Monday, November 5, 2012

A Brief History of Madame Lise Watier and Lise Watier Cosmetics

I am so honored to have been chosen to attend the Lise Watier Cosmetics e-commerce website launch for US customers.  The Launch was held in Montreal, Quebec Canada where the Lise Watier Cosmetics Headquarters are located.  Lise Watier (an actual person, who is absolutely loverly!) started the brand 40 years ago after realizing that there wasn't a cosmetics brand out there that met her needs and standards. Allow me to give you a brief history of Lise Watier Cosmetics and then, in another post, I can tell you all about my trip to the beautiful city of Montreal!

Madame Lise Watier was born an only child in the Hochelaga- Maisonneuve district of Montreal. A product of a loving family, Lise Watier attended boarding school and then continued with a classical education at Collège Jésus-Marie where she studied painting and piano (She hoped, at one point, to become a concert pianist.).  Her mother, who was a clothing buyer, was always stylish and well-groomed, planted the seed for  Lise Watier to develop a taste for beauty and quality at an early age. She loved to apply make-up and style her friends before they went out to dances. She adored using and applying the powders, colors and tiny jars of beauty products.  (This sounds a lot like MY childhood, except for the boarding school and Classical Piano...but I did delight in all things cosmetics from an early age!)  Also inspired after reading the autobiography of Helena Rubinstein, Madame Watier hit upon the idea of starting her own cosmetics line.  While she did not have the funding at the time for her own cosmetic line, she set upon the course that would eventually lead her to it.

Lise Watier accompanied a fried to an audition at the local Quebec Télé-Métropole. As if out of a old Hollywood movie herself, Madame Watier was spotted by a television producer which led to her getting into commercials, which she did for several months before being offered her own television show. In that show she covered stories for women, with subjects ranging from psychology to beauty, and soon became Quebec’s leading voice on women’s issues and concerns.  Through that show and through interactions with her loyal female viewership Madame Watier found her calling and opened the Lise Watier Institute, a beauty and charm school that taught personal growth, grooming, etiquette and makeup. The concept was a hit and the Institute was an instant success!

For Madame Watier, the idea of developing a cosmetics line gradually crept back to the forefront of her goals.  Lise Watier found that there were many products on the market that were not satisfying for both for the courses at the Institute and for her personal use. She decided to create products that would meet her own high standards. And that is when Lise Watier Cosmetics was born

What attracted me to this brand is that Lise Watier has always been motivated by the desire to give her female customers the very best and the latest and greatest in skincare, fragrance and cosmetics. Lise Watier is independently owned and not subject to the whims of  executives from a giant corporation that has more experience in shampoo and toilet paper than they do in cosmetics and skincare.  I personally find that reassuring.  How many independent brands do you know of that have completely gone off course as far as quality and overall brand message since being acquired by a large conglomerate?  I know several and the result has always been disappointing.

Madame Watier has always focused her efforts on research and development.  The company has endured to stay at the forefront of the latest in scientific research and collaborates with the world’s leading cosmetics laboratories.  The ingredients and elements used to formulate products are carefully chosen and often the result of revolutionary discoveries.  As a result the headquarters of Lise Watier Cosmetics employs a complete team of researchers and biochemists, who ensure the quality, conformity, and effectiveness of every product. Each formula is subjected to rigorous clinical testing, with the first tester being Madame Watier herself!

A cosmetics company made by a woman for women. Lise Watier products are not created for a  Makeup Artist, but for the every day consumer, you and me!

I hope you are as excited about the opportunity to experience this brand as I am.  I have known about Lise Watier Cosmetics for a long time, since I stalk beauty blogs based in Canada all the time.  I first wrote about the awesome eyeliners in 2010 and have since collected a few other treasures from the brand. I hesitated writing about them because the majority of my readers, (Americans) were unable to purchase this brand...that is until now.  The Lise Watier e-commerce website for USA customers is up and running.  You can find them at that is .us not .com. Remember that.

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  1. This is the first I've heard about this brand (and this woman :-)) but what I'm reading sounds good!

  2. I liked what I saw when I was in Montreal this past year, almost bought the corrector wheel that everyone talks about but...I went for some perfume instead! lol

  3. No way! That is so awesome!
    I absolutely LOVE the few LW products I have!
    off to check the site! -D

  4. Never heard of this brand either... But I must have the sparkly violet eyeshadow in the second picture. Do you know what she is wearing??? Must. Have. The. Precious!!!


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