Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birchbox October Box - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Oh yes. You read the title correctly. OCTOBER box. Yup. Birchbox had a little shipping SNAFU and my October Birchbox did not ship in a timely fashion. This was partially due to Hurricane Sandy, but also, they didn't ship it until after the Hurricane hit...Normally they ship it on the 15th of the month. But I really can't fault them 100%. I mean there was a huge natural disaster that prevented a lot of things from happening. AND Birchbox Customer Service kept in touch with me often and kept giving me "points" to use for shopping in their on line store, which I do quite often. In total they credited me with 200 points which is equal to $20 to use in their store. I think that's more than fair since the box itself only costs me $10. My delayed Birchbox showed up on October 30th. I was headed to Montreal the next day, and when I got back, I simply forgot about posting a review until my November Birchbox showed up last week. (I'll post a review of that soon and link it back here) 

So let's talk about what was in this October box. 

I received Kérastase Chroma Sensitive, Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Fragrance,theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer luminizer, Naked Princess Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss,  and a LUNA Fiber Chocolate Raspberry bar.  Not a ton of stuff. But almost every product in the box I am fairly happy with.

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Let's start with the fragrance sample.  Meh. You all know how I feel about these. Unless it's a mini bottle I don't find these worth much at all. I can walk into any store that sells this or get a free sample on line, so I'm not excited about this item.  Plus I didn't really like the scent all that much. It's a lavender, which isn't my favorite and pumpkin (which has no scent BY THE WAY!!!) which basically means nutmeg and cinnamon and maybe clove.  Bleh. Not for me.

This is what Kérastase recommends you use the first three times after coloring your hair.  It's VERY similar to those "cleansing conditioners" which are so popular. I liked the scent of the sample I got, but it wasn't enough (even w/ 2 packets) for all of my hair. My hair was soft after use, but like I said I didn't have enough to gauge how it works properly. I miiight consider purchasing it, but it is VERY expensive.  If any of you have had experience with this specific product, I would love to hear your thoughts.

A very pretty highlighter/luminizer. The powder is soft but not as finely milled as some other high end highlighters I own.  You know what a nut I am about highlighters.  The full size is a decent amount but not overly large and at $24 is a pretty good deal. 

The golden color is pretty with almost any skin tone and gives that soft glow like you are in candlelight. Who doesn't look good in that lighting, right?

This brand is new to me.  Apparently  this is a lip plumping gloss that does not irritate your lips.  It reminded me of the Lip Fusion plumping glosses in that it didn't sting, but this gloss was much less sticky than those old Lip Fusion ones.  The range of colors is pretty weak. The glosses are all so sheer that it really wouldn't matter which one you picked, unless your lips lack any sort of natural pigmentation.  

The sample I received is Barely Blush. It's barely noticeable, but it wasn't sticky, it felt moisturizing, it was VERY glossy, it smelled nice and had a sweet flavor to it.  However I did not experience any increase in volume of my lips.  My lips are fairly full, so maybe that's all they can manage. Ha Ha.  According to Birchbox, the Naked Princess Glosses have peptides that spur collagen production, which in turn reduces fine lines and helps lips look fuller.  So maybe after repeated use I might notice a difference.  

LUNA Fiber Chocolate Raspberry - $14.95 for 12 bars 
OK. I'm not a huge fan of receiving food in my Birchbox but it's better than laundry detergent or paper coasters, so I'm OK.  This LUNA bar is quite tasty and at only 110 calories with 3.5 g of fat I won't feel so bad eating this as a snack from time to time.  Plus it has  calcium, folic acid, iron, vitamins D, and 7 grams of fiber per bar. Not too bad.  But also at almost $15 a box, I don't think I could have them more than once or twice a week without going broke.

All in all this box wasn't too bad. Better late than never, right? I'm keeping my subscription for now. But I am getting a bit over loaded with samples and I need to tighten my belt budget wise, so I might consider cancelling my subscription in the new year.  I also still believe that saving $10-$15 a month and using those savings at the end of the year or every 6 months in order to buy one super, ultra, mega awesome item is better than all the sample boxes in the world. That's just my opinion.

I have provided my referral link HERE.  As I have said in the past, signing up for Birchbox through my referral link will get me referral points which I can use toward purchases from the Birchbox store. So far, this is the only beauty subscription service where I have shared my referral code.  I have provided my referral code only once in his post.  (Located above with the "HERE" designation) Throughout the rest of this post I have used non referral links to Birchbox.  If you choose not to sign up though my referral code, I'm totally OK with that. The non-referral Birchbox links in the post will not give me any points or special favors from the company if you decide to click on them.

What do you think?  Was this a box you would have liked?


  1. Love it! I wish I would have gotten your flavor of Luna bar. Mine was good (Lemon) but became too tart lol

  2. If all Birchboxes were like this one, I wouldn't have just canceled my subscription after forever. Oh well...

  3. I'm a little puzzled why my Birchbox was so different than yours; the only two things in common were the Luna bar and the Mary-Lou manizer. I'm pretty happy with what I got; in fact, I ordered a full size of one item (Jouer lip enhancer) but I don't know why the difference.

  4. I got the Goop box as a surprise for October. The most exciting things were the Eve Lom cleanser and the Chantecaille mascara sample (I got a Luna bar too in lemon). The cleanser broke me out - not fun. The mascara...nice, fans my lashes out but it's not as dark black as I'd like and I need more fullness rather than length. Got a pore minimizer & a mask but haven't tried them yet.


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