Monday, November 5, 2012

My Trip to Montreal to Celebrate the Lise Watier Cosmetics e-commerce Website Launch for US Customers

When I first received my invitation to attend the e-commerce launch party for Lise Watier Cosmetics I thought that I had been sent the invitation in error.  A company was really going to fly me to Montreal to cover the launch of the USA e-commerce website?  Wow!  I was super excited and nervous all at the same time.

Why was I nervous?

I didn't have a passport.  I am a slacker and when my passport expired last year, I didn't move fast enough to get a new one.  Thankfully I live in near Washington, DC and I'm able to go directly to the US Passport office in order to apply for one.  I used the expedited service and got my new passport in a jiffy!  Now I was all set to go to Canada-Land!

When I found out the other bloggers that were coming to this event I was thrilled.  
There was quite the who's, who of Beauty and Fashion Blogs!:
Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor   
Milly from Beauty Logic Blog 
Nicole from The Beauty Girl   
Wendy from Nitrolicious   
Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie  
Lara from Pretty Connected
Shy from Beauty And The Feast
Felicia from This That Beauty  

So I arrive in Montreal. Go through customs and meet up with Rachel and Kate from Lise Watier, a Photographer and Nicole from The Beauty Girl Blog.  Apparently, because of Hurricane Sandy, all the Bloggers from NYC are delayed so we have the morning to ourselves.  We hop into our stretch SUV, Oh how I wish I had a picture of this behemoth. It was impossible to get in and out of it. I slipped several times. I'm sure the Lise Watier Protographer managed to get this on video at least a few times.  Ah. I am such a dorkus!

image from Hotel Saint Paul
We get to our hotel which is The Hotel St. Paul, located in downtown Montreal. This boutique hotel was tres chic and very inviting. The staff was so friendly and the accommodations luxe!  
image from Hotel  Saint Paul
Nicole and I get a personal tour of a small part of the city with Rachel from Lise Watier.  We go to a mid afternoon snack at a jewelery store!  They have a loverly cafe and we get soup and macaroons...sadly no diamonds.  Then it is off to The Bay (A department store) to visit the Lise Watier Kiosk for a quick view of what's what.

A collection of perfumed body cream in Neige. It comes with the slightest shimmer. It smells divine!

The Kiosk is busy as is the Bay itself. For Lunchtime on a Thursday, there is a lot going on.  We learn about the new line of anti aging skincare called Age Control Supreme which uses an antioxidant more powerful than Vitamin C, called Labrador Tea. We learn about the discovery of the Labrador plant and it's amazing anti-aging properties.  I'll be sure to review the line in an upcoming post.  Let me just leave you with the fact that the line has had amazing success and is quickly developing a cult following!  I also learn about the Neiges Perfume (another upcoming review) and how it will be celebrating it's 20th anniversary next year!  Then it was back to the hotel to freshen up for a late lunch with ALL the bloggers (The NYC gals had finally arrived from their harrowing trip and were glad to be out of the Hurricane Sandy Destruction Zone!

Lunch was AWESOME!  Yes. I did have steak tar tar. No you really can't order it in the US easily, and YES it tasted amazing and No is did not die from eating t.  I also did not die from eating raw milk cheeses either!  Whoot!

Then it was off to the Training class on Lise Watier Cosmetics.

Here is the box of cosmetics we got to play with while we were in training.

And here are some of the products we talked about.

Portfolio Concealer.
This product was launched in 1999 and has been a Lise Watier Best seller ever since.  It retails for $31. It comes in Original, which even worked on my fair skin, Beige for fair skin tones and Dark, for Darker skin tones.   The product is great for camouflaging little blemishes and imperfections in the skin. It's creamy enough for use under the eyes and a little really goes a long way. The amount you need for each use is so minuscule!  Oh and if you want, you can mix it with a little bit of your moisturizer for an all over coverage.  I will be giving away this product this week, so stay tuned for your chance to win it!

Solution Express Facial Wipes.
This 3 in 1 removing wipe will remove makeup, cleanse and tone your skin.  There are a whopping 56 wipes per package and it retails for $24.  The wipes are made out of fabric rather than paper, so they wont irritate your skin.  Chamomile, Cucumber and Green Tea extract soothe the skin.  These are perfect for those nights when you come home and just want to crash but you don't have the energy to do your whole cleansing routine.  Just keep a pack by the bed, wipe off your makeup and hit the sack. (I don't recommend you doing this on a regular basis tho.)

Duo Shadow & Glitter.
These clever little pots of creme shadow and eye glitter make a big statement.  They come in 5 colors for the US and retail for $29. The creme shadow can be applied all over or in certain areas. it dries to a nice powder.  The glitter can be patted on top of the creme shadow for a seriously glittery effect.  I wore this shadow for a few hours and I didn't experience any fall out...that was pretty nice!

Feline Eyeliner HD. 
Retails for $17 and is a jet black felt tip liner that provides an an amazing fine line for tight-lining or a winged/cat eyeliner look

I will also be reviewing, in the future. Lise Watier Dramatique Lash Boosting Mascara, Rouge Gourmand Lipstick, Bio Lift Eye Patches, Haute Coleur Lip Lacquer and Nail Polish.  I can't wait to tell you about all the products.

After the lesson on Lise Watier Cosmetics we visited the design studio of a local fashion designer by the name of Eve Gravel.  She has some amazing clothing if you want to check her out.  I will be doing a little piece on her soon.  Stay tuned! 

After seeing Eve we went back to the hotel to change for the Launch Party. I am so not cool enough to go to a launch party like this, but I had super fun all the same. I also met a few Canadian Bloggers like Erica from The Style Spy, and had fun hanging out with the other US bloggers on the trip.

Can you hear the DJ yet?
posh seating, cocktails and a nail bar
photo courtesy of YM/
The perfume bar
The skincare bar
the makeup bar
The Holiday collection Glamourose
the Holiday Collection Glamourose Up close. Yeah. I totally am getting that rose highlighter in the middle!
After the party we followed the law in Quebec that one must eat poutine before going to sleep for the night.  We went to a local Poutine place and we all had some.   Not familiar with Poutine? It's basically french fries, brown gravy and cheese curds. It's heaven and hell all at the same time.  Like I said, there is a law in Quebec that one must eat Poutine after a night of partying and one must never eat poutine in the daylight.  Look it up!*

Crashing at the hotel I was up and at-em by 9AM for checking out and brunch at the Ritz Carlton with.... 

Madame Lise Watier herself!  Oh my was I psyched to meet her.  She is so incredibly charming and sweet and knowledgeable. I was simply in awe.  She's quite the celebrity in Montreal and I felt very honored to meet her and talk with her.  She may or may not have had her pretty poodle Folie with her. I cannot confirm or deny.  

As always a gracious host and super interesting. I would love to spend a day with her.

All of us basking in the glow of Madame Lise Watier!  Photo courtesy of YM/

Last but not least we were all whisked away to have our photo shoot!  

This total pampering session was one of the most generous gifts we were given by our Lise Watier hosts.  

We had our makeup done

Our hair done

We had stylish clothes to choose from  

and we had our picture taken by a Vogue Photographer!

Now mind you I'm not the most photogenic person in the world, but I think my picture turned out OK.  I do think I want to have professional portraits done one day soon tho.

After the amazing photo shoot is was back to the Airport for our trip home.  My hosts from Lise Watier could not have been more generous and accommodating.  They truly love the brand they work for and it shows with every thing they do.  The trip was amazing. If I wasn't already in love with the Lise Watier brand before I left, I think this trip would have sold me.  I hope you all stay tuned for the reviews I have scheduled from the brand, and for the giveaway of the Lise Watier Portfolio Concealer as well!

Thanks for reading!

*Eating Poutine after partying and only in the evening is not really a law.


  1. Super cool, Elvira - so happy you had this amazing experience - you look great in the photo!

  2. how fun!! I can't even imagine how great to have an experience like this. I'm glad they're bringing their brand to the US via the website. I've always wanted to try it. Everything I've ever seen from them has looked dynamite.

  3. Ha I'm glad you got to go to such a cool event! Gosh it sounds so fun. You look fabulous too!

  4. I LOVE THE PIC THEY TOOK OF YOU! You are stunning! And I want that concealer palette.

  5. The pic is gorg!
    So fun!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your photo is amazing, looking for the reviews ;)

  7. Yay! Poutine! I have a love/hate relationship with that stuff. Soooo tasty, yet sooo gut sticking. I always feel a bit off after eating it. The cream and glitter shadow looks awesome, I'm definitely curious about that. It looks like a great trip!!!!

  8. The shadow/glitter duo looks really neat, I want to play with it.

    The cream concealers look like they have amazing texture. I usually hate cream products on my face because they look cakey and gross after a few hours. These look more like liquid but with better coverage.

  9. Yay glad you came to Canada & sounds like an awesome time!! Lise Watier products are awesome glad to know will be availble in the U.S!!

  10. love all the lise watier stuff i have tried...being from montreal i get my hands on their stuff at the warehouse sales for cheap. you were here in time for the marcelle group warehouse sale last weekend as well, i would imagine you didn't get to that though, too bad.

  11. oh i also wanted to add, if anyone is in the montreal area for the 17-18 of nov the lise watier warehouse sale will be then.

  12. Next time I go to Montreal either I go alone or with women b/c it just wasn't as much fun looking at makeup and perfume with a tag along ex (well he wasn't an ex at the time lol). I'd be drooling over the rose highlight, I want to know all about it!

    Also I am all poutined out. I had so many variations of the thing I'm amazed I didn't weigh down the plane home. I also admit I was trying to hear the cheese squeak. lol

    Your photo looks awesome by the way!

  13. First, I can't think of a more deserving person to go on this trip. You most certainly do fit in and belong. You are one of the best beauty bloggers on the web as far as I'm concerned. Your reviews aren't just thorough, but they are FUN! I'm always disappointed when I wake up and I don't see one in my inbox. Second, I can't wait for the reviews. Like everyone else, I love that eye shadow. I think the eye liner looks interesting and can't wait to see the mascara. I'm kind of a mascara hoarder. This is a makeup line I know nothing about and can't wait to try. Last, but certainly not least - you look GREAT in your photo. I get a kick of how you never show yourself for comedic effect, but you are a beautiful woman - inside and out. You help the rest of us non photogenic ladies feel good about ourselves. Thank you!

  14. What a great experience! That picture of you is fierce! So awesome!

  15. "Now mind you I'm not the most photogenic person in the world"


    You are lovely inside and out.

    What a fun thing to be able to do! I am so glad you had a fantab time, and shared it with us. I am excited to hear more about this line, and perhaps pick up some new goodies.

    Hopefully more Canadian brands will ship to us unruley Americans.

  16. How fun! It looks like you had an amazing time:) you look gorgeous!!!!

  17. The Bay is one of the oldest department stores in North America, it's over 300 years old. Lise Watier makes some decent products, they are everywhere in Canada. It's not my absolute favorite but I do own a few things. Not really a fan of the LE stuff, more so the regular line


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