Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Poll

I think I have been transported to an alternate universe, where Up is Down and Left is Right.  This morning I saw a guy driving his personal vehicle to work whilst stuffing an Egg McMuffin in his face like it was his first meal in weeks.  Then on the back of his car was a bumper sticker that was advertizing the diet "drug" Sensa.  Seriously.  You are advertizing a diet system while eating McDonalds?  Then the other day I see Givenchy has brand new sunglasses for Fall 2012.  Wanna see them?
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Oh that's right. There is a mink fur bar running across the top of the frames.  The fur bar is detachable and the glasses retail for 699 Euro or approximately $900 USD.  MINK SUNGLASSES?!?  Seriously?  Now I'm not 100% anti fur. I believe wearing fur is useful if you live in Siberia or the Arctic Circle or near The Bering Sea. It gets cold enough that fur is actually helpful in keeping you warm and protected, but those places...not many people live there.  Wearing fur in, let's say, Dallas, TX is asinine. No one should kill a mink to look fashionable. No matter how incredibly soft and luxurious it feels.  Seriously. Minks are so incredibly soft. I can understand the attraction to slaughtering them, skinning them, curing the hides and them sewing them into a coat to wear in a place where the temperature drops to almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I get it.  But I personally prefer not to do that.  I do wear leather and I do eat meat. I'm not opposed to wearing leather and eating meat. So sue me, I'm a hypocrite.  But my POINT is, that this "fashion look" is utterly demented. If I didn't see it on an actual fashion website and see it released by Givenchy PR myself, I would have thought this was a joke.  Sure, the mink will keep your forehead slightly warm, nut a) you don't need to warm your forehead and b) you look like you have a furry uni-brow like Bert from Sesame Street!  

Have we completely run out of ideas for what to do with sunglasses that we are now slaughtering tiny minks so we can look like a MUPPET?! Really Givenchy?...Really?  Ugh So disgusted. It's just wrong and Stupid. I bet you some celebuslut will be pictured wearing them some time soon.  Let's talk about the price too!  $900 USD?  Really?  For SUNGLASSES THAT ME ME LOOK LIKE FRIDA KAHLO?  

Have the rich people in this world lost their marbles?  Why would you waste your money on something this inane and absurd?  Now trust me. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to fashion. I am accepting of all sorts of unusual looking fashion simply because it is art and unique.  But these sunglasses cross the line from unique to ludicrous.  Can you imagine the pitch meeting for this product?
Givenchy: "OK Ricardo Tisci, what do you have for Givenchy eye wear for Fall 2012?"  
R. Tisci: "I have the most preposterous idea in the whole world."  
Givenchy: "Umm preposterous?"  
R. Tisci: "Yes!" "I propose that we add a bar of mink fur to the top of otherwise dull sunglasses to juj it up!"
Givenchy:  "I see." "I'm not sure if..."
R. Tisci: "We can charge 699 Euros for them."
Givenchy:"EXCELLENT!  Get to work!"
So the moral to the story, When in doubt, the reason is usually money. 

On To The Poll!

1. Blush Of The Day? - Chanel JC in Fleur de Lotus. OMG if you don't have this blush yet you NEED it. Such a perfect peach. It brightens my whole face. I really should review it.

2.  What is your take on the Givenchy sunglasses above?  - You know my opinion. However, I promise not to judge you if you think they look cool. I swear. I'd be interested to read differing opinions.

3.  What is one of the most ridiculous makeup products you have ever seen? - Oh so many. But I'm partial to the press on eyeshadows. They are basically powder shadow infused to a piece of paper that you press on to your eye and they are supposed to give you leopard eyes or zebra eyes or whatever.

4.  Random unrelated question: How tall are you? - I'm 5' 6 1/2" but I wish I was slightly taller Like 5'8"

5.  What are you waiting on in the mail? - That PaloVia laser thing and a Clarins creme blush from


  1. My winter coat has a fox trim on the hood because where I went to college it was so windy that I needed to Eskimo it up. I could have spent the time to look for fake fur trim, but real fur just lasts longer. I'm pretty sure if it was fake fur it'd have matted in a couple years and ceased to serve its purpose. I also love love love leather for windy days because nothing else I've found stops the wind as much. F'in Midwest weather!

  2. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface

    2. What is your take on the Givenchy sunglasses above? - Ridiculous! I laughed so hard at your description. The only practical application I can think of for those is maybe for skiing?

    3. What is one of the most ridiculous makeup products you have ever seen? - Givenchy does it again! Last night I saw the "Lash Pearls" released a few years ago for the first time. I don't understand the appeal of buying a whole bottle of little gooey drops to stick on your lashes.

    4. Random unrelated question: How tall are you? - I'm 5'5 exactly

    5. What are you waiting on in the mail? - The Hunger Games nail polish collection from China Glaze and my latest Sephora order!

  3. OMG THOSE SUNGLASSES. okay poll.

    not wearing blush yet - it's 6:30am here!

    those sunglasses . . . no words . . . you said it best!

    ridiculous makeup products: that "one swipe" eyeshadow where you use a giant applicator to apply the lid/crease/highlight all at one is pretty special

    i'm 5'5ish, it's a good height, because i can be tall with heels or average height without. also my fiancee (a woman) is 5'8" and i prefer being the shorter one so that's nice.

    waiting for a couple things; i'm most excited about fyrinnae pressed eyeshadow, but also some nail polish from blog sales.

  4. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Illamasqua Lover, it's been a long time!

    2. What is your take on the Givenchy sunglasses above? - You know what? Next year they'll be in H&M with faux fur and we'll all wear them! Doesn't mean they're not hideous or you aren't right, though. *facepalm*

    3. What is one of the most ridiculous makeup products you have ever seen? - At some point, after the vibrating mascaras were the new best thing, all kind of vibrating products started popping everywhere. That's ridiculous.

    4. Random unrelated question: How tall are you? - I'm 5'9" and I still wear heels, baby!

    5. What are you waiting on in the mail? - Nothing. I overdosed during the past weeks, though, my mailman needs some rest.

  5. ooh I enjoyed this so much XD
    1. Sleek Rose Gold
    2. Did you see the scary "realistic" Bert & Ernie Cosplay? ::shudders:: No, thanks!
    3. Smear-on eyeshadows are even worse ala Loreal One Sweep. They just don't work at all. The press-on ones almost work...
    4. Shortie 5'3 3/4" but usually just claim to be 5'4"... I hate it and wish I were 5'8" because then I could eat more.
    5. Nothing. How boring. ::runs off to make an online order at Sephora::

  6. 1. my natural cheeks are the blush of the day but I did pick up a Lorac Pro blush in Rosy Glow which I think is super pretty and I should gently tap on one of these days.

    2. I think the glasses are ugly. I'm ok with fur wearing although I think it's pretty silly to wear a fur coat where you don't get arctic temperatures and it's not necessarily flattering on everyone, i.e. my mom looked like a short bear in her fur so she sold it long ago. No, I wouldn't have worn it either, my fur limit is some trim on my hood or on my gloves.

    3. those stick on eyeliners. So uncomfortable and I could do a better job with some gel liner and a brush.

    4. 5'5" :) gimme heels! and a limo and some guys to escort me around b/c I'll fall down in them but I love them anyway.

    5. I think some Alterna hair products I picked up on Hautelook or Ideeli at a very nice price. I really like this company since it doesn't cause my hairline to break out unlike Pantene. *grumbles*

    Speaking of unibrow, I need to get mine threaded tonight otherwise I'm going to scare little children!

  7. 1. None; blush is reserved for "dress-up" days.

    2. The glasses are *hideous*. Not only are they just ugly, real fur or not, they're way too expensive. I have a maximum of what I'm willing to spend on something I will likely lose or break within a year, and that is $20 USD (although I try to stay closer to $10 USD).

    3. I'm not a fan of the latest nail polish fads, ie crackle, magnetic, or caviar, but the "accent" nail *really* irritates me.

    4. If I stand up really, really straight, I can reach up to an Amazonian... 5' 3". I like my height (or lack of), as it really opens up the dating pool. However, I do wear high heels, alot.

    5. I don't do very much online shopping, as I really prefer to have my purchase in my hands right away. Also, I'm kind of limiting my purchasing; I moved about a month ago, and it really opened up my eyes to just how much I own, which is just way too much. If I don't buy any shampoo or skincare products for the next 6 months, I'll still have more remaining; I won't even go into detail on my actual makeup stash...

  8. I don't wear blush. Your writing and the pic of bert in the sunglasses cracked me up! I am 5'10" and I am waiting for my A-Englannds and a few ManGlazes polishes that I ordered!

  9. 1. Sunblush Elizabeth arden
    2. horrified at the mink glasses but the upside is seeing your photo of bert wearing them. His friends the pigeons will be attacking soon, a la tippi Hedren in the Birds
    3. Latest peeve on beauty ridiculous is Lady Gaga's perfume and nails with texture overload, as in fuzzy or caviar or anything 3-D. I'm ok with Matte for accents.
    4. 5' 4" tallest woman in my family so I don't feel short
    5. my Butter London Coterie deal so I can matte topcoat it up

  10. 1. NARS blush in Outlaw, Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Medium underneath... I have pneumonia right now and look like the kid from The Grudge.

    2. The sunglasses are ridiculous, but to have the money to even entertain the thought... sigh! I love the pictures of BERT!

    3. Sarah S. got it right: those one sweep products. Ugh!

    4. I am 5'8 and a half... yes, I claim the half.

    5. Being an editor, I am always waiting for a manuscript, but would much prefer to be waiting for one High Society Eye Trio from NARS.

  11. Blush of the day : Guerlain by Pucci Terra Azzura

    Those glasses are so out of control I cannot accept they are not a fever dream. The mountains of powdery substances consumed to dream up such a creation is equally mind boggling.

    I do not get those violent lip glittery lip stickers, the way they crease in the corners of the mouth is gross.

    I'm 5'2 ... I dream of tallness and not having to alter clothing.

    I am awaiting some Korean goodies from eBay and my Butter London Coterie deal as well.

  12. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in "Sensuous Rose"

    2. What is your take on the Givenchy sunglasses above? - "Amen, sister" about covers it.

    3. What is one of the most ridiculous makeup products you have ever seen? - I, too, really despise those glitter lip tattoo things. Since when are lips one size fits all? Why does glittery lipstick not cut it for you? WHAT do you do when it crumbles and crunches up in the corner of your lips and everyone sees?? Just seems like a train wreck waiting to happen to me to me.

    4. Random unrelated question: How tall are you? - 5'11" and my husband is 5'10". Yes, I still wear heels. He couldn't care less if I tower over him.

    5. What are you waiting on in the mail? - Two Korean BB creams, concealer and powder from MAC, a couple Real Techniques brushes, and my iPhone!

  13. 1. That orange cream blush from MAC's spring 2012 colletion-it looks like peach when it is on, but looks like a crayon in the pan.
    2. You are So Funny Girl! You said it best and gave me a good belly laugh while you were at it. :)
    3. I've seen some ridiculous stuff, but all that press-on lip and eye makeup is a pretty good choice.
    4. I'm 5'4" but wish I was taller. This height is the dividing line for misses and petite sizes, so everything is either too long or too short. What a pain in the neck.
    5. A couple more MUG eye shadows. I love them. Their new gel liners are really great and I wish that I had ordered one of those too, but oh well. I'll have to wait until next month. You might want to get some for a review. :)

  14. 1, Blush of the day: Inglot #50 (not sure about the number but I can't get the pan out of the freedom system holder thingie) - a lovely orangey color (kinda like the cream blush that comes w/ thet Korean BB - but powder).

    2. No. I'm guessing it won't be too long before Kanye West or someone of similar kil shows up w/ them on.

    3. Well, I agree w/ what everyone has said so far. I think the fake lashes w/ gems, feathers, cutouts (so that they look like a scene) etc. are pretty useless.

    4. 5' 8" but still wish I was a bit taller - I wear heels a lot so people often do think I'm taller (so they work!)

    5. Nothing. Bought too much lately. Need to do a 'no buy' for a while but I have some Kohl's Cash to use - but I swear I'll get something practical like socks.

  15. late response:

    1. Blush of the day: mixed up NARS DT with MAC honey & some Burberry Earthy for shading

    2. GOSH, I know some fashionidiot or wannabe-fashionidiot who buys glasses like that in bulk. He wears the most boring clothes for the rest and thinks he's all that wearing idiotic glasses. Sometimes like those windwiper sheets that makes me think: WHY? Are you going to give a woman a time of her life and are you afraid your face will get smudged (sorry for the possible crudity of this, as for men opting to give women the time of their life at the non-dry places, hurray, but with weird glasses the only thing that will get moisty is their eyes from laughing untill they cry)

    3. Makeup for the parts that shouldn't see the light

    4. Today with MiuMiu heels I was 1.90 cm at least...not really a giant in Holland, but I got some laughs and without makeup I probly got the cross-dresser label

    5.I've been terribly makeupboring so it's a Balenciaga bracelet. I have to update the blog but I've got no inspiration in beauty right now


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