Friday, September 28, 2012

Pan P0rn MAC MSF in Porcelain Pink

I know it's a Highlighter You Can't Have day, but I'm a little behind on my writing, so I thought I would entertain you with the most magnificent PAN P0RN ever.

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Porcelain Pink...THE PAN

All gone. I scraped the last of it out with a tooth pick this morning.

Thankfully I have a back up.

Have you finished up any beauty products lately?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love that you posted this . I do this as well with my MSF's . :)

    1. LOL. It's been dead for a while, I just finally came to terms with it. :-P

  2. I'm just starting to see the bottom of my Sleek Perfect Plum Pout Polish, but there's still plenty around the sides, so I won't have to go into therapy just yet ;)

  3. Wow, that's all kinds of impressive! Well done you!

  4. Haha, well done :-) I finished my cleansing gel this morning, but make-up wise I'm still good and fully stocked up!

  5. I love pan p0rn. Congratulations!
    This week I finished a jumbo bottle of hair conditioner that seemed like it would never go. Down to the last drop. Phew! I'm glad to be rid of that sucker.

  6. Wow,even the pan is pretty.Congratulations Elvira,that is really an accomplishment! Mine doesn't really compare but I just squeezed the last out of a tube of my beloved Becca Eyetint in Baroque(thank goodness for backups!)

  7. I just looked at a highlighter a friend sent to me. Its porcelain pink. I've never tried it. Guess today's the day.

  8. I just used up a bottle of my favorite perfume, in the 50 ml size. Fortunately, I have a 100 ml backup. <3


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