Monday, December 10, 2012

Makeup Wars Holiday Wishlist

This time Makeup Wars is flaunting our Holiday Wishlists. I like to spell Wishlist as one word, but I have seen other spell checkers tell me it should be 2 words. so therefore I will spell it differently as much as I can throughout this entire post.  Why am I talking about spelling when there are 13 awesome holiday wish lists to look at. Because that is the theme of my Holiday wish list. The theme is insanity.  I would have to be insane to ever purchase any of these items. I have used several of them, encouraged YOU to purchase them, but to spend my own money when I already have so many products to use...well that's just crazy.  That's why this wishlist is a fantasy and why I would never ask anyone to buy anything from this list for me.  Of course if money is no object and you are feeling charitable this list would be a good starting point for winning my affection.  Yes. I can be bought. I will be your BFF if you buy me something from this list. Heck, if you get me the CREED perfume I'll even get your name tattooed on my body. It might be a small tattoo and in a place that people can't see unless I'm naked, but the tattoo will be there. I promise.  But enough about prostituting myself for beauty items.  Let's take a closer look at the wishlist, shall we?

I know that I have been using this Beauty Sets tool a lot lately, but this time It really comes in handy because I can't imagine ever asking for any of these items from anyone in real life. This is total fantasy.

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Let's face it. If I ever spent $640 on a hand blown glass bottle of perfume I think Mr. Sith would lock me up in an insane asylum, or divorce me. Either one would not be a good outcome. At least I would smell good. My offer above of getting your name tattooed on my body still stands if you buy this for me.

Now $150 for a face serum I could see myself purchasing but I do have a TON of other product I should use up BEFORE I go about throwing that kind of cash down, so again, divorce or insane asylum. I have reviewed this miraculous serum and I must say I encouraged you all to purchase it because I am going to purchase it when I run out of my current bottle.  This will be a little secret between you and me and we don't need to let Mr. Sith know about this.

image from

As much as I am addicted to highlighters I think I have reached maximum capacity on them and spending almost $100 on one would certainly make me a strong candidate for a straight jacket. But hey the refill is only $55 so that's like a 40% savings or something. It's a real bargain...when compared to a divorce attorney's rates.

I experienced this treatment first hand so I know how awesome it is, but considering that my medicine cabinet is full of masks that are half used and are almost an OSHA hazard Mr. Sith might consider getting a divorce attorney before I plunk down the coinage for this fabulous set from Le. Metier de Beaute. Want to read more about how awesome this set it.  Click on my review of the Le Metier de Beaute Chem60 Pro-Peel and Glow10ai Mask Set.

Last but certainly not least, $75 for a palette with eight eyeshadows and a highlighter is actually a good deal.  That's why I compared it with all the other high end stuff. This way Mr. Sith won't feel like I need "professional help" or the desire to divide up our record collection when I ask for this little baby for the Holidays.  I mean, it might be taupe, taupe, taupe and taupe but one can really never have too much taupe, right?  And it's Bobbi Brown, so I know the quality will be good, right?  And it comes with a highlighter too so it's like 2 gifts in one, right?  Yeah. maybe not.

Oh well. At least it's get a lot of rest in the asylum. 

Check out what these other beauty divas have on their wish list. I know I will. It will probably help me add to my fantasy list. 

What about you?  Any pricey, out of reach item you have been yearning for this season?

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  1. Great list. That BB palette is gorgeous and should have been on my list too. It is on my "real life" list!

  2. That mask really is pretty amazing, isn't it? After trying it out, I definitely wish I could afford to have it at home.

  3. That CdP palette is soooo pretty! I need to try that LMdB mask but certainly can't afford it. :-(

  4. That's a lovely list you got there! I like the Bobbi Brown palette. And I personally wouldn't mind trying Sisley's new pore minimizer either. Not sure how much it is exactly, but it's well over 100 euros for a tiny bottle.

  5. Cle de Peau and LmDB...yep, those should both be on my list! Great picks!

  6. The Le Metier de Beaute Chem60 Pro-Peel & Glow10ai Mask Set is so worth it!

  7. I totally put the LMdB thing on mine too. I want a lifetime supply of it. NEED it. For real.
    Also, if you get that Cle de Peau I'm going to just drop by and thieve it.

  8. So, what does this "Creed" smell like?

    1. It smells like White flowers...duh! OK. a little gardenia )not a lot) lilly of the valley, White rose,green notes jasmine etc. According to CREED it smells like:
      Top Note: Parma violet leaves, green apple and lemon from Calabria.
      Middle Note: Italian and Moroccan jasmine, light geranium, Bulgarian rose.
      Base Note: Musk, Indian sandalwood and narcissus.

  9. I just got on the Le Metier de Beaute train so I totally know what you mean about NEEDING that mask. Here's hoping Mr. Sith is reading!

  10. I agree with you that we can be bought!! We're not cheap but we are easy.
    There's something about the LMdB mask and peel that makes us all crave it!

  11. Nice list! You picked some great things! Funny, I was at the La Metier de Beaute counter today getting this treatment!!! It is amazing and I am now a new lover of the brand. I am a huge fan of Creed fragrances as well. Sigh, if only!

  12. I have my eye on that BB palette too... I am hoping it will show up at my CCO!

  13. Thanks for sharing this useful information.
    Keep up the good work


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