Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Poll

I clean out the cat's litter box every day. And each and every day BOTH cats sit there and watch me clean it. It's like they get some sort of sick pleasure form watching me clean out the litter box. I can just hear them thinking:
"Oh excellent! The poop cleaning show is on!"
"Oh yeah baby, scoop my poop.  Yeah. That's it. That's how I like it."
"Oooo shake that litter scoop and separate out the loose litter from the clumps. Shake it!"
"That's right, put my poop in the toilet and the clumps in a plastic bag. Ooooh babay!"
And then once it is clean and I have added fresh litter one of them immediately jumps in to do his business.  It's like:
"That clean litter looks so enticing.  I have the sudden urge to lay the stinkiest poop of the century while SHE is still in here.  First let me dig, dig, dig, then  Oooooohhhhhhyyyyeeeeaaahhh!" 
Then I'm gasping for clean air while I get the dust pan to clean up the litter on the floor, which despite having some fancy schmancy littter box and a mat to "capture" the loose litter, it still gets everywhere.  I imagine both cats think:
"Is it Caturday?"
"What's that?"
"It's that celebration where you kick loose cat litter all over the bathroom and the first one to get it outside the bathroom wins."
"Sweet!  Let's do it!"
So then I get the vacuum out and start it up.  That's when the terror strikes them:
That's when the scamper out of the bathroom like lightning and hide upstairs for about an hour.
Of course the dog hates the vacuum and thinks he needs to attack it, which only makes finishing vacuuming up more of a challenge.  While the dog barks and the cats leave a path a destruction in their wake as they escape to the upstairs, and my son yells for me to be quiet b/c he can't hear his "Super Why" TV show, is it really a shock that I look forward to going to work where I can get some peace and quiet?
On To The Poll!

1. Blush Of The Day? - Chanel Joues Contraste in Rose Inititale. A pink blush with warm undertones.

2.  What is your favorite Winter Activity? - Sitting on the couch, sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows and watching Mr. Sith shovel the driveway.

3.  Current beauty lemmings? (Things you want to buy) - I think I want to get an actual full size tube of Kate Somerville Exfolikate. (I have been living off of sample packets) Of course I'm happy to be talked out of it.

4.  What was the worst concert you went to (who and when)? - I think it was 7 years ago and it was David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar touring together. Mr. Sith won tickets from a Radio Station and I did not want to go. Never been a fan of Van Halen, and I certainly did NOT want to see just the singers of VH without Eddie freakin Van Halen. Know what I mean. Ugh it was THE worst. I hated all the songs, wanted to sit down the entire time and yeah, we left early.

5.  Recent beauty acquisition? Or if you are on a no-buy, how is it going so far? - Recent beauty acquisition was the Sephora Collection Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow in Taupe #6


  1. 1. Blush Of The Day? - left over from last night, i work 2am-9am revlons new cream blush, the bright pink one.

    2. What is your favorite Winter Activity? -
    complaining about how "cold" it is here in los angeles

    3. Current beauty lemmings? ellis faas anything. sigh

    4. What was the worst concert you went to (who and when)? - the sex pistols "reunion" tour

    5. Recent beauty acquisition? Or if you are on a no-buy, how is it going so far? fabulous power style japanese mascara ultra waterproof from little tokyo.

  2. 1. Blush Of The Day? I only wear one: Bobbi Brown in Peony

    2. What is your favorite Winter Activity? -
    complaining about how cold it is in Boston

    3. Current beauty lemmings? Sephora Collection Outrageous Prisma Chrome Metallic Eyeshadow in Taupe #6. :) Also, body lotion from Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella.

    4. What was the worst concert you went to (who and when)? VNV Nation last year. Disappointing.

    5. Recent beauty acquisition? Several, ever since I found your blog! Recently, MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and DNA EGF Renewal Renewal Foaming Cleanser.

  3. 1. Blush Of The Day? I'm trying out a LM liquid bronzer.

    2. What is your favorite Winter Activity? -
    complaining about how cold it is in NY

    3. Current beauty lemmings? Make up Forever HD Blush #3 (but it's always sold out on

    4. What was the worst concert you went to (who and when)? Hmm, not much of a concert goer, but I've liked all the ones I've been to.

    5. Recent beauty acquisition? Armani Lip Maestro in #202. Love!

  4. 1. Blush Of The Day? - just my ordinary cheeks, frozen & red from the cold in NYC

    2. What is your favorite Winter Activity? - hiding under my warm blankets watching LOTR

    3. Current beauty lemmings? (Things you want to buy) - I really would like to try that Blue Plasma peel by Perricone. It looks so interesting and well, Blue Plasma appeals to my Scifi/nerd side. lol I hate Exfolikate. I had gotten a decent sized freebie because everyone was talking about how wonderful it was but man, it was like coarse grit sandpaper on my skin! My face very clearly responded with a painful and horrible breakout. I was not amused.

    4. What was the worst concert you went to (who and when)? - Fortunately I haven't been to anything bad.

    5. Recent beauty acquisition? Or if you are on a no-buy, how is it going so far? - I also just got that Sephora taupe (love!) and the new Estee Lauder blush in Tease & Burberry blush in Hydrangea Pink. I'd break a no-buy in a minute although I've been good about stopping bath product purchases until my current stash of soaps are done. Especially with natural items, they need to be used up quickly or they do go bad and money goes down the drain.

  5. 1. Blush of the day: my natural rosacea enables me to skip blush. Both a blessing and a bitch.

    2. Favorite winter activity: Complaining how hot it is in central Florida. Hot flashes, again, a blessing and a bitch.

    3. Current beauty lemmings: Some of Paula's Choice items. I want to try the new foundation, and a bunch of the skin care items.

    4. Worst concert: Can't think of any I didn't like.

    5. Recent beauty acquisition or no-buy: Both, sort of. I caved and ordered the Zoya polishes 3 free, just $10. for shipping. And A-England's St. George (free shipping and $2. off). I'm also saving for the Paula's Choice items. Wish me luck. I need blinders when I go into CVS.

    And Elvira, I am totally with you on the cat litter pan thing. Your writing is absolutely hysterical. It's almost as if you were a cat yourself, LOL!

  6. 1. Blush Of The Day? - Dior Peechy-Keen.

    2. What is your favorite Winter Activity? - Pretty much yours but no shoveling because we don't get snow where I live :)

    3. Current beauty lemmings? (Things you want to buy) - Oh dear I have a bunch...YSL Rouge Volupte Shine, Diorglow Gloss, Edward Bess eyeshadow quad, new NARS setting powder, Dior quints & maybe singles, Clarins singles, LMdB Corinthian whenever it shows up again (even though I am not supposed to buy high end singles for now).

    4. What was the worst concert you went to (who and when)? - I haven't been to enough that I could have gone to a bad one, I only bother going to concerts of my favorite artists. I've seen Mika pretty much every time he's been in the area and I've seen B'z (Japanese group) every time except for the most recent. Can't really go wrong with Mika or the most famous rock group in Japan lol.

    5. Recent beauty acquisition? Or if you are on a no-buy, how is it going so far? - LOL a no-buy...I couldn't do it...the best I can manage is banning myself from buying certain types of products (like high end eyeshadow singles at the moment) except for a few exceptions (I won't let Corinthian slip out of my grasp if I have the opportunity to get it after months of searching).

    As for my recent beauty acquisitions I got EL Tease on it's way to me (it should be here tomorrow!), 2 of the new Burberry glosses (Mallow Pink and Sweet Pea), Clarins Skin Illusion powder foundation, Chantecaille Rose Delice lip chic and the new Too Faced blush.

  7. My cat is the same way! Your post makes me glad he doesn't have a partner in crime for Caturday!

    1. Blush Of The Day? -none yet

    2. What is your favorite Winter Activity? firelogs but the California Spare the Air alerts have kept me from lighting them lately

    3. Current beauty lemmings? (Things you want to buy) - Estee Lauder nail lacquer Insatiable, Chanel nail lacquer in Malice and Laura Mercier eye pencil in Stone Grey, Benefit Creaseless creams- they are discontinuing some colors so I am panic buying

    4. What was the worst concert? of all things, DH took me on a first date to see the Rolling Stones. I wasn't a Stones fan and really only wanted to see Living Color, the opening band. But we arrived late, missed their set entirely and to this day I am holding a grudge! he reminds me that we did hear the end of their last song while we were walking in. Nope. Still holding that grudge.

    5. Recent beauty acquisition? Or if you are on a no-buy, how is it going so far?
    Laura Mercier Zen palette from evil-bay- SO worth it!! Revlon polishes from Spring Urban nights bubblegum days collection and Chanel Frission nail lacquer

  8. 1. Nars Orgasm
    2. I also enjoy sipping hot chocolate...laced with peppermint schnapps.
    3. So much! Pretty much all the new spring stuff.
    4. Some whiny D-list boy band. I don't even remember the name. It was for my SIL's birthday. Blech.
    5. I'm theoretically on a no buy, but I got one of the LE MAC brow pencils and one of those new L'Oreal glosses that are supposed to be dupes of the YSL Glossy Stains.

  9. My cat comes and reminds me to clean her box. Daily. The same way she comes and goes "MAO MAO MAO" at me if she thinks she's out of food, or if she wants newer water (which is always since her cat-fountain broke), or if my son is awake and quietly playing in his crib. She's the Lassie of cats.
    She doesn't just watch when I attend to her litter, she jumps in and out of the box.
    "Whoo, Cat-Mom took the top off of the box! I can jump in it! WHOOOO THANKS CAT-MOM!" is relayed with a lot of excited MAOs while she hops back and forth as fast as she can. She hops under the stream of litter while I'm pouring it, sometimes, then freaks out, retreats, and sits on the side of the tub, giving me that "WHYYYYY" look.

    1. Illamasqua Katie

    2. Hanging out near the fireplace after my son goes to bed, rocking him at night with both of us snuggled up in soft blankets.

    3. I really want the Nouveau Goddess Makeup Brush Set from Plasticland, even though I have too many brushes. I'm tempted to buy them and frankenstein the pretty handles with my current favorite brushes.

    4. I sat through a really terrible band that played MIDI sounding covers of old SNES game soundtracks. Poorly. I'm not sure if that counts since I enjoyed the other bands, though.

    5. The Sigma Paris palette, which just arrived five minutes ago! Having never tried anything, brush or makeup, from Sigma, I figured this was a good way to see if their brushes are as amazing as everyone says. Seriously, people don't shut up about Sigma brushes. PLUS IT WAS ON SALE.
    5.5 The "Life Is A Game" collection from Innocent+Twisted Alchemy, in clamshell sizes. Never tried I+TA before, and the bright green and royal purple on top of a whole bunch of more subtle shades sucked me in. I like eye shadow wayyy too much.

  10. 1. Blush Of The Day? -My own rosy complexion, thanks to a cold sickness, which has left me huddled under blankets drinking hot tea.

    2. What is your favorite Winter Activity? - Watching wintry sunsets over the water on the back patio with my bf

    3. Current beauty lemmings? (Things you want to buy) - L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows. I don't know why, but I got in my head that I apparently "need" eyeshadows. I'm trying to find the place that has them cheapest!

    4. What was the worst concert you went to (who and when)? - I've never been to a bad concert, so I'm going to answer this with the nerdiest concert I ever went to, which was seeing Fan Halen at the House of Blues in Cleveland. My cousins and I just rocked out and had the best time watching the singer onstage prance around in tiger striped spandex and furry leg-warmers.

    5. Recent beauty acquisition? Or if you are on a no-buy, how is it going so far? - Maybelline Color Whispers #25 and #75 and a new set of ecotools. I've been proud of my brush collection recently and it makes me want more makeup!

  11. 1. No blush today. I save that for special occasions.

    2. Playing with my puppy in the snow. He loves having snowballs thrown for him.

    3. BFTE eye shadows. I'm using up some samples right now and love them but I have so many eye shadows I really can't justify buying more just now.

    4. I've only been to a few concerts and loved them all so no complaints.

    5. I just received a Mint Julip lip scrub and a Buffy exfoliating bar in the mail from Lush. I love their stuff but its expensive so I try to limit my purchases from them.

  12. 1. Blush of the day - none today; I didn't really go anywhere so there was no point in bothering.

    2. Fave winter activity - ice skating, but I haven't been in ages. I live in a fairly temperate area and mostly it just gets gray and rainy here, not super cold.

    3. Beauty lemmings - I'm into BB creams and tinted moisturizers these days and keep trying new ones. And I keep buying new blushes.

    4. Worst concert - I'm not sure. I can thnk of *best* concerts, but I don't know if I've ever been to a truly *bad* concert.

    5. Recent buys - Burberry's spring/summer launch, I ended up with two blushes, two glosses, and their velvet (matte) foundation (that wasn't part of the collection but I needed it).

  13. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA you forgot the part about the cats nearly killing you by tripping you and the attempts to either bathe or give them medicine and it never ends well for the human. But I do so love cats and miss having one.

    1. Just the blush of PERIMENOPAUSE! That and it's freaking warm in FL *turning on the AC*

    2. Favorite winter activity--the annual wearing of a sweatshirt. If I'm lucky. Shorts on Christmas is just......depressing. Even for a native Floridian.

    3.Beauty Lemming.....the new OZ palattes from Urban Decay

    4. Worst concert....homecoming concert in college, when I was dating hubby, and it was an outdoor concert with Joan Jett and the BlackHearts....she was SO FREAKING high/stoned/ was really almost embarrassing and sounded a bit like a cat in a washing machine

    5. Recent Buys...nailpolish, including a lemming I've had for a long while, Deborah Lippmann's Don't Call Me Baby, plus her various holiday collections (I think she set a record).

  14. My cats do the same thing. Back before Arm&Hammer bought Feline Pine and ruined it, Buttercup (yes, named after that Buttercup) would get in after I cleaned it and take a nap. Only did it when it was clean. She doesn't do it with the new hard wheat stuff I now buy.

    1. no blush

    2. Waiting for spring.

    3. Patiently waiting for the China Glaze holographic collection to be released. I think they come out this summer, lol.

    4. Went to a tribute AC/DC band concert with a friend. She got so horribly drunk we were thrown out. (I have never seen anyone that wild before. It was awful.) The band was good, really sounded just like AC/DC, but I didn't get to see more than a few songs. Worst concert ever. Never been to one with her since.

    5. on a no-cheap-buy. I wasted more money last year on cheap make-up and nail polish that won't ever be used again, when I could have bought one or two more expensive things that would probably have been used up by now.

    So, recent good purchase, I got the Zoya deal last month, $25 order free shipping and three free polishes. I am wearing Aurora right now. Super holographic, I love it even though I usually pass on purples. I bought the Anchor and Armor base/top coats with my order, they really do work great, just as good as CND stickey, but without the horrible smell.

  15. 1. Blush Of The Day?
    Pixi Illuminating Primer (highlight)
    Milani 'Luminoso" blusher

    2. What is your favorite Winter Activity? -
    Complaining about how hot I am in the Floridian heat, then remembering freezing my balls off in NY, and shut up.

    3. Current beauty lemmings?
    So many. Too many.
    Ive wanted the Lorac Pro Palette for quite some time now.

    4. What was the worst concert you went to (who and when)?
    Bruce Springfield performing at Bonaroo. I'm just really not a fan. I'm pretty sure I was the only person not at the concert, but instead in my tent
    drunkenly mocking Bruce, and yelling profanities at the night sky. This was almost 4 years ago.

    5. Recent beauty acquisition?
    Maybellines The Rocket mascara is a winner! My very first HG mascara!

    I think it's mandatory for cats to degrade you sometimes. We have to remember who really owns who, lol!
    RIP Quimbly!


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