Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Guest Posting on the Creatively Yours Blog about VENeffect Anti-Aging Skincare

R'Chelle from Creatively Yours is a blogger in the DC area.  She asked for help with attending an event at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner.  Of course I was eager to help because Neimans is my second home!  No. Seriously. I live there, get mail and let me tell you, my electricity bill is INSANE during the holidays!  But seriously. I went to cover a skincare line called VENeffect.  I will admit that I was not too excited to cover a line that uses phytoestrogens as their main basis of anti-aging ingredients. I thought this was more for more mature women in menopause.  Thankfully I was so incredibly wrong!  

The VENeffect line addresses the signs of hormonal aging and their mission is to educate women about the beauty of their hormones and provide solutions to help them live and look better with that knowledge. VENeffect is exclusive to Neiman Marcus and is a anti-aging skincare line developed by women, for women.  Cecil Booth and Dr. Rebecca Booth developed VENeffect based on the phenomenon the sisters call the “Venus Effect”.  (It's also a book written by Dr. Booth.) The idea behind it is that the glow of healthy, young skin is from increased estrogen.  You've heard of that "glow" a woman has when she is pregnant, right?  Well that "glow" is from increased estrogen in a woman's system. The Venus Effect became the inspiration for their line VENeffect.  The sisters collaborated on this line because, as women, they found that there were no suitable solutions to one of the most compelling ways in which we age...loss of estrogen.

Read more about this line and my thoughts on the whole phytoestrogen approach on the Creatively Yours Blog!

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