Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Poll

I have writer's block. I have no idea what to write about for this week's Thursday Poll.  When this happens I usually start out writing like this and hope something will come to me in the midst of complaining about writers block and whammo I have a Thursday Poll.  But such luck.  Now I could totally phone n a poll and just make up some crap or some such nonsense, but  feel like I OWE you a real hart felt rant.  Now just right there I thought I could do a whole poll about swearing and how curse words are very much part of my daily dialogue, but then I remembered that there are some people that read this blog that don't appreciate all the swear words and I really don't want to upset them.  Then I remember my friend that went with me to get the Le Metier de Beaute facial. She never swears. Like never.  She gave it up for Lent one year and has never gone back.  I feel weird swearing in front of her because she never does it.  Then I start to think that she is really missing out because saying SH*T really loudly when the Washington Redskins former kicker, Billy Cundiff misses an easy field goal is very satisfying.  Or saying a big F*CK YOU to the guy that cuts you off in traffic and nearly causes an accident, that is the only response I think I know that will diffuse my stress. There are so many swear words out there that are just fun to say. D**CH*BAG!  There are hundreds of variations on D**CH*BAG. There is D**CH*NOZZLE, D**CH*CANOE, THUNDERD**CH*etc.  Then there is *SS, Like *SSH*L*, *SSHAT, *SSFACE, *SSWIPE, etc.  I like creative combinations of swear words. They make me laugh.  Like D**CH*CANOE is a great one. Like what they heck is a D**CH*CANOE and what would it look like and why would someone get that moniker?  It's interesting.  I can't swear at work and I can't swear in front of Darthypie, so when he goes to bed I swear a lot. I think I swear more than Mr. Sith.  I know I swore a lot in College.  My Theater teacher said I could make a Sailor blush...which I took as a compliment. I liked to swear, plus that teacher always cast me in the most ridiculous roles so I was usually swearing at him.  Now I know some think that people who swear have a limited vocabulary and are unintelligent. But I beg to differ. I think it takes a profoundly substantial vernacular to come up with expletives that are germane to the incident, person or action.  See what I did there?  Plus Mythbusters confirmed a myth that swearing increases people's tolerance to pain. So swearing is THERAPEUTIC! How awesome is that? OK. Well I guess my writer's block has been conquered by the mighty curse word. As it F*CK*NG should be!
On to the M*TH*ERF*CK*NG Poll!

1.  Lip Of the Day? - Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain in #12 as shown here in a Makeup Wars Favorite Summer Lippie challenge.

2.  Do you swear? If Not, why? If so, how often? - Yes. And Pretty much any time I'm not in front of co-workers or my kid.  And when I'm on like like g-chat I swear a ton.

3.  Have you ever had a favorite makeup item get discontinued? If so, what was your reaction? - Yes, many times. At first I was like F*CK! Then I was all, let me see if I can find some on-line and hoard it.

4.  If you do swear what is your favorite swear word or phrase?  If you don't swear what swear word really drives you insane? - I do swear so my favorite thing to say, when I'm excited about something really cool, like a new James Bond movie or someone that did something really super hard and succeeded, is SH*T THE F*CK YEAH!  But it's all one word so it's like Sh*tthef*ckyeah!

5.  Recent/Current Lemmings (Beauty stuff you want to get)? - None. I'm hoping that your answers will inspire me!


  1. 1. Lip Of the Day? - Addiction in Faithful - trying to see if I like it enough to keep it.

    2. Do you swear? If Not, why? If so, how often? - Not a whole lot actually, I used to but then I went through a phase where I mockingly used really babyish insults (pooface, poopybutt, bumhead) and it kind of...stuck. A bit embarrassing really. Sometimes I say Fricking. I don't know what's wrong with me :(.

    3. Have you ever had a favorite makeup item get discontinued? If so, what was your reaction? - I can't think of one, maybe that famous Shu taupe - but I only knew it existed a few months after it was discontinued.

    4. If you do swear what is your favorite swear word or phrase? If you don't swear what swear word really drives you insane? See above. Swear words don't bother me, my boyfriend says the C word a lot and even though it's just a word, it's been hardwired into me (through private school mainly) that that is THE WORST WORD (TM), so even though I'm fine with it, I still unconsciously kind of shudder when he says it.

    5. Recent/Current Lemmings (Beauty stuff you want to get)? - So many, but I can't buy anything! A lot of Shiseido, one of the Guerlain Extraits (Luxure I think?), La Rose De Versailles Mascara, and Suqqu winter collection (, and loads of stuff from Addiction Holiday (

  2. 1. Lip Of the Day? - Dior Addict in Miss Dior

    2. Do you swear? If Not, why? If so, how often? - I go through phases. I do find swearing not very lady like (in the Jackie O sense of the lady term) but on the other hand, sometimes, it's really necessary. I don't swear much these days, though.

    3. Have you ever had a favorite makeup item get discontinued? If so, what was your reaction? - my MLBB shade in Guerlain KissKiss Baby range, sh*t was an appropriate reaction

    4. If you do swear what is your favorite swear word or phrase? If you don't swear what swear word really drives you insane? - I have one very very rude swear expression I use when I'm alone in my car, against aggressive drivers (not very ladylike AT ALL): "enc*l* de ta race" (pardon my French)

    5. Recent/Current Lemmings (Beauty stuff you want to get)? - I want to investigate some more Shi stuff

  3. Lip of the Day - Jessie's Girl gloss

    Do you swear? - Nah, but find it hilarious when you do ;)

    Have you ever had a favorite makeup item get discontinued? - when Shu Uemura stopped selling in the states I panicked as to how I would gift my favorite eyelash curler from thenceforth - and then breathed a sigh of relief when I found they were still online.

    If you do swear what is your favorite swear word? If not, what drives you insane? I am not a fan of when people swear in front of my kids. Save it for the adults.

    Recent Beauty Stuff I want to get? There's always a list... current obsessions include MAC's upcoming holiday collection, basically ALL of the upcoming holiday collections, and UD's Vice Palette.

    Elvira, you are hilarious. xo

  4. I used to have a serious "sailor mouth", until I was pregnant. My friends pointed out that I should probably get out of the habit *before* my daughter was born, so I pretty much gave it up altogether. I rarely ever do now, and *never* in front of children. Just last week, my daughter, 6, asked me what bads were. I simply told her they're words she shouldn't say. Then she asked what words were bad... I didn't want to give her specific words, because I know she will say them just to elicit reactions from other adults, so I simply told her I'd let her know if she ever uses one.

    1. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm, Original.

    2. Not much, anymore.

    3. Too many. I'm still upset that Max Factor stopped selling in the States, and I loved the L'Oreal matte lipstick line.

    4. I don't have a favorite; I like them all.

    5. There are a couple of NARS items I want to pick up at some point, and I want to do a fairly large MAC Pro haul at some point, but I'll probably wait until after the New Year for those. I really want the LORAC Pro palette & Unzipped, and the tarte Carried Away set, which I plan to pick up in the next few weeks. Then I'll likely not buy anything, until after Christmas.

  5. 1. Fresh Sugar Rose. I was lucky I put clothes on this morning I woke up so late.
    2. I swear All. The. Time. And I think people should just get over it. Although I try to reign it in at work. It's not like you're murdering babies or something. It's just words. I don't see why people are offended.
    3. I'm somewhat new to the makeup obsession so I haven't had the chance for any of my favorites to be discontinued. I was kinda bummed to find that Sephora's retractable lib brush is no longer available. I really liked it and I keep losing it. I have bought three and now they're all gone.
    3. My friends tell me I have a trademark way of saying, "what the hell!?" I don't consider that real cussing. I know I say 'f@ck" a lot. Just plain and simple.
    4. I really want the Nars Edie set from the Andy Warhol collection.

  6. 1. Lip=burts bees cherry I think
    2. F-yeah = my husband calls me a potty mouth but he likes it
    3. Any favorite LE nail polishes are discontinued I hate that.
    4. F@ck Me To Tears or FMTT
    5. Makeup, a good foundation

    Thank you for caring enough to ask, and to share that you swear. I loved this post to death. Swearing helps. The more you know!

  7. I think maybe the hallowed cosmetics area of Neiman Marcuse kept my swearing in check, because lately I have been a cursing machine. I think every other word is one lately. You need to catch me not in a Neiman Marcus and not around Darthypie.

  8. 1.) Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm by Rosebud Perfume Company.

    2.) It comes out naturally. I'm not sure I'm always aware of it. That isn't a good thing.

    3.) When I was in middle school I used to buy Bonne Bell's fLipsticks. They came in awesome colors. You pulled a lever and they came out of the tube. They were discontinued long ago.

    4.) I use f*ck as a verb.

    5.) More of Essie's nail polish.

  9. Lip of the Day: Guerlain's Lou-Ling
    Do I swear? No, but I understand how it can be a release for some people.
    Discontinued favorite? No. I guess that's because I delight in trying new things. If something is discontinued, I just move on to something new.
    Swearing--what deives me insane? What drives me totally nuts is when people pepper their conversation with meaningless profanity. They can be so incredibly inarticulate! Ex: She's such a b----. OK, so what does that mean? Is she pushy, rude, insulting, over-bearing, inconsiderate, mean, all of the above, none of the above? What do you mean? Nowadays, perhaps she did nothing more offensive than take the last cookie!
    Current lemming: I'd love a full size bottle of Liu. I've fallen head over heels in love with that fragrance. On my skin, Chanel No.5 pales in comparison to Liu.

  10. Lip of the day: Bobbi Brown Citrus high shimmer lip gloss
    Do I swear: Yes, more than I should, but I'm trying to cut down.
    Discontinued favorite: I haven't really been collecting makeup long enough for anything I love to be discontinued!
    Habit or catchphrase: I don't know if I really have one. I'll make up weird words of random syllables if I'm trying to swear without actually swearing, and I use 'Frack" instead of 'F*ck' sometimes.
    Current beauty lemming: I'm in the process of collecting all of the Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip glosses--they're gorgeous and non-sticky and I love them. I have nine now, and I'm missing about five or six. I'm also slowly getting the Burberry lip velvets--I have two and I'm intending to pick up another one tomorrow. For a matte lipstick, they're fantastic.

  11. 1. Lip Of the Day? Working from home today so haven't done my makeup yet, but for dinner with the girls tonight I will be wearing Nars Carthage to brighten things up, or YSL Rose Bergamasque if I suddenly decide on a full on eye look.

    2. Do you swear? If Not, why? If so, how often? - I swear every day, but my fave term of late is 'poohead'. Yup, the kids think it is hilarious, but I just can't help myself.

    3. Have you ever had a favorite makeup item get discontinued? If so, what was your reaction? - I've been pretty lucky thus far *touches wood* but I was sad when MAC Viva Glam Cyndi left stores :( Should've bought back ups.

    4. If you do swear what is your favorite swear word or phrase? If you don't swear what swear word really drives you insane? The C bomb makes me shudder, it is just an ugly word I think. F**^ is the best, so versatile and changeable :)

    5. Recent/Current Lemmings (Beauty stuff you want to get)? - I've been good lately and the list isn't too long, I do want a Rebecca Minkoff bag though. I am lemming some more Antipodes skincare <3 and perhaps some new Chanel bits.


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