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Urban Decay Addiction and Vice Nail Polish- Review, Pictures, Swatches

Urban Decay Addiction and Vice Nail Polish on

I need more nail polish like a squirrel needs a can opener.   However, when Urban Decay released images for their 2013 collection, and it included 2 nail polishes with skulls on the caps and they were limited edition....well, I opened the front door, threw a can opener at a squirrel and ordered those suckers from faster than you could say..... squirrel.  I honestly have no idea what's up with all the squirrel talk, but it must be some sort of record for mentioning squirrel 5 times in a post about nail polish.

Urban Decay Addiction and Vice Nail Polish on

The polishes are called Addiction and Vice.  Keeping in concert with the "edgy" Urban Decay names, Addiction and Vice are on trend for this fall with deep eggplant purple and shimmery dirty pewter for nails.

Urban Decay Addiction and Vice Nail Polish on

Let's not even talk about how awesome the packaging is.  OK. Maybe I should talk about it.  SKULLS!  SKULLS with ROSES in their EYES!  I DIE!  Seriously these nail polish caps are so impressive, even Mr. Sith and Darthypie admired them.

I am a magpie, so I am easily impressed by shiny things.  These Urban Decay nail polishes are a magpie's delight!  The finish on both polishes is super shiny and glossy.  I adore the formula as it is fluid and self leveling and not too thin.  I was able to get opaque coverage in two coats.  The polish didn't chip or crack and I had very minimal tip wear after wearing the polish for four days straight. (Using a top coat and base coat)

As for the colors....

Urban Decay Addiction Nail Polish on

Addiction is a foiled silver/pewter color with a greenish tinge to it.  It's not so green that it is noticeable, but it comes off as a warmer color than one would think.

As you can see in the comparison with Chanel Graphite, the Urban Decay polish in Addiction does show slightly "greener" but in all honesty, the Urban Decay polish is superior to the Chanel because it didn't chip and took fewer coats to achieve an opaque nail.

Urban Decay Vice Nail Polish on

Vice is a deep eggplant reddish purple with shimmer. It's not glittery, but it has enough shimmer to provide some depth to the color.  In the bottle,  I see gold and red shimmer, but the gold does not translate to the nail as far as I can tell.

As you can see in a comparison with Zoya Yasmeen, the Urban Decay polish in Vice is an EXACT DUPE for Zoya Yasmeen.  That means if you already own Yasmeen you probably don't need the Urban Decay.  HOWEVER, if you are tired of applying three or more coats of the Zoya to get that opaque look, then you NEED the Urban Decay polish as it went opaque in almost one coat and was perfection with two coats. It was just ash shiny as the Zoya and wore just as well, with fewer coats on the nail.

Do you NEED these?  Well the squirrel did make good use of that can opener (That's 6 mentions now!) so why not!  Limited edition, great quality, pretty colors (even if one is an exact dupe for another brand's color) and SKULLS!!!  How could you not!?  The Squirrel would approve (7!!)

Urban Decay Nail Polish in Addiction and Vice retail for $15 each and may be purchased directly from, Ulta and Macys.

Squirrel with Can Opener on


  1. Great swatches! I love Vice, but honestly, I find UD nail formula doesn't work for me. I don't know why I'm surprised, since their shadows make my eyes itch like hell. Good to know that Zoya Yasmeen is a fair dupe with a formula I can use.

  2. Squirrels always need can openers so donate your unloved can openers to them today! :p

  3. Love the cap! And Addicted is gahgoooorgeous.

  4. That packaging is absolutely gorgeous (I'm always a sucker for nice packaging). Thanks for the comparisons, too!

  5. Glossy, shiny, splendid! That's the type of nail polish I wanted to have! Thank you for having the time to post it here! So gorgeous.

  6. those bottles are so pretty! I mean, yes the polishes are gorg, but the bottles!!!


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