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Luxury Lane Soap - Brain Wash Soap

I don't normally go for hand made soap. In fact, I'm a liquid soap kind of gal, all together, but there is something about getting a soap that is hand made by a super geek that warms my cold black heart and I break down and buy some for myself or Darthypie.  

Enter stage right, Luxury Lane Soap.  Hand made in the wilds of Iowa or Idaho or some place in the Midwest (Actually it really is Iowa. I'm just being cheeky pretending that I don't know geography b/c that's so cool, right?)  Luxury Lane Soap began as an effort to create a line of products for owner, Kylee Lane's, son. (He has an extreme skin allergy condition which causes his skin to blister and bleed.) She was determined to create products that people with all types of sensitive skin could use without pain, but at the same time be enjoyable.  From that little 8 ounce beginning, Luxury Lane Soap has grown in the past 8 years shipping her Fresh Made Awesome to over 200 countries and territories world wide. 

Luxury Lane Soap uses certified sustainable, organic ingredients and oils including Hemp, Olive, Coconut and Shea Butter, along with Certified Pure Essential Oils.  She is committed to recycling and waste reduction and her products contain no mass produced labels and orders are packed with recycled materials, donated from our local schools. Kylee makes every item by hand with no industrialized production methods. This way she is able to ensure the highest quality possible with no by-products or wasted materials.  

But let's talk about the soap.  I have purchased several items from Luxury Lane Soap in the past, and while I would love to show you all the items I have purchased, I would feel sad to show you an item that is no longer in production, so I thought I would focus on one of the more popular selling items. 

Image from  Brain Wash Soap $9.95 Click HERE

TWO brains for the price of one! 4 Ounces of pure organic soapy awesomeness all in the shape of a BRAIN.  Perfect for your zombie loving child or self.  (Or if you're a fan of a certain Gene Wilder Movie "Young Frankenstein")  

The perfect gift for my little Darthypie was the Brain Wash Soap. He likes to pretend he is a zombie and is trying to eat your brain. So I decided to get him Brain Soap to make bath time even more fun than it already is.  

Discontinued Robot Soap.  Before they became mere slivers of their former selves
You see Darthypie already loves his bath because I had gotten him some robot soap a while back.  But much to his chagrin that soap is no longer made (for the moment) at Luxury Lane Soap. Also, he was none too pleased to find out that soap melts and that his little robots of awesomeness were now little nubs of awesomeness.  So I decided that Brain soap would be the way to make him happy again.

These two detailed brain soaps (2 ounces each) are scented like raspberry.  The scent is not synthetic at all and smells quite fresh.  Even my zombie loving boy loves the scent.  However, the reason that compelled me to finally write about Luxury Lane Soaps is not the bevy of awesome geektastick soap designs, like Star Wars and Star Trek and Dr. Who and Thundercats and…I could go on for a while.  It's also not the bevy of hand made soaps, or the whipped soaps, scrubs, body washes, perfume oil or anything else that Luxury Lane sells. (And By The Way, I have used several items all with much success) No, what compelled me to write about this soap is that I had a 5 year old boy promise me that we would never run out of this soap ever.  He really made me promise that we will never unwrap the  2nd soap in this set.  He insists that is remain in its protective clear "Abby Normal" labeled jar.  Basically, Darthypie loves the soap so much he never wants to be without it.  That's pretty amazing for a 5 year old boy.  I promised him that when his first brain soap runs out we will get him another set so he will always have at least ONE brain soap that is perfectly intact at all times.

P.S. Photographing soap while it is all sudsy is really hard.

For a mere $9.95 I can have no issues with keeping that promise.  The soap lasts a fairly long time and I needn't worry about it running out overnight or anything like that.  Plus the super keen "Abby Normal" jar is so cute in the bathroom, I almost want to get a second one for the guest bathroom.  

Do you NEED this?  Well DUH!  What self respecting Young Frankenstein fan or Zombie fan or Mad Scientist fan or Hand Made Organic Soap fan could live without this soap in the first place?  OF course you need it.  And if brains don't strike your fancy here are a few more geeky and non geeky soaps you might like.

Soap Of Justice $9.95 (Set of four). Image from Click HERE

Dragon's Blood Organic Hemp Cleansing Bar. image from Click HERE

Whipped Soap Frosting $9.95 (In a variety of scents). Image from Click HERE

Organic Artisan Soap in Pumpkin Cupcake (More scents available) $6.50 for 5oz.  Image from Click HERE

Dalek Soap Supreme$6.50. Image from Click HERE

The Last Soap $3.99 (One even glows in the dark!) Image from Click HERE

By purchasing from this seller your support a small independent business.  This gives you much more good karma* than from buying from a big corporate entity on Black Friday, who  will make its employees miss Thanksgiving Dinner with their families to appease customers who are only thankful for not being crushed to death during the onslaught of greedy consumerism that the retail industry has perpetuated each and every year without regard to its employee's or customer's safety.  And Hellooo!!!!  Star Wars SOAP = Awesome!

Astromech Soap $3.99 Image from Click HERE
The Original Soap In Carbonite $9.95. Image from Click HERE

*Good Karma is not indicative of where you shop or what you buy. It's actually a soap from Luxury Lane Soaps!  (It's also just something I added to make you realize that supporting small and independent businesses is just a nice thing to do. I have no idea how Karma works or if it exists in the first place.) 

P.S. I have purchased from Luxury Lane Soaps on my own accord. The owner has no idea I'm even writing this, I just really love her soaps.


  1. What a cool concept! I really like the brain wash soap, hehe.

  2. Can we say awesome?! lol I really love how that dragon's blood soap looks so I must have one...and Star Wars...and BRAINSSSS

  3. OMG, the Soap in Carbonite is just AWESOME.

  4. What a fabulous stocking stuffer! Can't wait to give my brother (who happens to be 49) some glow-in-the-dark dinosaur soaps!

  5. What an awesome post! Love the look of the brain wash!

  6. Okay, that brain soap is the cutest thing I have ever seen...and pumpkin cupcake soap?! omg. The last thing I need right now is more soap but I don't think I can resist...

  7. these are so cute D:

  8. Thank you! I just ordered a Dalek soap for DH's stocking!

  9. As a true zombie fanatic, this is the perfect gift for myself (again) and possibly for my husband (if they have something for men, pink will freak him out). Glad to know that your Darthypie is into zombies as well :-))


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