Monday, November 12, 2012

Kiehl's and Kenny Scharf collaboration for Creme de Corps

If you are like me, your art collection consists of a few poster re-prints of some famous artists and perhaps a painting from a relative or two.  The thought of owning any art from one of the great Pop Artists or Pop Surrealists like Warhol, Haring, Scharf or Basquiat is a pipe dream. Sure. You might own a Warhol inspired makeup palette or a Keith Haring poster, but do you own a Kenny Scharf Lotion bottle?


OK. I'm a tad too excited about that.  You see I love pop art. I love most art, but pop art speaks to me. It's art that when you look at it you go, "Why didn't I think of that? It seems so simple."  but it really isn't all that simple to begin with.  

Andy Warhol’s 1962 Campbell’s Soup Cans

Would Warhol's Soup Cans been as iconic if he had chosen baked beans?  Probably not.  

Keith Haring;s Berlin Wall Mural

Would Keith Haring's primary colored men crawling across the Berlin Wall been as dramatic had he used pastels and stick figures?  

Untitled acrylic and mixed media on canvas by --Jean-Michel Basquiat--, 1984

Or what about the punk Basquiat? Would his painting Ancient Scientist have been the same had he used a Macintosh to do the graphic arts?  Well of course not.  That is what makes Pop Art so beautiful. there is a je ne sais quois about all of that art that makes it special and unique. 

Houston St. Mural

Kenny Scharf is a Pop Surrealist artist. His multitude of techno-colored one eyed alien looking cartoons are his trademark.  If you ever find yourself looking at a painting or art installation and think that either you or the artist is having an acid flashback while watching cartoon network, then you are probably looking at a Kenny Scharf painting. (That's a compliment by the way!) I don't know anyone that can create quite like he does. To own a piece of his art is a goal of mine some day.  Thanks to Kiehl's I am one step closer to owning some of his art.



You see Kiehl's and Kenny Scharf have teamed up to create distinctive wrappers for the Kiehl’s Holiday Creme de Corps Collection.  Their goal is to raise $200,000 for children’s causes around the world.  Having raised $600,000 through previous global holiday initiatives, Kiehl’s invited Scharf to design its 4th Annual Limited Edition Creme de Corps Holiday Collection, with 100% of proceeds to benefit over 40 children’s causes around the world. In the United States, 100% of net profits will support RxArt, a non-profit national organization, committed to fostering artistic expression and awareness through the challenging, yet rewarding task of engaging young patients through contemporary art in pediatric hospitals.

Pretty sweet don't you think?

This four-piece Creme de Corps Holiday collection with the Limited Edition Kenny Scharf-designed label includes:
Creme de Corps (classic formula):
Considered the most hydrating body moisturizer in the Kiehl’s line, this super-enriched, nurturing body treatment is formulated with Beta-Carotene, Squalane and nurturing oils; ideal for extremely dry skin. Leaves skin soft, smooth and elegantly hydrated. The original, classic formulation and customer favorite for decades. 8.4 oz. $29.50; 16.9 oz. with Pump $48.00; 1 liter $75.00 

Of the Creme de Corps classic formulas – Scharf designed the first ever fully-wrapped Kiehl’s product, the 16.9 oz Creme de Corps classic body moisturizer.

Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter:
Luxuriously scented cream – light on skin, yet rich in 24-hour hydration. Decadently air-whipped for instant penetration to restore, protect, and soften skin. Quickly absorbed to deliver deep moisturization and leave a light, addictive scent on skin. No parabens, glycols or silicones. $38.00

Limited Edition Kenny Scharf Exclusive “Squirt” Collectible:
Kiehl’s and Scharf are offering Kiehl’s customers an opportunity to own an actual piece of his work with the Limited Edition Kenny Scharf Exclusive “Squirt” Collectible. “Squirt,” is an emotive character designed by Scharf and often featured in his artwork. Each “Squirt” is individually numbered (only 1,000 in the United States, 2,000 collectibles worldwide) and includes a signed certificate of authenticity; a perfect gift for the art enthusiast. $50.00

You can find these items for purchase from, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and other Kiehl's Retailers.

Plus.  Kenny Scharf paints DONUTS!!  How can you not love the man for paining donuts. It would only be trumped by him paining BACON!

donuts  Kenny Scharf, Various donut works, 2010-2011. Courtesy Paul Kasmin Gallery

Stay tuned for my review of the Kiehl's Creme de Corps lotion!

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  1. UH OH! I need one of those Kenny Scharf bottles! I'm trying to be so good :(

    1. Uh Oh! Try to be good. But the money does go to a good cause. ;-)


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