Friday, December 28, 2012

My Top Taupes of 2012

It seems like everyone and their cousin are dong top/fave/best of 2012 posts. And since I am a slacker and don't feel like editing more photos right now I think I shall entertain you (I hope) with some of my favorite makeup items from this past year.

Things to keep in mind
a) I know the year isn't over and I might blog about some other super awesome fantastic makeup items before the year ends so you should still continue to read The Pink Sith Blog every day.

b) I only chose 6 items, but I had well over 20 from my original list.

c) The criteria I used to determine a top pick was
     i.  Did I use up the item?
     ii. If I did not use up the item, did I reach for it on a daily or weekly basis?
   iii.  Would I or Did I repurchase this item with my own hard earned money once said product was used up?
If I answered yes to at least 2 of the criteria it became a top pic. To whittle down the list I basically arbitrarily picked items I thought you all would find more interesting than others.  (A little bit of science and a little bit of BS = My Top Pics!)

1)  Armani Easy Chic Fall Color Collection Palette #1 - This palette, aside from having an awesome blush, has a super awesome olive green khaki taupe in the middle of the palette. I adore it for smokey eyes and for Fall Makeup look challenges with the Makeup Wars group!

2) Nars Eyeshadow Single in Lhasa - Already on my top makeup picks of 2012, this eyeshadow deserves it's second accolade as one of the top taupes of 2012.

3)  Rouge Bunny Rouge Loose Glitter Pigment in Caress of Mink - While this pigment might be priced pretty high, the color payoff is worth every penny.  I reach for this baby when I'm in a hurry and want to "taupe and go"…as I like to put it.

4)  Stars Makeup Haven Single Eyeshadow in Primal - This small brand has a lot of potential. With a bevy of taupes to choose from, they also have a wide variety of colors too.  Under new management with new customer service, Stars Makeup Haven will fast become your favorite brand. Primal is so perfect as a crease color or along the lid for an easy smokey eye. I find myself reaching for this baby again and again.

5) Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eyeshadow single in Solstice Halcyon - The perfect taupe. This is a workhorse shadow. it goes with everything and looks good on almost everyone.  I have a serous dip in this shadow and expect to see pan any month now!

6) Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow in #27 - This Oxidized Silver shadow is so stunning. I never thought red and silver would make taupe, but here I am making it one of my top taupes of 2012!  This one is my favorite go to silvery taupes!

If anything this list has taught me is that I did NOT feature enough taupes in 2012. I plan to change that in 2013 and feature way more taupes for you to enjoy!

Did you have any top taupes of 2012?


  1. Dear Goddess that Georgio Armani color is gorgeous, but way out of my price range.

  2. Oh wow these are so awesome! I'd love to grab that rouge bunny, SMH and Armani shadows!

  3. Nice to know that Stars Make up Haven has a new management and customer service. A friend of mine placed a huge order end of 2011 and never received it. It took 3 months to resolve the issue... It held me back from ordering from them, but now I will reconsider...

    1. Please do/ The original owner passed away, now her husband and friend are running it, they understand the past CS issues people had and are striving to correct that.

  4. Hey Anonymous -

    Beth (founder of SMH) passed away unexpectedly this year. I took over for her in July to help out her family. I'm working to rebuild the reputation one order at a time. If you have any concerns, feel free to drop us a line on Facebook.


  5. mmm Top taupes (mind you, they are what I think of to be taupe)...Corinthian from LMdB, Laura Mercier's Amethyst caviar stick & Gilded Bronze eye shadow, MAC's satin taupe...I'm sure I'm missing some but I think taupe is the one eye shadow I can't resist buying.

  6. I could not get Solstice Halycon to look good on me and I gave it away. I was depressed but it needed to be loved.

    It's scary to see the Armani on your list since I'm going to want it now.

  7. I KNEW NARS Lhasa would make the list :)

    1. It's gorgeous, and the finish is perfect.

  8. i'm not much of a taupe girl, but slow you are changing that, elvira! my top taupe of 2012 was the one in a quad by lise watier. it is so versatile i put it together with everything. and i am now playing with it to see if i indeed really need chanel notorious. *a delay tactic to ensure it sells out by the time i want*

  9. Oooh! I have the Eyes To Kill shadow sitting on my desk untested!! Hadn't bothered with it yet because the red/silver combo is not for me, but now I can't wait to give it a swatch. Thanks for the tip!

    Lhasa is on my need list, but have to wait for my next US order, dammit Australian prices.


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