Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Lipstick League – week of 12.24.12

Question of the Week - Do you have any beauty resolutions that you’ll be making for 2013? Or anything you just want to improve/avoid/get better at this year when it comes to beauty?

Answer - I want to get better about applying foundation that looks natural and does not make it look like I'm wearing a mask. In order to do that I need to concentrate on my skin and make it as pretty as possible…this means I need to get a good dermatologist and steer clear of a lot of skincare and products that irritate my skin.   Which means less skin care reviews…maybe…or ones more focused on acne prone skin. I'll also be reading ingredients more closely so i can avoid certain ingredients that cause me to break out.

Phyrra - shares a darkly sparkly blurple eyeshadow tutorial.

we heart this - Ever wonder how to style your hair into a sock bun? Wonder no more!

Beauty Junkies Unite - Catch a sneak peek of spring color, and find out just how lovely the new ZOYA Lovely Collection for spring 2013 really is!

Clumps of Mascara - is just a wee bit obsessed with Josie Maran skincare products these days.

Gouldylox Reviews - I've tested a lot of skincare products. Here is my favorite that you've probably never heard of!

Nouveau Cheap - Physicians Formula has so many interesting goodies in store for us for 2013 that I had to devote an entire blog post to it.

Pink Sith - Shares with you her Top Taupes of Twenty Twelve and all that alliteration stuff!

Prime Beauty - is starting the New Year off with happy healthy hair and you can too! Enter to win a set of DermOrganics hair care products from Prime Beauty!

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Phyrra - I chose Scrangie’s Ozotic Nail Polish Swatches because I love Scrangie and I love Ozotic polishes. Scrangie’s always got gorgeous swatches of the most amazing colors.


  1. As a 45 year with severe rosacea and acne, I have to say that 6 months on accutane changed my life. It was a right pain in the ass with monthly derm visits and blood tests, etc. It was worth every minute and every penny. I still wear camouflage level foundation to hide the redness, but the 20 tiny zits per square inch are gone, as are the cystic zits that came up anytime my skin didn't like a product (constantly). I was hesitant when my derm mentioned it, but when a 70 year old Yalie/Cleveland Clinic guy tells you that your skin is "as bad as any we've ever seen," you take notice. The process itself sucked, as even water hurt because my skin was so dry, and I had cracked, flaky skin in areas that just shouldn't DO that. That said I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Sorry if this is not helpful, but I wish I had done it much, much sooner. And hey, silicones don't give me huge honking second-head sized zits anymore.

  2. My resolution is to only buy products I *really* want; I have a ton of products that were impulse-buys, but I just don't use them, although they are quality. I have alot of stuff from MAC, Too Faced, & Smashbox, for example, but they just sit there. I plan to focus on brands I truly love, as a whole, and just stick with those. I also plan to give myself a monthly "allowance" of $75 (starting n February-I have a couple items to pick up this week, LOL), and just "roll-over" what's left every month. Hopefully, I can save a significant amount by the time Fall collections start to roll out.

  3. My resolution is to be more gentle with my face and skin. I usually wear heavy eye make-up, and taking it off every night it starting to take its toll on the sensitive skin around my eyes, I am afraid.


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