Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bizarre Search Terms that brought up the URL for The Pink Sith Blog

Every once in a while I like to look at my analytics for the Pink Sith Blog and see what search terms bring in the most traffic.  Usually "Pink Sith" and "Birchbox Reviews" are the top terms.  But I always like to look at the list of search terms that resulted in only 1 visit.  These "one offs" are usually the most scary and entertaining.  Now, a lot of them are very mundane, but here is a list of the more entertaining ones from August 20 - September 20 that brought one visit to The Pink Sith Blog

  1. a glove full of vaseline
  2. albino dogs
  3. animals with long slim teeth
  4. big box full of expensive makeup
  6. can dogs eat avocado
  7. can marshmallow fluff be a good facial mask
  8. charlie hunnam sons of anarchy gay
  9. chaste berries
  10. facebook virginity fail
  11. feet fantasy pics
  12. girl with black undies
  13. hourglass cosmetics gay lips
  14. indian sea sex pictures
  15. irish traveller porn
  16. mandalorian nude
  17. naked pictures of pink
  18. naked sith
  19. pink rod
  20. ritual blood and semen lady gaga
  21. sith pussy pics
  22. stupid stuff to post on facebook mommy pages
  23. toilet paper proper side
  24. vagina poll
  25. who run the world hair
  26. why doesn't ulta carry kat von d
  27. ass

I believe I can answer one of the questions.

#26 why doesn't ulta carry kat von d  
Because Kat Von D is a Sephora Brand and ULTA does not carry Sephora brand makeup.  Hope this helps!


  1. Hahaha! I LOL'd at #3 & #21. The world is really crazy. I had hilarious searches too, one with "why kelly osbourne has no brows", "hot hawaiian girlfriend", etc.

  2. I feel like you should start a tag of just this.

  3. #7 - Well, can it? We demand answers!

    1. I say yes…but only if you lick it all off.

  4. Aren't people weird?! Hehe, thanks for the laugh! xo

  5. XD Love #27, so mysterious... who, indeed?

  6. Thanks for the laugh :) My thoughts echo Leah's.

  7. Hysterical! I had a rough day today and really needed a good laugh. Thanks!

  8. Haha, LOL at these search terms. Man, a lot of those are incredibly weird.

  9. OG these made me loooool!!! Hahahaha Love it!

  10. hilarious!! at least you will be able to help the one person next time they search....
    scary stuff.

  11. I don't know why, but I'm most intrigued by #25. Maybe because I so badly want to correct it to "who run the world girls" (the Beyonce song)

  12. LMAO....and funny how porn always gets in there. Porn of all kinds always finds itself on my list too. I can only imagine porn seekers being sorely disappointed when they lend on my blog full of outfits and beauty posts.

  13. hahahaha! some of that is just scary

  14. Hilarious! You do realise that you'll only increase your chances of people using these search terms now you've mentioned them on the blog! LOL :D

  15. ooooh man, I wish mine were this interesting. The best one I ever got was "robot sperm"


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