Wednesday, May 15, 2013

C. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub - Review

C. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub
Hi. I am an ant.  Not an Aunt, well I am an Aunt to some ants, but that's not why I'm here. I'm your average, run of the mill, American ant that is always on the hunt for food (usually sugar) for my colony.  I live right outside of Pink Sith's house. Every Spring we make our triumphant return to Pink Sith's house and drive her and Mr. Sith crazy.  They have yet to figure out where we are getting in. HA!  Sure we take a lot of casualties every year. They lave ant bait for the less sophisticated ants to consume. But me?  I go straight for Pink Sith's shower.  It's on the second floor and it's kind of hard to get to, but I'm an ant, and I can get almost anywhere if I have a mind to do it.

Why do I head for her shower when I could get delicious ant bait or crumbs from the cat bowl or what Darthypie leaves in his wake?  Because Pink Sith always has some sort of sugar based body scrub in her shower for me to devour, if she is careless enough to not rinse the shower thoroughly after use.  This year I was excited to see that she had the C. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub for my tasting.

ginger root
The C. Booth Body Scrub is a spicy and sweet combination that is the perfect recipe for soft skin.  The ginger smells genuine even though it is synthetic. Regardless of where the scent comes from, it's invigorating.  That's why I like to frequent her shower in the morning so I can get my senses going and "wake up" even though I don't actually sleep like you humans do. The sugar, oh how I love sugar, does provide a sweet scent, but it's not cloying, and the ginger really does overpower it all.  This scrub is not for the faint of heart. It's a big heady ginger scent.  Those humans with sensitive noses may want to skip it, but I find the scent delightful!

shea butter
I notice that the Pink Sith uses her body wash first THEN the C. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub.  She gets all clean and then uses the scrub to exfoliate her skin. It wasn't until I saw the ingredients that I understood why this is the last thing she uses in the shower.  The combination of Soy, Olive, Sesame, Evening Primrose, Grape Seed, and Sunflower oils, along with Shea and Cocoa butters make this scrub super softening and moisturizing. No need to wash off that delicious combo of emollient and moisturizing ingredients with soap.  This is like using body lotion in the shower!  When she gets out of the shower the water is all beaded up on her skin, and she is always so pleased with how soft and moisturized her skin feels.  The combination of the extreme hydration and the uplifting scent of ginger makes her morning routine speed by, and she's out of the bathroom faster than an ant catching fire under a magnifying glass! OK. That's a pretty gruesome comparison, but it's a fact of life us ants have to deal with.  And before you think I'm some kind of creeper spying on Pink Sith in the shower, I would like to remind you that I am an ant, after all. It's not like naked humans do anything for me.  Jeesh. Weirdos!

grape seed oil
Anyway. I hear Pink Sith remarking to Mr. Sith that she doesn't need as much body lotion in the mornings because the C. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub does such a fine job moisturizing her skin. She also ads that the scrubbing action from the sugar is a great exfoliant and her rough spots on her arms and knees are smoother than they have ever been. Mr. Sith nods and grunts something, but I doubt he is listening.  So, as she is going on about how soft and silky her skin feels and how she just feels ready to conquer the world after her shower, I head for the shower itself to see if I can grab me some of that sweet, sweet sugar to bring back to the colony.

DRAT!  She was too efficient in rinsing and all the sugar has gone down the drain.  There isn't a trace of the C. Booth Ginger Body Scrub to be found in the shower! I walked the equivalent of 100 miles to get to this shower, and I have NOTHING to take home with me?  Sure I could go to my local ULTA or order the scrub from, but a) I don't have thumbs to open the container, let alone use a computer and b) I'm an ANT!  Oh well. Maybe next shower.  Now where is that Darthypie and the trail of crumbs he leaves from the kitchen to the living room...

The C. Booth Ginger Sugar Body Scrub can be purchased at select ULTA stores, and The generous 8 ounce tub retails for only $6.50. Don't let the no-frills packaging and label fool you, this scrub is as good as some of those more expensive sugar scrubs and leaves you just as glowy, silky and soft!  Do you NEED this?  YES! Just make sure you keep it out of the reach of the ants! C. Booth products are not tested on animals.

PLEASE NOTE! No ants were actually in my shower as a result of using the scrub.  The whole thing is just made up. This product did NOT cause ants to invade my home.  In the interest of full disclosure, I did have ants in my kitchen last Spring, but they never made it past the kitchen and they didn't return this year.


  1. I love this scrub! At first I was overpowered by the ginger scent but it calms down and then I lurve it and I lurve what it does for my bumpy, scaly legs!! Have your tried the body lotion? It's great too, but not AS great :)

  2. Aaaah don't tell me about ants. I have been at war with an ant colony for almost a week now >:-( They decided to pull their camp somewhere in my kitchen and they've going at it like rabbits ever since. I set up two traps, sprayed their base with alcohol and I squish every stray I find under my finger (I don't even bother using a paper towel anymore) but they just won't surrender, aaargh! Maybe I should get this scrub and slap that over their little hidey hole...

    /end rant

    Sooo. Great scrub, sounds like a lovely product!

    1. In all my anger my spelling and vocabulary aren't at their best. Apologies for that, lol. You'll need to fill in some missing words ;-)

    2. You should try some diatomaceous earth. We had ants last year in the kitchen, I sprinkled this around the base boards, and no more ants. It is harmless to everything except insects (but don't breathe it in!). I bought a few pounds online for I think 7 dollars, but I also use it in my garden to combat pests, so just a few ounces would do for a home invasion ;)


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