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Foreo Luna - Facial Cleansing Device - Review, Pictures

Foreo Luna on pinksith.com
Over a month ago, the people from Foreo sent me a facial cleansing device called the Luna.  Not only was this a facial cleansing system, it was also touted as an anti-aging device. I could sit here and make all sorts of off color jokes about the system....like:

What's pink, vibrates and gives you a stunning glow?

But that would be cheap and too easy of a joke.  I'm not above that level of humor, mind you, but I also know that I would probably only make that sort of joke if I wasn't truly that impressed with the device.  Fortunately for you, the company, and for my own crass sense of humor, I AM impressed, and I will try to leave the innuendos out of this review.

The Foreo Luna is a new anti-aging and facial-cleansing system that promises all around cleaner, fresher and more radiant skin by just using it for 2 minutes, twice a day.  Oh really.  Well we'll just see about that.

The Foreo Luna has 2 modes. A cleansing mode and an anti-aging mode.  The cleansing mode uses vibrations and a 100% waterproof and nonporous silicone "nubs" which offers a more hygienic alternative to the standard fiber brushes.  The combination is supposed to clear away dead skin cells, drive out dirt, oil and makeup residue to provide a more effective and deeper clean than regular washing by hand.  The vibration during the cleansing mode is supposed to enhance the effectiveness  of your skincare products while, at the same time, maintaining your skin's normal moisture barrier.

The anti-aging aspect of the Foreo Luna is on the back of the device.  When used against the nasolabial folds (smile lines at the corner of your mouth) the outer corners of your eyes, and between your eyebrows (that dreaded number 11), gentle, low-frequency pulsations are sent beneath the skin's surface to relax facial muscles and promote cell renewal. This is supposed to leave your skin looking smooth and luminous.  Sadly, after a month and a half of use I did not see any positive change in the depth of my wrinkles in the five pulse points that the Luna recommends I place the device. At least it felt nice to have a mini facial massage twice a day...so there's that!

HOWEVER That was THE ONLY thing that didn't show the results I was promised in the short 30+ day trial period.  The cleansing aspect of the Foreo Luna was excellent!

Now I know I have waxed poetic abut the virtues of the Clarisonic.  But that's because I had not met The Foreo Luna... yet.  If you are familiar with Plato's Allegory of The Cave, you would understand.  My reality for so long has been the Clarisonic.  Like the images flickering against the wall of the cave, I only knew the Clarisonic to be the one true superior facial cleansing device.  But when thrust out of the cave into the blinding sun, the Foreo Luna quickly became my true reality and I have been wondering why I kept myself in that cave for so long.

Too cerebral for you? Let me put it this way.  What makes the Foreo Luna better than the Clarisonic is the lack of a bristle brush.  Yes. You read that right.  Instead from having to spend $25 every three months for a new brush head for my Clarisonic, the Foreo Luna's non-porous silicone head doesn't need to be changed because it doesn't wear out.  It also feels less harsh that even the softest Clarisonic brush ever used, and because the silicone is non porous, it makes it easier to clean and more hygienic overall.  The Foreo Luna gives you the option to change the intensity of the cleansing and anti-aging modes with a simple button on the device.  Like the Clarisonic, it is waterproof,  so you can use it in the shower, but you don't get that left over dirt and grime that gets trapped under the brush head in the Clarisonic when you use it.  Best thing is I charged this ONCE in the past 30+ days and have not needed a charge yet.  According to the website it is fully rechargeable and good for up to 450 uses per charge! That means I can take it with me when I travel and not worry about it losing power, unlike my Clarisonic which crapped out on me the 2nd to the last day of my vacation last year.  Also, since there is no charging cradle, just a small adapter, traveling with the Luna power cord (while not necessary) is easier.

I opted for the pink Luna, which is for sensitive/normal skin, but there are two other types for other skin types.  There is a white Luna for very sensitive skin that has smooth silicone ridges to minimize any possible abrasions for the most sensitive skin. The pink Luna for sensitive/normal skin. This has a nubby brush surface with fine nubs and larger nubs at the tip for deeper cleansing of the nose and hairline. Finally, there is the blue Luna, which is for combination skin with the thinner nubs surrounded by a row of larger nubs to help with cleaning those oily patches and still has the larger nubs at the tip, like the pink Luna, for deeper cleaning around the nose and hairline.

Do you NEED this?  Maybe.  If you have been on the fence about getting a Clarisonic but have been balking at the price, the Foreo Luna at $199 won't give you much solace.  However when you factor in the maintenance costs for the Clarisonic (needing a new brush four times a year) that's an additional $100 per year in brushes (approximately), where as the Foreo Luna does not have that added cost. The Foreo Luna is a better deal.  If you are a germaphobe, I think the Foreo Luna is a superior hygienic device compared to Clarisonic. If you don't care and just want a good facial cleansing system...both the Foreo Luna and the Clarisonic are good options, it just depends on your preference. The Luna worked for me. It kept my skin clean and clear, just like the Clarisonic.  Since I have both devices, I find myself reaching for the Foreo Luna more often than the Clarisonic now that my testing phase is over.  You can purchase the Foreo Luna directly from their website at www.foreo.com or on sephora.com

What say you? Would you spend this much on a cleansing device?  Have you?


  1. Interesting looking device! But if you like must be good. Imagine going thru airport security with that thing...yeah it's for your face.

  2. You totally forgot to mention the Luxe editions at $6500.00 (for Women) and $8500.00 (men's). I've seen this on Pinterest and thought it was for massaging..elsewhere and ignored the pins. I've been on the fence about the Clarisonic b/c of the brushes needing to be frequently replaced, so this may be the one for me if I'm going to lay down some cash for a face cleanser unit.

  3. PinkSith, question for you. I have horrible rosacea, now down to redness and stupidly sensitive skin. (Yes, I am under the care of a derm. Accutane 2 years back was worth every bit of pain in the assness that went with it.) From your experience, do you think that it may be worth my money to try out the sensitive version? The Clarisonic with the delicate brush left me with large red welts on my upper cheeks. Not a good look! And yet, the derm had said go for it. Don't worry, I will not come back on you and say "but PS said so." Just looking for honest input since you are around my age and believe it or not, a touch less pale.

    1. I have the white one for very sensitive skin. I did not use the item on my cheeks, but it did not harm the rest of my face.

  4. if your skin is THAT sensitive I wouldn't recommend ANY device other than your hands. But the sensitive version doesn't have nubs, so it is less likely to tug at your skin. I just worry that it might not be as effective or just as effective as regular manual washing. KWIM? Maybe show your derm the website and ask him, or ask Foreo CS?

  5. What a weird-looking thingie. Interesting though :-)

  6. i would like to try this! I also have a clarsonic and dont like that i have to keep buying brush heads....although when Ive already invested this much in it..kinda hard to plunk down another 200 for a new cleansing device. Im glad someone I follow reviewed this though...because I definitely have been curious!

  7. I believe your "innuendo" is in the 3rd pic.
    However,thank you for the review!

  8. I'm on my second mia... but for some reason I was getting little close comedones all over my forehead that went away when I stopped using it. I wish I hadn't bought it when my first one pooped out! I would totally get this if they selled it at an online store I could get at least 20% off... I'm a sucker for a sale. BTW I just love the way you write. You always make me laugh :)

  9. Darn you, Elvira! Introducing me to more things I want! But I just got a Clarisonic Mia 2 for Christmas, so there's no way I could justify purchasing one. It's nice that there's no added cost to replace brushes though, because those can add up. Thanks for the post!

  10. Good device. Foreo Luna is a new anti-aging and facial-cleansing system that promises all around cleaner, fresher and more radiant skin by just using it for 2 minutes. Thanks admin for such a great device.

  11. interesting! I share your sense of humor and thought the same, lol. I do want to try it though and see how it stands up to my clarisonic.

  12. I have the LUNA and LOVE it ! I've been in the beauty industry all my work life and never felt confident about purchasing the clarisonic...because of its brushes. Sure, you would get a better cleansing than using your hands, but the brushes is a turn off. I can't imagine all the bacteria and residue that "stay on" the brush. I am sure glad I waited for the LUNA. It has given me the most softest skin and feels like a mini facial daily. Plus don't forget your neck. The neck is always neglected and show age rather quickly. From just one use my neck is baby soft. I actually look forward to washing my face off at night. So go ahead buy it with confidence !!


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