Friday, December 7, 2012

Men Need Products Too - Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

Mr. Sith (Pictured above) has finally given me a list of some of his favorite products.  Of course these products were all forced on him after all, I had to get him to try stuff out. He never asked for it. But I know I had a hit when he asked for a replacement after using up the entire product or when he told me specifically how much he liked using a product.  The poor man has his space in the bathroom is taken over by all MY stuff but he does have a little basket and these are some of the "essentials" that you can find in there.

This isn't really a cream, it's more like a gel that doesn't foam up. In fact it's a translucent white gel that is kind of hard to see when applied to the skin, but that doesn't stop Mr. Sith from loving this item more than any shaving cream he has ever used.  You see Mr. Sith shaves his head. He stated doing this when he noticed that he was becoming follicularly challenged (male pattern baldness). He used all sorts of shaving creams but he always ended up nicking his head at least once during the process.  When I received a sample of the Billy Jealousy Hydroplane he used it and emerged from the shower with nary a nick on his clean shaven head.  He used it a second time (all you need is a nickle sized amount for your head...apparently) and he again emerged unscathed.  He insisted I order a full bottle.  When I informed him that this would set us back $20 he said, and I quote, "I don't care, it's the first time I have ever shaved my head and not walked out of the shower looking like a crime scene.  Buy it!"  So I did, and all was happy in the Sith household.  I also "borrow" this shaving cream when I shave my legs. I have found that this allows the razor to easily glide over the leg and gives a nice close shave. It's sort of silicone-y feeling but nothing that irritated my skin or Mr. Sith's.

I was sick of Mr. Sith borrowing MY Tweezerman tweezers all the time so I just picked up one for him. After all, the thought of him using my tweezers to tweeze whatever men tweeze is enough to make me squeamish. You know how icky boys are!  Not only does he love these tweezers, but he is more well groomed than I have ever seen before.  Plus I recommended these to another guy friend and he went to far as to thank me personally, telling me that they have made a huge difference in his life.  Who knew men liked tweezers so much?  Just so you know, ladies, the gene that causes hair growth on ears it attached to the Y chromosome so only guys have to deal with that mess!

I received this as a product to test several years ago, but decided not to write a full review because I just didn't feel like Mr. Sith was giving me all the information I needed to write about it.  But since receiving that press sample I have purchased 3 more tubes! Each time I ask Mr. Sith if he is SURE he wants to get this again.  After all, one tube is $49 and that's at least 2 Clinique lipsticks, one and a half Bobbi Brown eyeshadows or one Chanel blush...(give or take a few bucks). He swears by this moisturizer. I am coming to find that Mr. Sith is REALLY picky about skin care products. He said that the Kyoku Moisturizer never feels sticky or greasy on his face or head, it doesn't make him break out (He has somewhat sensitive skin too) and it leaves a nice matte finish (My words not his). He never gets dry spots, the moisturizer doesn't flake off and a little goes a long way. I like the fact that it has some SPF in it and that it takes him almost 9 to 12 months to finish a tube.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  Totally worth the price.  And yes. I purchased a ton of other moisturizers for him to try, but he kept going back to this one.

This cooling blue gel was a miracle worker this past summer.  After getting a bit of a burn on his head and neck, Mr. Sith found shaving, even with Hydroplane, to be painful.  Enter Shaveworks to the rescue.  This product cooled on contact and prevented his head and neck from becoming irritated post shave. He said he also have experienced less razor burn / ingrown hairs since using this gel on a regular basis.  For any one that has sensitive skin (ME!) after shaving Shaveworks The Cool Fix is a perfect treatment for red irritated skin.  And yes. I borrow this from time to time too!

Mr. Sith is always losing lip balm. I have purchased countless tubes for him and he is always leaving it somewhere.  This little set is perfect because now he can keep one in his car, one by his bedside table, one in his pocket and one at his workbench and never be without lip balm ever again.  It also saves me from having to lend him MY lip balm. (ICK!)  The 4 "flavors" that this set comes in are Mint & Shea Butter, Grapefruit & Ginger, Black Tea & Blackberry, Lemon & Chamomile.  Mr. Sith is such a kook. He said he saves the lemon and chamomile for bed time, the grapefruit & ginger for his car (I don't know why) the mint for his workbench (again no reason given) and the Black Tea and Blackberry for his pocket.  He didn't give me reasons as to why those "flavors" are assigned specific places, but there is method to his madness, I'm sure. Either way. he likes them and that's all I care about!

So, if you are looking for some stocking stuffers for your male friends and relatives this year or just a little "Thank You" for any time, check these items out. They are, after all Mr. Sith Approved!

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  1. Brilliant suggestions! I find it so fascinating to see what men use and love, so thank you.

  2. Got me the Tweezers, they are great!!!

  3. I just saw the Lip Balms the other day and thought about picking them since I can never find a "Manly" scented one in my stash for my husband when ever he needs one. I am so going and grabbing these tomorrow!

  4. Just grabbed a small bottle of The Cool Fix since the boy gets ingrown hairs like crazy and refuses to try any products for them. Maybe a Christmas gift will woo him. If not it's all mine LOL.

  5. I'd definitely see my man using this stuff, except for maybe the tweezers. He has ridiculously perfect eyebrows, it's so frustrated! Here I am, plucking away every morning. And he has perfectly shaped eyebrows. "Jealous much?" YES! :-)

  6. The shaveworks coolfix is super nice! i got that for my boyfriend. also if anyone's hubby/bf is into shaving and new things to try, check out i got my boyfriend new shaving soap, alum block, fancy after shave lotion!

  7. Thanks for the helpful suggestions! Shaving pain is always an issue around here, and I would be happy if Mr. PR would shave more often.

  8. The Billy Jealousy Hydroplane is indeed an excellent product. I've given it as gifts to the males in my life, and they all LOVE it. It's an excellent gift for anybody that shaves!!

  9. How did you know? This is exactly the kind of information I need! I think the hubby will like most of these products; definitely going to check out the shave cream first!

  10. This is a great post! I tried the Billy Jealousy moisturizer for combination skin and actually quite liked it--I was meaning to grab a full-sized bottle but completely forgot. I also am curious about that Kyoku moisturizer. My boyfriend has very sensitive skin and is VERY picky. I've tried a few moisturizers for him but he always hates them. Perhaps I'll give this one a try...


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