Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DNA EGF Renewal Foaming Cleanser - Review

I was recently sent a cleanser to review. And what is there to say about cleansers other than if they wash or don't.  Well As you may or may not know I'm just a sucker for self foaming cleansers. I love pressing the pump and having the billowy soft ball of foam right in my hand ready to spread on my face.  When using this foaming cleanser, I sometimes start singing the song from Oliver called "Food Glorious Food"  Granted I really  hate musicals and I have never seen Oliver, but something about that ear-worm of a song just starts up every time I use this foaming cleanser from DNA EGF Renewal.  

So here is my new song called Foam Glorious Foam as sung to the tune "Food Glorious Food" from the musical, Oliver.

Foam glorious Foam
Renewal Foaming Cleanser!
When I'm in the mood --
Foam cleansing is better
DNA EGD Renewal
That is the brand name
Smart people use it, gals --

Foam, glorious Foam!
Gentle Gly-co-lic Acid.
Twice cleansing a day --
You should really have it!

Just picture soft smooth skin --
free of dull dead cells.
Oh, Foam
Wonderful Foam
Marvelous Foam,
Glorious Foam.

Foam, glorious Foam!
Sulfate-Free Cleansing!
Vibrant soft skin --
but you won't pay a king's ransom.
What washes away dirt and oil?
and is still good for sensitive skin?
Its DNA EGF Renewal
Foaming Cleanser!

Foam, glorious Foam!
AHC a slow release, AHA
Just wait and you'll win
Refined facial texture.
Won't dry out your skin,
or cause it to turn red-er
The Foam,
Magical Foam
Wonderful Foam
Marvellous Foam
Fabulous FOAM!

This gentle, foaming formula provides a non-irritating version of glycolic acid for gentle exfoliating combined with sulfate-free cleansing.  The amino acid glycolic complex stimulates cell turnover and washes away surface impurities.  It encourages optimum absorption of your serums and moisturizers for highly effective results.  

The DNA EGF Revewal Foaming Cleanser is free of artificial fragrances, sulfates, and parabens. It does have a scent that is slightly off putting but nothing noxious or horrible.  It is supposed to be ideal for all skin types and formulated for daily use. I have sensitive skin and had no adverse reaction to using this cleanser every day.

 The DNA EGF Renewal Foaming Cleanser provides a control-release, non-irritating delivery of AHC (glycolic ‘sugar’ acid) ideal for daily use and sensitive skin  AHC is a non-irritating AHA (glycolic ‘sugar’ acid) that is combined with an amino acid for slow, controlled release thereby reducing any stinging and irritation typically associated with standard AHAs.

This foam cleanser feels mild and almost creamy on the skin.  After repeated use, my skin felt soft and smooth and glowing. The pump is easy to use and doesn't get stuck afet a couple week of use like on some other foaming cleansers ::coughAveenocough:: A 6.7 fl oz pump bottle of the DNA EGF Renewal Cleanser retails for $28 USD


  1. This looks like a great cleanser! I love your picture of the woman surrounded by foam... I guess it could get out of hand :)

    I usually clean my face with oil (I get the third degree about this at the department store makeup counter), but if I am ever looking to mix up my routine, I might check this out.

  2. I just got this line last week and I have to say that I am loving this cleanser. It is indeed very gentle and leaves a clean feeling. Can't wait to see the final results. Thanks for sharing

  3. This looks like a great product to try out. What caught my attention is that it does not contain harmful ingredients. I am particular about the ingredients of a certain product. I make sure that it is safe, effective and most of all affordable. I will try this one out and hope that my skin will love it.

  4. Elvira, did you know that empty self-foaming bottles exist? You can basically take any facial wash you like, add some water, and put the mixture in the bottle and you get self-foaming version of your favorite cleanser. :D

    Silk Naturals carry it but there might be suppliers that sell them. I'd suggest looking around eBay or elsewhere on the interwebs, but until then, here's the one I saw:


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