Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday Poll

Today I thought I would pull back the curtain and let you see what goes on in my head some days.  Every once in a while (OK. More than once in a while) I have these odd questions pop into my head.  Some times they are rhetorical, some times they are inane and other times they are just plane strange.  Some times I answer them, some times I ask them of my friends and family and other times I just let them sit there...gathering dust or growing bigger until I either forget about them or bother to find out the answer.  Either way, I find them amusing. I hope you will too. 
  1. In the animal kingdom the make of the species is usually the more colorful, Peacocks, Cardinals, etc.  Why do humans do the opposite. The male is usually drab while the female is all painted up and wearing colorful clothing?  Why is that?
  2. I wonder how long I can go between nail polish changes?
  3. Why do Prius drivers go so slow on the highway?
  4. Why do I keep buying creme eyeshadow when I rarely wear them?
  5. Why am I smart enough to know that you shouldn't put sensitive information in an e-mail but the Director of the CIA isn't?
  6. If zombies eat people do zombies also poop? Why do we never see zombies pooping?
  7. Why is the US one of 2 countries in the entire world that doesn't use the Metric System?
  8. What was in that briefcase that Ving Rhames carried around in the movie "Pulp Fiction" and for that matter was was in that box that John Turturro carried around in the movie "Barton Fink"?
  9. Why does everything need to be Pumpkin Spiced flavored, scented, colored starting on October 1st and ending on January 1st every year?
  10. Why did no one find it strange that Shaggy ate dog food on The Scooby Doo cartoon?
  11. Why does almost every foundation have Cyclopentasiloxane in it?  And why the heck does Cyclopentasiloxane make me break out in big angry huge cystic acne?
  12. Is my English Bulldog is sad? He looks sad, but that's only because I have anthropomorphized his looks. He is rather dumb, as dogs go, so I wonder,  is it possible to be sad when you have a brain the size of a peach and almost no logical though processes?
  13. Why do I still have acne at my age and why won't anyone make a treatment the cures acne AND wrinkles at the same time?
  14. When making a list, why am I compelled to add another item so the list won't end on the number 13?
On To The Poll!

1.  Lip Of The Day? - BECCA Sheer Lip Tint in Tatiana. Sheer red, understated and beautiful! 

2.  Do you have an odd or off the wall question you would like to share? - I shared 14, but it's OK if you don't have at least one. I'll assume you are either a) Really Smart and know all the answers to everything. b) Have no inner monologue and as a result are dead on the inside (just kidding!). or c) Are not insane like me.

3.  How many perfumes do you own?  Do you have a favorite? - I own a kazillion, especially if you count in all the samples and decants I have. I love them all for different reasons and therefore do not have a favorite. But if there were to be a fire and I could only grab one, I would grab my Cereus Pour Femme #3  Inspired by the scent of magnolia blossoms, #3 blends citrus, peony, jasmine and musks. I cant find it for sale anywhere since Barney's NY stopped carrying it.

4.  Do you have an answer to any of my questions above? -  I am particularly interested in the answer to #6 since I just saw the latest episode of The Walking Dead where I originally asked this question.

5.  When applying makeup, do you do foundation/concealer first or eyeshadow first? - Foundation/concealer first, but with some eyeshadows I really should do shadows first, but  just never got the hang of it.


  1. Hehe, I love your questions! Makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only who thinks about really weird stuff :-)

    1. Lip Of The Day? - Just Labello lip balm. The Original!

    2. Do you have an odd or off the wall question you would like to share? - Why does my boyfriend always laugh at me when I ask him a weird question about science or the universe? Is it so funny that I wonder whether an asteroid could move the moon?

    3. How many perfumes do you own? Do you have a favorite? - Right now just Tommy Girl and a custom-made scent from In Fine. And about 100 samples :-) My favorite is the In Fine perfume.

    4. Do you have an answer to any of my questions above? - No, but I do have another 14 questions to add ;-)

    5. When applying makeup, do you do foundation/concealer first or eyeshadow first? - Concealer and foundation first, though I used to do it the other way around.

  2. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Mac Fanfare

    2. Do you have an odd or off the wall question you would like to share? - who are we; where are we going, and most importantly, at what time do we eat?

    3. How many perfumes do you own? Do you have a favorite? - 4, lots give me geadaches so my selection is very limited. Lutens 5 o'clock au gingembre might be my fave

    4. Do you have an answer to any of my questions above? - 5: who said you gad to be smart to be director of the CIA? (sorry, that's another question)

    5. When applying makeup, do you do foundation/concealer first or eyeshadow first? - I always do base first.

  3. 1. Lip Of The Day? - I rarely wear lippy stuff. When I do, it’s usually Evil Shades in Stiletto or Devilista (extremely rare) or MAC Dark Deed from the Venomous Villains collection - pretty much my go to if I wear lippy.

    2. Do you have an odd or off the wall question you would like to share? - too many - and since I worked hard to answer all of yours, I won’t take up space listing more.

    3. How many perfumes do you own? Do you have a favorite? - One. Burberry. I used to own more, but I’ve become scentsitive (hehehe) in my older years which means I can’t even wear Burberry anymore.

    4. Do you have an answer to any of my questions above? - #1 - Male animals show off color to prove they have excess machismo to the female who is looking for a strong male to make strong babies. Any “pretty” display is a huge waste of life energy, so having it to show off means strength enough to carry it off - those that aren’t are dead. For humans, we don’t need that so much since we are complementary. Men still have to do most of the work to woo us though, so that’s a bonus!
    #2 - I have no idea. It all depends on brand, body chemistry, how much your hands are exposed to water and detergents...or so I’ve read.
    #3 - Because of that whole mess with them speeding outta control? The Prius owners around here drive the same as everyone else.
    #4 - Because SHINY!!!
    #5 - Everyone forgets that rule at some point in their lives...for some it’s more detrimental than others. We’re human, we make mistakes. For some it’s more public.
    #6 - Poop is the unused “stuff” from what we eat. I think Zombies use all the “stuff” to stay alive, therefore, no poop!
    #7 - Because, as a country, we’ve become quite arrogant when we’re actually, as demonstrated in the last election cycle, quite stupid.
    #8 - It’s been way too long since I’ve seen these movies...thanks for reminding me I need to watch them again!
    #9 - Well, like it or not, it IS Pumpkin season and because MARKETING!
    #10 - I didn’t because I ate dog biscuits as a child...(so did my son. We’d go to the pet shop and he’d ask me if he could have a “cookie” doc said it was harmless, and actually somewhat healthy so whatevs.)
    #11 - That sucks and prompted me to send you a Facebook message - thanks for the thorough response too!
    #12 - Dogs definitely have feelings. His ears will tell you how he’s really feeling. Logical thinking has nothing to do with feeling. Humans have proven that too many times to question it.
    #13 - I don’t know, it sucks but I am betting that someone, somewhere IS working on it.
    #14 - Superstition? That’s my guess.

    5. When applying makeup, do you do foundation/concealer first or eyeshadow first? - I’ve recently started applying eye stuff first then doing the foundation. I like it much better this way. I don’t have “sparkle face” anymore.

    1. LOL!! You're so awesome for answering all the questions!!

  4. In regards to zombies pooping maybe that's because they don't stop to poop. They probably just casually crap themselves as they move along. Either that or their bodies completely metabolize the flesh.

  5. I had to send the zombie question to my boyfriend and this is what he had to say.

    They just shit themselves that's why they smell bad and why they don't eat each-other.
    Therefore if you want to walk among them without getting eaten just shit your pants.

  6. 1. Lip Of The Day? Burberry Rosewood (FINALY got my hand on it and paid 15$ CAN for it!!!!! )
    2. Do you have an odd or off the wall question you would like to share? Yes ONE!!! Why my kid wake up late during weekdays and super early during weekend???? WHY????
    3. How many perfumes do you own? Do you have a favorite?12 perfumes and hand down my favorite is Serge Lutens jeux de peau it is to die for close second Armani Prive Cuir amethyste
    4. Do you have an answer to any of my questions above? the first one when men realized the best way to win war was to disappeared in nature (camouflage) that when they stop using makeup and feathers, and until women stop outliving men and be more numerous in the world we will stop painted ourselves to "catch" men

    1. I have the same question. Darthypie will sleep until 7:30 or 8 on a weekday but 6AM on the weekends!! ARUGH!!!

  7. I once was told by a friend, during a perfectly normal conversation a fact that he heard a few days before. It was the weirdes thing you could casually drop in a conversation : every year, more people are killed by toilet brushes than by plane crashes.
    My question is : how does one ends up dead because of a toilet brush . Stabbing ? bacteries ?... It's a total mystery to me.

    1. That is amazing! I can't even comprehend how one would die via toilet brush. LOLOLOLOL

  8. 1. LOTD - MAC Icon. Frosty Bronze Goodness.

    2. Why the eff is shipping so expensive? Seriously, I hate getting dicked for $6 bucks because Sephora doesn't have free shipping below $50. Don't they make enough money without the $$ from the shipping overpayment?

    3. About 6-7. Weirdly, I'm really into Lucy B's Pink Frangipani roll on, mainly because I like smelling like Coconut. Or The Body Shops Neroli Jasmine or Shea Body Mist, because the scents aren't overly manufactured and smell differently on everyone.

    4. If zombies poop, wouldn't the poop in turn be undead, and then eat other poops, until there's just one giant Jabba the Hutt sized zombie poop that humans capture and burn for energy? And if that's the case, isn't that very green of zombies? And also sort of handy as it cleverly covers any plot holes regarding zombies and bathrooms.

    - Also, I agree. I much prefer Egg Nog and peppermint flavored things.

    5. Foundation, brows, eyeballs, concealer, contour, powder, lips.

  9. #13 - They do: Retin A - works for acne & wrinkles. Good stuff. I've been using it for 13 years now. Doesn't do much for cyctic acne, but works on all other pimples and prevents/reduced wrinkles.

    I have weird questions all the time - but too tired to think of any of them ATM.

  10. Cyclopentasiloxane is a silicone. It helps make up go on smoothly but if you have oily skin like me, it clogs pores.

    ttfn :) Yuki

  11. Your question #13 is something I've wondered for years too! I hate having pimples and wrinkles at the same time. AHA's have helped a lot, but I'm still oily as heck by mid-morning, and break out monthly, when I'm stressed, and when I put the wrong thing on my face. Boo!

  12. 1.) There have been studies done on androgynous faces. Apparently, as humans, the way we tell a male face from a female face, is by the amount of contrast in the eyes and lips. So, we are always seeking to increase the contrast in these areas to increase our appeal to the male, or female, sex. Also, faces with higher contrast generally look younger. (

    3.) I almost creamed one yesterday. :( If you can't drive near the speedlimit on the freeway, you really should stay off of them, especially ones with lots of blind corners.

    6.) Zombies have no bodily functions. They have no stomach acid, no peristalsis to move anything down the esophagus or through the intestines, or any kind of nutrient transfer which removes all but "the leftovers" that we then defecate. So zombies don't make poop, therefore they can't poop. Most likely they forcibly push food into the esophagus and stomach until one or the other ruptures. Then the "food" leaks into the body cavities where it decomposes and lets off gas which will eventually cause swelling and other ruptures. I wonder if a zombie can pop like a balloon?

    I need to tutorial or something on concealer/foundation after eyes. It seems I can never quite get it to blend and look right. Drats. I'm primer, base, eyebrows, eyes, contour, blush, powder, lips--if I go all out. I'm very prone to remove a few of those steps when in a hurry. :D

  13. I know you weren't asking for answers to your other questions, but I'll take a stab at some ;)

    1--I imagine that part of the coloring also has to do with protecting young. A bright red cardinal on a nest wouldn't protect eggs/young. In addition we as a species have lost our instincts--pheremones, wide hips are seen as good for fertility/childbearing. So we're left with makeup ;)
    8--no clue but I always wondered what was in Amy's box on Felicity.
    12--I don't know about your dog but I definitely believe that animals do, indeed, grieve and feel sadness. When our dog passed away, our cat went into a deep depression, not eating or drinking. If we hadn't gotten our new dog a week after (a sheer coincidence we didn't plan it that way) I believe she would have died of a broken heart. Elephants definitely grieve and they are smart ;)
    13--hormones suck. I have perimenopause acne. I SWEAR by Kate Somerville products. She is a GODDESS. If I am good and pay homage to her every single day, the nasty acne goes away. If I don't, boy do I pay pennance.

    1. Lip of the Day--Twist & Pout. I love the flavor of the lip balm and the little containers are too adorable.

    2.My question--how can my kids be SO FREAKING SMART (and I mean, really, my 10yo has a 160IQ and my daughter is being wooed by the top colleges in the country and has a great chance to get into Brown) and YET they lack such common sense that it makes me bang my head on the wall? Dammit I need that kid manual!

    3.I own a few hundred dozen perfumes myself. Ironic since perfumes give me migraines LOL But my favorite is probably still Theirry Mugler Angel, followed closely by MOR Marshmallow (which smells nothing LIKE marshmallows but still nommy).

    4. I am not a zombie afficianado but...I would think that zombies don't poop. If everything is dead inside then there would be no digestion, no peristalsis fo the intestines, etc. But what happens? I do not know.

    5.Foundation first. Though most of the times I do primer and a powder and skip traditional liquid foundation now.

    Have a great weekend!!!! :) xoxo


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