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Lise Watier Rouge Sublime Lumière Lipstick in Rouge Satin - Review, Pictures, Swatches


Part of the Lise Watier Winter 2013 collection are two new colors of the Rouge Sublime Lipstick formula. The one pictured above is Rouge Sublime Lumière Lipstick in Rouge Satin. But in addition to having new colors they have added a "light" touch and "reflective" quality to the lipstick....packaging.  OK. I'll stop being coy.  The geniuses at Lise Watier added a LED light bulb on either side of the lipstick case and a mirror on the back of the case.  Cute huh? 


I don't know a lot of people that apply their lipstick in the dark, but as you can see in the picture the light is fairly bright and centered well enough to see what you are doing.  But remember my clubbing days are over. My idea of a "Night Out" is going to a chain restaurant and hoping against all hope that Darthypie actually eats what is put in front of him. (OK. I'm not that pathetic, but allow me to use hyperbole for comedic effect)  Worse comes to worse you can use it to find your keys at the bottom of your purse!  


OK. But seriously. I think it's clever and a novelty. Will it be used more often than my other lipsticks?  Well ... not really.


Why?  First off the color. It looks like a frosty orange-y red color here, right? It looks very warm and glowy and festive.  But that's just how it looks on the bullet (technical term for the actual lipstick product itself not the casing or mechanism to raise & lower it).  When swatched, it turns a completely different color on me.


See? It's now a frosty warm pinkish color. The orange hue is gone and it looks completely different. Now I will say that my skin tone has the habit of turning certain nude pink colors to orange. It's my undertones or my skin's chemistry or something, some lipsticks just don't look the same on me as they do on other people.  But I have not had this with a red color before.  However, I will give the color changing aspect the benefit of the doubt and say that just because it looks one way on my skin, it may NOT look the same on yours.

I forgot to clean up a rogue lipliner malfunction at the corner of my lip, but you can see how the frost formula is patchy and accentuates every line and crevasse on my lips.
There is a second reason this will probably not be my favorite lipstick.  The formula.  I'm sorry to say I did not enjoy it whatsoever. Unlike the Rouge Gourmand lipstick that I adore, this Rouge Sublime was thick, waxy, drying and applied unevenly (from the tube and with a lip brush). I don't think other Rouge Sublime lipstick is this unappealing because it wouldn't be Lise Watier's best seller if it was. I think it's the frost formula. It's a heavy frost, and sometimes with a heavy frost lipstick the formula is compromised and it just feels hard, dry and uneven on the lips.  At least that's been my experience. Perhaps you have had a different experience with frost lipsticks.

This little button at the base of the lipstick turns on the cute LED light.
Either way the combination of the poor color and the unappealing formula does not make this my new favorite lipstick even though it lights up.  That makes me sad. I love novelty lipstick stuff like this. I love unique packaging. I love NEW!

Do you NEED this?  No. I personally believe you do not. However, there is another color in this collection of Rouge Sublime Lumière Lipstick called Frisson. That color looks like it might not be as frosty as the Rouge Satin color and it's also a neutral cool pink beige.  That might be a better bet if you really want your lipstick to light up!  The Lise Watier Rouge Sublime Lumière Lipstick in Rouge Satin retails for $23 USD and can be purchased directly from

What say you?  Do you like the light up features of the lipstick case?  How do you feel about frost lipstick? Like? Love? Indifferent?

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  1. Aw, sucks about the formula... A first must for me is that I love the color of a lipstick, but a close second is that it has to keep my lips hydrated.


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