Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do you think it's a bit too much to go to the UK for great hair?

The current state of my hair could be considered a crime scene. It's dry, has split ends, is breaking all over the strands and is in desperate need of a trim.  I have been trying to grow it out, but it's just so damaged from all the coloring and lack of trims. I have been avoiding my hairdresser because I started to color my own hair and I know he would not approve of it.  But now my hair needs a cut desperately and I am afraid to see him.  So I have devised a brilliant plan. (brilliant might be subjective)

1.  Look for some hairdressers in London 

2.  Go online and use that nifty hair salon software to book an appointment at a posh salon

3.  Fly to London 

5.  Get hair cut at said posh salon

6.  Fly home

I know what you are thinking.
  1. Why would I look for hairdressers in London when I live in the US?
  2. What is this Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Life Extending Haircare Kit?
  3. Are you joking or just insane?
To answer your first question. The reason I would go to London to get a hair cut is because I would have a good excuse why I haven't been back to see them in months and months.  You know b/c I can't just fly to London every 8 weeks.  As it stands now, I have no excuse why I haven't seen my current hairdresser that lives less than 10 miles from me.  Plus, I don't run the risk of accidentally running into my hairdresser while I'm out running errands or at the mall or something. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to be seen by your hairdresser when your hair looks awful after not going to him for MONTHS?  He gives you that "You should have seen me sooner" disapproving stare.  Well I'll tell you what, it's downright uncomfortable! I also really want to go to London and I figured this would be a great excuse.

Your Second Question, "What is this Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Life Extending Haircare Kit?" - This kit includes:

3 More Inches Pre Wash Treatment

3 More Inches Shampoo

3 More Inches Conditioner

This set is a treatment to nourish hair allowing it to stay healthy and stronger for a longer period of time  They use a blend of cashmere proteins and amino acids to slow the aging process.  This allows hair to grow longer, faster. This is perfect for me because I really want longer hair but I can never seem to grow it out without it breaking and splitting.  This treatment is supposed to help prevent hair from damage due to heat styling, coloring, sun and the sea, allowing it to grow longer, while staying healthy.  Best thing, the system is free of parabens and silicones!  Admit it, you want to try this too!

To answer your last question, I'm JOKING!  Of course I'm not going to fly to London to get a haircut...but how cool would it be to be able to do that?  At least I can order the Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Life Extending Haircare Kit from and they ship to the US for free!. All I need to do now is find a new salon near me and wear a hat if I need to. 

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  1. To London it is then!

    Oh you were joking?

    Boo! :-(


  2. It sounds like your hairdresser is getting on your last nerve. Find a new one!

    My hairdresser is cool. My hair looks great for weeks. She also uses inexpensive styling products and encouraged me to try coloring my hair. She is glad, however, that I stopped using Sun-In.In.

  3. elvira you are welcome to fly here to los angeles. megan will cut your hair and i will color it. (heretic salon, los feliz) and then we can go to the mall and bug nicole at sephora!

    i will take you to the tranny supply 99 cent store where you can get kleancolor nail polish for 99 cents, and low rent awesome makeup in the most awesome colors for the same!

  4. Come to London! I have a great hairdresser and then we could hit Liberty beauty hall and Selfridges beauty and Marks and Spencers' new beauty hall....

  5. Well, you should come to London. And I can go to the States. ...for the same reasons you noted for flying to London. We can swap, innit.

  6. I have been on 2 bottles of the pre-treatment of the 3Inches...I like it but it still feels dry.

    However, the hair is not having it these days after giving a rare moment of volume for approximately three days (without the 3inch extra stuff)!!! It feels like a love-affair for three days where you think about afterwards "I loved those three days but now I knew I could have this, I want it returned". Done the same thing as those "3 days of volume", however, she's still not having it...darn

  7. I'd love to go to London again. Sure, go there just to get a haircut, and then you can blog about it! :-) x


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