Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thursday Poll

I know most of my readers are busy stuffing their well appointed faces with a Thanksgiving Dinner.  I am doing the same, bit I would feel bad if I skipped the Thursday Poll entirely.  This week I'm just going to list what I'm thankful for, and I hope you will return the favor.  You don't need to be deep or altruistic and be thankful for only things that are politically correct.  I mean when was the last time I was politically correct on this blog?  You can be thankful for frivolous things as well as things that have meaning.  Don't be shy. I won't judge, and if anyone in the comments judges you, I'll delete the comment and send bad juju waves to them.  This will result in them not getting the last piece of pie or having a bad hair say. Either way, it can't be good.
I am thankful for:
My Husband, Mr. Sith. He is my best friend and my rock. I love him more than life itself and he cooks too!
My Son, Darthypie.  He is the light of my life and so much fun. I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love him. Plus he's a ginger so he's instantly cool!
My Dog, Floydiepie.  An 87 pound English Bulldog is an anomaly. An English Bulldog that actually understands more than three words is also an anomaly. Floyd snores and farts (which I am NOT thankful for) but he's a sweetheart so I can't be mad at him.
I am thankful for a terrible childhood for which I would never have such a wonderful sense of humor and excellent comedic skills.
I am thankful for taupe eyeshadow black liquid liner and red lipstick.
I am thankful for oil blotting sheets.
I am thankful for red hair dye.
and most important
I am thankful for all of YOU!  Yes. You. The one that reads just because you want to see what idiot thing I will say next, and the one that reads because you truly enjoy what I do. THANK YOU for being my audience. I am truly blessed to have such awesome readers (I am not sucking up...OK maybe a little)

What are you thankful for?


  1. I am thankful for my daughter, who has taught me the meaning of truly unconditional love.

    And like you, I am also thankful for my traumatic childhood. I believe it's caused me to become a kinder, more compassionate and sensitive person than I otherwise would be.

    I am thankful to have the ability and the means to read awesome blogs like yours - you crack me up and sometimes provide the laugh that I need to get through a crappy day. So thanks for that!

  2. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but nonetheless I am thankful for being loved and cared for by my partner, despite the rough year we went through (which was mostly my fault) two years ago.

  3. I am thankful for my loving, supportive family. I too had a terrible childhood, but I am celebrating this day with a wonderful foster mom who took me in when I was 16 and we have been family ever since. My sons are the only grandchildren she has, and they love her dearly. I guess the universe decided we needed each other and I am so blessed.

    I am thankful for loving, supportive friends. I am thankful for sparkly eye shadow and nail polish that always perks my mood up. I am thankful for makeup blogs that help me spend my limited beauty budget on products that will do what I want or look good on me!

  4. I am truly thankful for blogs like yours, that never fail to put me in a good mood with their honest, fresh and well written outlooks :)

    I am thankful for a chance to take part in a thanksgiving post, as I'm not even American but love the idea.

    I am thankful for the ability to write what I want on the internet for everyone or no-one to read.

    I am thankful for cheese, because it is delicious and I love it.

    I am thankful for pretty eyeshadows, because they distract me from shitty days and make me schmile :D

  5. I am thankful for blogs like this one--that I read just as much for the smile and laugh as for the makeup. Also, for the geekery, because you love Star Wars as much as I do.

    And: My cat, who picked me, and who is my baby. My son, who is far better than I deserve, and adorable. Red wine, because I'm on my third glass. Animal shelters. Cookies, especially chewy chocolate chip ones. Ten-dollar earrings at Francesca's Collections. Caudalie Divine Oil, because have you tried that shit? Amazing. My cuticles will never be the same. Swiffers. Netflix. My favorite stuffed animal that I've had for 29 years. First World Problems. Tootsie Rolls.

  6. I, too, am thankful for taupe eyehadow, oil blotters, red lipstick, and red hair dye. I'm thankful that I'm hot. And that I have a husband who agrees. Is that bad? I'm thankful for my two little cats and the unique relationships we get to have with little creatures. For perfume, particularly Caron Tabac Blond. For leggings and true love. For my Android, lol. For my good fortune of being born American. For wine. For relationships that get better with age and the fact that none of us have to be bound by our past. For nail polish and the strange, cool places it's led me.

  7. As I think you know in Mexico we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but it doesn't matter, everyday is a good instant to be thankful.

    First I have to say thank you to you Elvira, you're one of the bloggers I read because it's different and at least I smile with the majority of your post; please don't stop writing like that.

    And now all my musings: I'm thankful for:

    My family although our relationship is difficult sometimes, I know they love me and are a very essential part of my life.

    My friends, because they are my second family, and is less dysfunctional >.< also they are the ones that hear my problem and make me go further.

    The people that read my blog, I became happy every time I look that a post is read.

    My dog which loves me unconditionally.

    In stuff: chocolate, blotting papers, face powder, concealer, music, glycolic acid, and a long etc.

  8. I am thankful for so many things and people, the most frivolous of which is red lipstick! Nothing beats an awesome red lipstick, especially when paired with a taupe shadow. lol

  9. I am thankful for:
    *my family--they are so supportive and patient and loving
    *my dog--she is seriously my best friend. She's SO smart, funny, affectionate, and is the best dog a girl could ask for!
    *my boyfriend and his family--they have always been there for me and supported me and helped me through tough times
    *waterproof eyeliner--I was lost until I met MUFE's Aqua Black Cream Shadow (which I use to tightline. Changed my life!!)
    *lip balm--My lips are literally addicted to the stuff
    *eyelash curlers--makes all the difference in the world!
    *blush--who doesn't love a pretty blush?! :D
    *blotting sheets--I def feel your pain. I'm sooo oily!!
    *serums--I can't get enough of them!
    *anyone who reads my blog--it's awesome to connect with people who share a common interest!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  10. Here in Malaysia, there is no such thing as Thanksgiving Day. A lot of cynics would say, "Oh well, everyday should be Thanksgiving day or Mother's Day, we ought to celebrate everyday rather than only one specific day in a year..." I say BOO to those cynics!!! I know that we should be thankful everyday, but its just something special to have that one day where nearly everyone goes back home to be with their family. Regardless of that family being blood relatives or families picked up during ones life's travel. It brings a sense of joy that can only be surpassed by Christmas. So, I am thankful for Thanksgiving. And like you too, I have come out a very difficult childhood. And that is where I get my crazy awesome sense of humor and acting skills. I got teary eyed reading everyone's comment. Hahaha, crazy ole fool!!!

    On a lighter note, I am thankful for the friends that I have in life, and its not fair to only call them my friends when they have often stood in the place of the family I always lacked. I am also thankful for world peace, and KFC... (yeap..) And I am thankful for Guerlain, for giving me a glimpse of the person I have always been on the inside. And Thank God for Michael Jackson and his music and heart!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Phew that was a long post!!)

  11. I'm thankful for a lot of things, but to be brief, I'll mention only your blog. You've provided me with a lot of information and a lot of laughs. I love your sense of humor!

  12. I am thankful for your blog & your wickedly funny sense of humor! You never fail to put a smile on my face regardless of how crappy the day has been!

    And in no particular order:
    A lovely glass of red wine
    Taupe Eyeshadow
    Blotting papers by the gross
    Friends who have become like family
    Serums, lotions & potions to help me fend off fine lines
    My 2 boys - they keep me young & cause me to grow in ways I sometimes don't want to grow!
    My dear husband - who gets me!
    A good mixed drink
    Laughing til tears roll down your face
    Blogs which introduce me to lemmings I didn't know I needed to have!
    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!


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