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Sample Society September Box from - Review Pictures Swatches

I just realized, this is my FOURTH Sample Society Box. I think I was on the fence with whether I should keep subscribing at $15 a month or not, back in August. I moved too slow to cancel, and my September box showed up before I knew it.  When I opened the box I was actually pleasantly pleased.  I'll show you what I received, and while it might not be earth shattering awesome stuff, It was what I needed when I needed it, so I'm happy about that.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Here is everything I received in the box.

Pretty mundane?  Yes. at first glance, but then I looked deeper.

Now I think I own about 9,436,589,465 mud masks, but  can ALWAYS use one more.  Plus this small size is great for travel so can treat myself to a facial mask anywhere.  Not that I would go to the office and do a mud mask on my lunch break, but if I was flying somewhere and wanted to relax, I'm set.  Plus this mask smells really nice!

With the seasons changing (Fall starts at 10:49 AM on Saturday), I'm always looking for a less is more approach to skin care so my skin doesn't freak out.  This cleanser is mild and easy to use and hey, It travels well too. It's above the 1oz of any one liquid item for carry on purposes for air travel, but I drive places too. This is perfect.  Plus. I am never faithful to just one cleanser (perhaps that's part of my problem) and I like to switch it up. So having a lot of choices at home makes me happy. This one is going in the rotation.

Image from Actual item sent was a small spray tester tube.

I normally abhor fragrance samples, but Diptyque is a brand I have never sampled before.  What an amazing scent.  This is a true Fig fragrance. It smells natural and not synthetic at all. It really is like walking up to a fig tree after a hard rain when all the fragrances of nature are magnified, then biting into a fresh ripe fig tight off the tree.  STUNNING!  Oh how I wish I could have a full bottle, but at $120 for 3.4 oz I might just have to savor the mini sample I received or I can pick up the solid fragrance for $48 or the roll on for $55! (Which I will probably do soon!)

I know I have been kind of hard on Borghese cosmetics. I think their image was significantly lessened by selling to Costco and other lower cost stores. but I have to say, this gloss isn't all that bad. I like the color quite a bit and the texture is pretty nice. (P.S. the online swatches suck. Not very accurate at all)

Now you see the long black tube from Stila there?  When I opened the box, I didn't even give it a second look. I just assumed that it was another Stila mascara sample. Not a fan of the mascara and not really a fan of Stila as a brand.  But when I photographed it and removed the top I realized that I had a little gem that was far cooler than some mascara sample. I had a Stila Cosmetics Smudge Crayon

This thing is awesome for making a super quick and easy smokey eye. I don't have to worry about shadows and brushes and the like. Just a swipe of this, smudge with my finger or a q-tip and I'm ready to go!  This is perfect for the weekends when I tend to do a quick 10 min face (I can't do 5 min. I'm too high maintenance).

So do I recommend Sample Society?  I actually do. I have taken a look at the boxes I received over the last four months and as a whole I have received some samples I really like.  I think my first box in June was pretty bad, but each month they seemed to get better.  PLUS I have used my $15 gift code at least twice to purchase something full size from a brand featured in that months box. (The gift codes expire after 2 months so If I decide I want something from the August box I still have a valid code to save $15 if I decide to order today!)


use code: PinkSith
A curated collection of the world's finest beauty brands
Buy Luxury Beauty Products
Luxury Beauty ProductsBuy Luxury Beauty Products
Excludes existing customers of,, or other Quidsi sites. Restrictions apply.

The BEST thing about this, which I JUST discovered today (because I finally decided to explore the website) is that their referral program doe snot give me "points" or credits toward my future purchases. Instead, will donate up to $30 to a selected charity each time one of you places an order. (You have to be a new customer and use the code listed above) There is no limit to the number of friends I can refer or the amount of donations will give!  They had many charities to choose from so I have decided to have all the donations go to Make A Wish Foundation.  When you use the referral code PINKSITH when placing your first order with you will get 2 day FREE shipping!  So not only do you get your product faster, you help make a sick or dying child's wish come true!  I should have had this up from day one.  You DON'T have to sign up for Sample Society to have the donation sent. You just simply need to place an order with for any item.  They have some great brands like Murad, By Terry, Deborah Lippmann, Boscia, the list goes on!  Sorry I sound overly excited about this, but Since Mr. Sith is a member of the 501st, and Their Main Charity is Make A Wish Foundation, I'm just excited to be able to also contribute to this wonderful charity in my own way too.

Over the last 4 months I have received, collectively, some good samples, but not $60 worth of good samples. (Know what I mean?) Sure, it has opened my eyes up to some brands I may have never tried. Also, I have used the $15 gift code twice, so I saved $30 there on stuff  I would have purchased anyway. I think it's a wash when you look at it that way.  I would recommend Sample Society as a good service to subscribe to, but I still feel that saving your money each month and using it to spend on an item you really want is a better deal.  


  1. I adore diptyque. Quite a well known brand here in Europe.

  2. I like the mud mask, love to try that one.

  3. I've heard that Diptyque is a good one. You make it sound positively luscious. ;) I love perfume, so I should probably check it out already.

  4. Can I butt in for those interested in Diptyque. By squinting at the top photo and reading the review I deduce that the fragrance sample was Philosykos, which is indeed the prefect fig fragrance, and not L'Ombre dans l'Eau as shown in the other photo, which is another one in their range (rose and cassis).

    1. OH! Thank you. I had not realized I copied the wrong image. I just updated it. I appreciate you telling me! :-)

  5. I love Ahava products! The Stila is an awesome addition as well. Nice one!

  6. Borghese was my first HE makeup brand back in high school (late 80s). I'm sure the products are just fine, but I'd feel kind of weird shopping for makeup at Costco (although, I don't consider myself a makeup "snob"-I have *tons* of DS stuff). I miss buying Borghese from Nordies...

  7. Oh, how I love Philosykos. There is nothing quite like spraying this on a hot summer day! It was one of the first scents I fell in love with when I became a perfume junkie, and one of the first bottles I finished...

  8. I just found out about Sample Society from Allure magazine. After I signed up online, I started searching for reviews and you were the first one I found! I can't wait to receive my first box in October. Thank you for blogging about this and stating your honest opinions!


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