Monday, November 26, 2012

Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Nude Attitude and Ooh La La - Review, Pictures, Swatches

When I first was introduced to the Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer, I thought to myself.  "Ugh. Another lip gloss.  How many lip glosses do I already own? I certainly don't need ano....Whoa! This one has a mirror on the side...."

"Well that is kinda cool actually but still tho, how many lip glosses does one person really nee........ERMAGHERD! It Lights UP! The lip gloss wand LIGHTS UP when you unscrew it from the product! You can apply this in dimly lit areas without ending up looking like you just ate a bucket of nude colored fried chicken!"

I am on medication so the voices in my head will stop, but sometimes the introduction of a cute and novel makeup device makes the voices break through and I can't help myself.  At least the meds make that one voice that shouts "YOLO" go away. That really was annoying.

Back to the matter at hand. LIP GLOSS or should I say Lip Lacquer?  The Lise Watier Lip Lacquer formula is very very nice. It is not sticky and does not feel heavy once applied.  it is not overly greasy and does not drip or migrate off the lips. It also has a large doe foot applicator that is slanted for easy application.  It's that "Goldilocks" zone of lip gloss.  Few companies have it, Lise Watier is one that does.

The color pigmentation varies from color to color. I have 2 to show you today, but I believe I may buy more of them for myself to see how the pigmentation is.

First is Nude Attitude.

A loverly pinky nude lip lacquer that has very subtle golden shimmer. This is not sparkly at all, but the shimmer is there to give the product a bit of depth.  I can wear this nude without it looking orange on my skin tone. (So many nude pinks turn orange on me) It works with almost every outfit I own and I keep this one in my purse at all times.  For that "Uh Oh. I need gloss STAT" emergencies.

The Second is Ooh La La!

A sweet orange-y pink that really reads very orange in the swatch, but one the lips it takes on a but more of the pink from my lips and is a much more subtle coral color.  This is a great color for the summer or on days when I wear a lot of browns and want my lips to have that extra pop of color.

At $22 the Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer is comparable in price to that of Laura Mercier, and Less expensive than Lancome and Bobbi Brown.  There are 10 shades to choose from in this formula and the formula is very hydrating...considering how cold this winter might be, that will be a necessity.  But the best part is the LED light that lights up every time you open it. I saw on follower of Lise Watier on Twitter, tweet that she used her lip lacquer to find her way back to her seat in a dark movie theater!  How awesome is that?  Instead of holding up your phone for light, you can whip out your lip gloss!  Even Mr. Sith liked the light up gloss...of course he asked if he could have it when I was finished with it.  Finished with a Lip Gloss?  HAHAHAHAHA

What do you think?  Will this find its way into your shopping cart and then into your purse?

Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Nude Attitude
Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Ooh La La!


  1. How cool is it that it lights up?! It's like a mini light saber :-D Both colors look good on you.

  2. Your lips are sooo AMAZINGLY pouty!!

    New follower here!
    The Misty Mom

    1. Hi! Welcome! And yes. my lips are pouty b/c I'm so sad that I don't own all the lip gloss in the world! :-)

  3. Both colors look fabulous, but I'm really impressed with Nude Attitude!

  4. I've been meaning to check out Lise Watier forever. The light up is cute, don't think I'd really want to use it in public but still, at least it's something new and unique. I like both shades a lot.

  5. You look really good in both colors. I think I like the Nude Attitude better for me, maybe now in the winter. But I would be tempted to wear the Ooh La La in the Summer months. I will have to check out all the other colors! Thanks for sharing <3

  6. Both colors look good on you. :) There used to be a drugstore brand that had a light...but now the other brands I know of are Artistry and Gosh but Gosh only comes in 2 colors.


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