Jubilee Apples, Renaissance roses, white carnations, pear, bergamot, and lemon.
Notice a pattern here?  Yeah. I like Magnolia, Jasmine, Rose and Citrus. 

Pink Sith - HOT PINK FUCHSIA SEX ON A SITCK! Do I have your attention? I thought so. Check out the NARS 413 BLKR Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. It lives up to the all caps introduction.

Prime Beauty - welcomes Fall with bareMinerals The September Issue Eyeshadow Palette, the perfect mix of neutral and jewel tones!

Phyrra - gives in to her desires and loves the Urban Decay Vice Palette. She reviews, swatches and shares a few tutorials.

we heart this - You know the fabulous Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel that everyone always touts as a must have (us included)? Hiney pimples and arm bumps, be warned, it now comes in a Body Towel.

Beauty Junkies Unite - In the event that you haven't seen how hyped up the blogosphere is over Urban Decay's new eyeshadow collection, The Vice Palette, you better check out the preview & swatches before it hits stores officially on the 27th!

Clumps of Mascara - Tarte can do no wrong in my book. Such is the case with these awesome Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipsticks. They're long lasting lippies made of clay. Hot stuff, uh?

EauMG - Is there anything better than champagne? If you answered, "no", you need to try Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois perfume. It could change your mind. It's that good.

Gouldylox Reviews - Ever wonder what it's like to get serious hair extensions ala every celebrity in Hollywood? I took the plunge for science and am sharing every gory detail!

Nouveau Cheap - finally found the L'Oreal Limited Edition Fall 2012 Project Runway Collection at her local drugstore and picked up the mysterious purple lipgloss. Was it everything she hoped for?

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Pink Sith - Well, going with the Fragrance theme, I thought I would share with you one of my fave fragrance blogs. It's called Eyeliner On A Cat. Carrie Meridith is clever and knowledgeable and just an all around fun read! Enjoy!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sample Society September Box from - Review Pictures Swatches

I just realized, this is my FOURTH Sample Society Box. I think I was on the fence with whether I should keep subscribing at $15 a month or not, back in August. I moved too slow to cancel, and my September box showed up before I knew it.  When I opened the box I was actually pleasantly pleased.  I'll show you what I received, and while it might not be earth shattering awesome stuff, It was what I needed when I needed it, so I'm happy about that.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Here is everything I received in the box.

Pretty mundane?  Yes. at first glance, but then I looked deeper.

Now I think I own about 9,436,589,465 mud masks, but  can ALWAYS use one more.  Plus this small size is great for travel so can treat myself to a facial mask anywhere.  Not that I would go to the office and do a mud mask on my lunch break, but if I was flying somewhere and wanted to relax, I'm set.  Plus this mask smells really nice!

With the seasons changing (Fall starts at 10:49 AM on Saturday), I'm always looking for a less is more approach to skin care so my skin doesn't freak out.  This cleanser is mild and easy to use and hey, It travels well too. It's above the 1oz of any one liquid item for carry on purposes for air travel, but I drive places too. This is perfect.  Plus. I am never faithful to just one cleanser (perhaps that's part of my problem) and I like to switch it up. So having a lot of choices at home makes me happy. This one is going in the rotation.

Image from Actual item sent was a small spray tester tube.

I normally abhor fragrance samples, but Diptyque is a brand I have never sampled before.  What an amazing scent.  This is a true Fig fragrance. It smells natural and not synthetic at all. It really is like walking up to a fig tree after a hard rain when all the fragrances of nature are magnified, then biting into a fresh ripe fig tight off the tree.  STUNNING!  Oh how I wish I could have a full bottle, but at $120 for 3.4 oz I might just have to savor the mini sample I received or I can pick up the solid fragrance for $48 or the roll on for $55! (Which I will probably do soon!)

I know I have been kind of hard on Borghese cosmetics. I think their image was significantly lessened by selling to Costco and other lower cost stores. but I have to say, this gloss isn't all that bad. I like the color quite a bit and the texture is pretty nice. (P.S. the online swatches suck. Not very accurate at all)

Now you see the long black tube from Stila there?  When I opened the box, I didn't even give it a second look. I just assumed that it was another Stila mascara sample. Not a fan of the mascara and not really a fan of Stila as a brand.  But when I photographed it and removed the top I realized that I had a little gem that was far cooler than some mascara sample. I had a Stila Cosmetics Smudge Crayon

This thing is awesome for making a super quick and easy smokey eye. I don't have to worry about shadows and brushes and the like. Just a swipe of this, smudge with my finger or a q-tip and I'm ready to go!  This is perfect for the weekends when I tend to do a quick 10 min face (I can't do 5 min. I'm too high maintenance).

So do I recommend Sample Society?  I actually do. I have taken a look at the boxes I received over the last four months and as a whole I have received some samples I really like.  I think my first box in June was pretty bad, but each month they seemed to get better.  PLUS I have used my $15 gift code at least twice to purchase something full size from a brand featured in that months box. (The gift codes expire after 2 months so If I decide I want something from the August box I still have a valid code to save $15 if I decide to order today!)


use code: PinkSith
A curated collection of the world's finest beauty brands
Buy Luxury Beauty Products
Luxury Beauty ProductsBuy Luxury Beauty Products
Excludes existing customers of,, or other Quidsi sites. Restrictions apply.

The BEST thing about this, which I JUST discovered today (because I finally decided to explore the website) is that their referral program doe snot give me "points" or credits toward my future purchases. Instead, will donate up to $30 to a selected charity each time one of you places an order. (You have to be a new customer and use the code listed above) There is no limit to the number of friends I can refer or the amount of donations will give!  They had many charities to choose from so I have decided to have all the donations go to Make A Wish Foundation.  When you use the referral code PINKSITH when placing your first order with you will get 2 day FREE shipping!  So not only do you get your product faster, you help make a sick or dying child's wish come true!  I should have had this up from day one.  You DON'T have to sign up for Sample Society to have the donation sent. You just simply need to place an order with for any item.  They have some great brands like Murad, By Terry, Deborah Lippmann, Boscia, the list goes on!  Sorry I sound overly excited about this, but Since Mr. Sith is a member of the 501st, and Their Main Charity is Make A Wish Foundation, I'm just excited to be able to also contribute to this wonderful charity in my own way too.

Over the last 4 months I have received, collectively, some good samples, but not $60 worth of good samples. (Know what I mean?) Sure, it has opened my eyes up to some brands I may have never tried. Also, I have used the $15 gift code twice, so I saved $30 there on stuff  I would have purchased anyway. I think it's a wash when you look at it that way.  I would recommend Sample Society as a good service to subscribe to, but I still feel that saving your money each month and using it to spend on an item you really want is a better deal.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bizarre Search Terms that brought up the URL for The Pink Sith Blog

Every once in a while I like to look at my analytics for the Pink Sith Blog and see what search terms bring in the most traffic.  Usually "Pink Sith" and "Birchbox Reviews" are the top terms.  But I always like to look at the list of search terms that resulted in only 1 visit.  These "one offs" are usually the most scary and entertaining.  Now, a lot of them are very mundane, but here is a list of the more entertaining ones from August 20 - September 20 that brought one visit to The Pink Sith Blog

  1. a glove full of vaseline
  2. albino dogs
  3. animals with long slim teeth
  4. big box full of expensive makeup
  6. can dogs eat avocado
  7. can marshmallow fluff be a good facial mask
  8. charlie hunnam sons of anarchy gay
  9. chaste berries
  10. facebook virginity fail
  11. feet fantasy pics
  12. girl with black undies
  13. hourglass cosmetics gay lips
  14. indian sea sex pictures
  15. irish traveller porn
  16. mandalorian nude
  17. naked pictures of pink
  18. naked sith
  19. pink rod
  20. ritual blood and semen lady gaga
  21. sith pussy pics
  22. stupid stuff to post on facebook mommy pages
  23. toilet paper proper side
  24. vagina poll
  25. who run the world hair
  26. why doesn't ulta carry kat von d
  27. ass

I believe I can answer one of the questions.

#26 why doesn't ulta carry kat von d  
Because Kat Von D is a Sephora Brand and ULTA does not carry Sephora brand makeup.  Hope this helps!

Thursday Poll

I think I have been transported to an alternate universe, where Up is Down and Left is Right.  This morning I saw a guy driving his personal vehicle to work whilst stuffing an Egg McMuffin in his face like it was his first meal in weeks.  Then on the back of his car was a bumper sticker that was advertizing the diet "drug" Sensa.  Seriously.  You are advertizing a diet system while eating McDonalds?  Then the other day I see Givenchy has brand new sunglasses for Fall 2012.  Wanna see them?
images from

Oh that's right. There is a mink fur bar running across the top of the frames.  The fur bar is detachable and the glasses retail for 699 Euro or approximately $900 USD.  MINK SUNGLASSES?!?  Seriously?  Now I'm not 100% anti fur. I believe wearing fur is useful if you live in Siberia or the Arctic Circle or near The Bering Sea. It gets cold enough that fur is actually helpful in keeping you warm and protected, but those places...not many people live there.  Wearing fur in, let's say, Dallas, TX is asinine. No one should kill a mink to look fashionable. No matter how incredibly soft and luxurious it feels.  Seriously. Minks are so incredibly soft. I can understand the attraction to slaughtering them, skinning them, curing the hides and them sewing them into a coat to wear in a place where the temperature drops to almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I get it.  But I personally prefer not to do that.  I do wear leather and I do eat meat. I'm not opposed to wearing leather and eating meat. So sue me, I'm a hypocrite.  But my POINT is, that this "fashion look" is utterly demented. If I didn't see it on an actual fashion website and see it released by Givenchy PR myself, I would have thought this was a joke.  Sure, the mink will keep your forehead slightly warm, nut a) you don't need to warm your forehead and b) you look like you have a furry uni-brow like Bert from Sesame Street!  

Have we completely run out of ideas for what to do with sunglasses that we are now slaughtering tiny minks so we can look like a MUPPET?! Really Givenchy?...Really?  Ugh So disgusted. It's just wrong and Stupid. I bet you some celebuslut will be pictured wearing them some time soon.  Let's talk about the price too!  $900 USD?  Really?  For SUNGLASSES THAT ME ME LOOK LIKE FRIDA KAHLO?  

Have the rich people in this world lost their marbles?  Why would you waste your money on something this inane and absurd?  Now trust me. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to fashion. I am accepting of all sorts of unusual looking fashion simply because it is art and unique.  But these sunglasses cross the line from unique to ludicrous.  Can you imagine the pitch meeting for this product?
Givenchy: "OK Ricardo Tisci, what do you have for Givenchy eye wear for Fall 2012?"  
R. Tisci: "I have the most preposterous idea in the whole world."  
Givenchy: "Umm preposterous?"  
R. Tisci: "Yes!" "I propose that we add a bar of mink fur to the top of otherwise dull sunglasses to juj it up!"
Givenchy:  "I see." "I'm not sure if..."
R. Tisci: "We can charge 699 Euros for them."
Givenchy:"EXCELLENT!  Get to work!"
So the moral to the story, When in doubt, the reason is usually money. 

On To The Poll!

1. Blush Of The Day? - Chanel JC in Fleur de Lotus. OMG if you don't have this blush yet you NEED it. Such a perfect peach. It brightens my whole face. I really should review it.

2.  What is your take on the Givenchy sunglasses above?  - You know my opinion. However, I promise not to judge you if you think they look cool. I swear. I'd be interested to read differing opinions.

3.  What is one of the most ridiculous makeup products you have ever seen? - Oh so many. But I'm partial to the press on eyeshadows. They are basically powder shadow infused to a piece of paper that you press on to your eye and they are supposed to give you leopard eyes or zebra eyes or whatever.

4.  Random unrelated question: How tall are you? - I'm 5' 6 1/2" but I wish I was slightly taller Like 5'8"

5.  What are you waiting on in the mail? - That PaloVia laser thing and a Clarins creme blush from

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