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Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow Singles in Metro, Primal and 7 - Review, Pictures, Swatches

SMH Metro, Primal, 7


taupe  (təʊp) — noun
a brownish-grey color
[C20: from French, literally: mole, from Latin talpa ]

It is that brownish grey color that warms my cold black heart.  But Taupe can be more than just brownish grey (in my reality). It can be a greyish brown, or a purpley greyish brown or a greenish greyish brown or even a dark brownish grey.  Taupe can take on cool and warm tones. A cool taupe or a warm taupe can be just as taupe-y as a neutral taupe.  Taupe, in short, is versatile.

I love taupe shadows because they can go with almost any outfit I wear.  Taupe can be conservative or wild, it all depends on the placement.  So when I was sent three taupe-y shadows from Stars Makeup Haven, I was in taupe heaven!

Behold! I bring you:
Stars Makeup Haven Metro

Metro - A silvery taupe similar to MAC Smoke & Diamonds, NYX Dune or Benefit Where There's Smoke

Stars Makeup Haven Primal

Primal - A chocolatey charcoal taupe. Nice and dark and perfect alone or as a crease color.  This shadow is close to Origins eyeshadow in Frosty Fudge, but more metallic and darker.

Stars Makeup Haven 7

7 - Not really a taupe, but close enough for me. It's a sweet burgundy purple with some dusty grey overtones in it.  This shadow reminds me of a mixture of Besame Plum Dandy and Benefit Creme shadow in Get Figgy but darker.  It's really pretty worn alone or as a crease color.

Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadows

I'm not really sure how they came up with the names, but I don't really care.  These are very nice shadows, with good pigmentation and long wear (with a primer).  What's even better...they are only $6 each and are the same size pans as MAC shadows so they will fit in a MAC palette easily.  Of course Stars Makeup Haven sells empty palettes as well so you can buy one from them to store your shadows. Oh and there are 99 different colors to choose from so that's pretty awesome as well.

Chanel Safari all over lid, Stars Makeup Haven in Primal in crease (lightly applied)

I'll tell you the truth. I had some Stars Makeup Haven shadows for several years ago, but I never reviewed them because I felt the quality wasn't that great. I gave then to Joeybunny and she had no issues with them and thought they were decent.  Because there was that disparity I decided not to review them.  So when I was sent 3 new ones to test and review I was hesitant.  I photographed the singles and as I was swatching them I could tell instantly that these shadows were far superior to the ones I had received almost 4 years ago. I'm not sure if they changed the formula or if I just got 3 really good ones, but the three I received were awesome as far as pigmentation.  I found them incredibly similar in texture to MAC shadows and they wore just as long as MAC shadows too.  The application was easy with the tree I just tested.  Applying with a brush left excellent pigmentation and very little fall out.  All in all, these three shadows did a complete 180 in terms of quality from the last batch I received.  That is an excellent thing!

Stars Makeup Haven in Metro all over. Inglot M351 to highlight

Do you NEED these?  Well OF COURSE YOU NEED TAUPE SHADOWS!  DUH!  At $6 a piece, how could you not? But to make it even more enticing. Stars Makeup Haven has given me a code for FREE shipping with a $30 purchase.  Use code PINKSHIP30 during check out and your shipping will be FREE for US AND International shipping!  This code expires on Saturday, October 8, 2012. 

Stars Makeup Haven in 7 on lid to crease. Inglot P399 above crease and blended with Inglot DS496 for highlight


  1. Taupe is a state of mind. It's the most beautiful color in the universe because you can define it however you like. All these shades are lovely, and look beautiful on you, Elvira!

  2. Excellent because I want at least one of the primers you reviewed last week so now I can get free shipping and great goodies.

  3. I have Metro. I like their shadows, but I felt their customer service was AWFUL. So I wouldn't buy directly from them.

    1. Phyrra: The customer service has made a HUGE turnaround. There is a new person handling the CS now that the owner has passed away. It really is totally different now.

  4. I need to geek out for a minute because a.) who doesn't love a taupe eyeshadow and b.) you just rocked my world by teaching me that "taupe" is derived from Talpa. Kudos.

  5. Love those shades.

    -- recently posted… Fall Makeup Look 2012

  6. Those are really pretty taupes!!! And $6 is amazing. I haven't tried SMH shadows yet but I need to.


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