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MANNA Cosmetics Plum Crazy Eyeshadow Palette - Review, Pictures, Swatches

I admit I had no idea what this brand was when they contacted me.  I always like the idea of "simplified cosmetics" but of course a 5 pan palette does not seem simple to many people.  I have learned a trick in dealing with 4, 5, 6 and more pan palettes.  The trick: You don't need to use every color in the palette on each eye.  I know it seems sort of obvious, but you would be surprised by the  number of women that get a 5 pan palette and go to town using all the colors at one time.  Especially with a PLUM palette, the potential for looking like you have a black eye is VERY high.  Thankfully you have my years and years and years of experience and wiz-dum to help guide you.

image from http://mannakadarcosmetics.com

First off, what is MANNA Cosmetics?  Well, MANNA Cosmetics was founded by Manna Kadar who believes in the principle of keeping “Beauty Simplified”.  She has taken the time to create a selection of products to create a makeup regimen that is simple and efficient without sacrificing the fun, femininity and function of cosmetics. After all, Makeup is supposed to be FUN, remember?  You might forget that from time to time as you rush through your morning routine, or if you feel you are covering imperfections more than anything else on your face, but deep down, you know makeup is supposed to be FUN!  As a teen, Manna Kadar was privileged and fortunate enough to open a chain of Cosmetics stores and added to her arsenal of beauty businesses by expanding to Tanning Salon & Spas with the most cutting edge products and services.  Now as a veteran in the field of beauty, Manna is recognized as a Beauty Expert and has been featured in numerous industry magazines and author articles on topics ranging from skincare to cosmetics. As well as consulting and training industry professionals.  With her tenure in the beauty industry Manna has had the pleasure of working with thousands of women, providing them with the tools to make each and every person feel beautiful. In doing so, she recognized a need for products that were double duty and created the same beautiful effects in half the time, while having the staying power of long wear make-up. From this notion, MANNA Cosmetics was born.  MANNA Cosmetics has been custom formulated to ensure each product will be multi-functional and provide a flawless, long lasting look all day long.

As for the palette that was sent to me....Let's take a closer look.

OK. not THAT close.  
The positives of the MANNA Cosmetics Plum Crazy Palette:
  1. The color selection for the Plum Crazy palette is very nice and intuitive as it can compliment warm tones and cool tones in any persons skin tone
  2. The shadows can be used wet, as I used the brown shadow as a liner one day (no photos, I forgot, sorry) and while it was not as vibrant as a cake liner it lasted a decent amount of time.
  3. TAUPE-y plum. I love me some taupe
  4. The shadows are all very well pigmented and seem to last a decent amount of time on the lids (when using an eye primer)
  5. The formula of the pearl shadows is soft and silky and the matte shadows blend nicely without looking chalky.

The negatives of the MANNA Cosmetics Plum Crazy Palette:

  1. The packaging is a bit cheap looking. It has a clear window to see the shadows, which is nice, but I always prefer something with a bit more heft to it.
  2. The packaging again, was a tad hard to open without harming my manicure. (I'm being nit picky now, I know) I prefer a push button to open the lid.

OK. So basically the only issue I had is with packaging. You all know what a packaging hoor I am, considering that is the ONLY negative I found, that's pretty awesome....right?

I LOVED the plum colors, I loved that I could get multiple looks from one palette. I like that the matte brown shade could be used as an eyebrow powder for those with darker hair. I love love love the formula of the pearle shadows and show silky they feel, I just love everything about the colors, formula and pigmentation of these shadows.  If I was given them to me in a blind test I would say they are very like the quality of MAC, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown!

The Plum Crazy Palette retails for $45 USD.  I know that can seem a bit steep for some, but I believe the quality is there, even if the packaging and name brand recognition isn't. (yet)

Do you NEED this?  Well it certainly is a nice selection of colors and MANNA Cosmetics does offer palettes in 4 other color combinations.  Are they completely original?  Probably not, but the finish and quality is there. MANNA Cosmetics is a small but up and coming brand.  Why not be there for the beginning?

Used 1st and 3rd shadows (Left to Right)
Used 2nd and 4th shadows (Left to Right)

Ingredients. Click to enlarge. Made in Canada


  1. I love the combination on this palette. Very nice colors!

    1. Yes. I was very happy I didn't look like I had a black eye after use! (As is the case many times when I wear plum shadows.)

  2. Ooo I love the second color in on the right!! GORGEOUS!!!

    1. That 2nd color on the right is AWESOME!!! It blends so nicely. I didn't do as good of a job in my EOTD but it really is nice.

  3. Looks great! And I like the look you've created with it.

  4. I've never heard of this brand either. I agree with you on the packaging, but those shades are just WOW. Did you swatch them wet or something?? They look SO incredibly pigmented and rich--it's insane! Love the plum shades. I never get tired of a good plum shadow!

    1. I used a sponge tip applicator (3 included in palette) and they were swatched dry. These are fairly heavy swatches so I showed how they look on the eye applied with a brush.

  5. These eye shadows look great and very pigmented

  6. They swatch nicely, but the packaging reminds me of NYX 5 pan palettes. It seems nice, but I'm not sure that I'd spend $45 on it. :/

  7. Oh my god, those swatches look incredible! *swoon*

  8. Those are some gorgeous plums - they look beautiful on you.


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