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Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish in Unlikely Hero, Strawberry Tall Cake, Springtime Spumoni, Psykick, Blueberry Muffins and Moonside - Review Swatches Pictures


Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish is an independent nail polish crafter. Cathryn, the owner and operator of Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish hand crafts multiple glitter nail polishes with a unique and attractive flair.  She sent me a few polishes for review.  I am usually not a big fan of glitter nail polishes, but looking at her promo pictures on her etsy store, I really found myself drawn to several shades.  I accepted the offer to review some of the polishes, and I'm genuinely happy I did.

Overall quality of all of the polishes was excellent. I didn't experience any cuticle drag, none of the glitter curled up or stained the base, but the wear time is unknown because I wore a lot of them over a different brand base color and many of them I just swatched and removed after taking pictures.

Let's take a look at some of the pretties she sent to me.

This is from the Earthbound Collection. Earthbound is a role-playing video game series from Nintendo. In the Oopsie Daisies etsy shop,  Unlikely hero is described as a clear based polish with various sizes of matte yellow, white, cranberry and periwinkle glitter.  I love the color periwinkle.  I didn't want to use black as the base so I used Zoya....The label fell off and I have no idea what the color is called. Any of you lacquerheads out there care to guess?  Anyhoo, I think this polish is quite charming. This is two coats over the Zoya ??? base.

This polish is from the Friends and Fan's collection. I really liked this nail polish.  It contains matte red, orange and yellow hexagonal glitter in various sizes in a white creme base. The creme base is opaque after 2-3 coats.  This may prove troublesome to some because some of the glitter is hidden by the base, but I actually like it that way and it gives it a neat dimension.  I like the sizes of the glitter and the overall look of this one.  The photo shown is with no base, just three coats of the nail polish on its own.


This is my second favorite polish of all that she sent to me for review.  This is a soft mint almost jelly loaded with light green, silver, yellow and pink glitter. You can also make out a faint touch of fine green almost metallic glitter as well.  This will be opaque in three coats, but opaque for a jelly still means visible nail line. I decided to use a Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear polish in Mint Sorbet as a base with two coats of Springtime Spumoni over it. I ADORE IT!  Mr. Sith doesn't like it as much as I do but who cares what he thinks. He dresses my son in black, white and grey plaid shorts with a teal stripe in a Kelley green hulk shirt!  Sacre Bleu! I know, right?  He knows nothing of color.

Another from the Earthbound Collection. Psykick is a clear based polish with multiple shades of matte pink glitter in both hexagonal and square shapes along with various sizes of white and yellow matte glitter. It's very pretty; however, this was my least favorite of the samples I was sent. I found the glitter hard to work with and I had to dab it on the nails to get it to show up. It also settled a bit more than I would have liked, but it was easy to mix up when I shook it.  Like I mentioned before, I get a little persnickety about glitter polishes, so my experience is probably unique and you won't experience the same issues I had.  Here, I show it over a white base from Sinful colors.

This polish was created with a friend of Cathryn and it a stunning sheer white based polish with various sizes of periwinkle (my fave color, again) navy, brown, and a golden/bronzy metallic caramel glitter. This is just a genuinely delightful and unique color combination that would look good on almost anyone.  When I wore this, I received a few compliments from complete strangers. That's always a good sign. The photo shown is with no base, just three coats of the nail polish on its own.


My last and MOST FAVORITE nail polish is from the Earthbound Collection. Moonside is a medium black jelly base with matte blue and metallic green micro glitter and larger hexagonal red metallic glitter. The thing I adore about this polish is that it is stock full of glitter and the base being black does not occlude the glitter from showing.  While this is pictured with two coats over Color Club Black nail polish base, the polish itself is almost opaque with three medium heavy coats.  This polish will look a little bumpy if you don't use a top coat as the glitter sets higher than the polish once it dries, but add a nice top coat and you have a pretty smooth as glass surface.
Extreme close up of the bottle. Ermagherd! I love it.

This polish is going to be on heavy rotation for a long while.  By the way. This color is Mr. Sith and Darthypie approved. While their opinion doesn't count for sh*t at all, it's nice to know that even two guys like it.

Do you NEED these? YES. If you like glitter nail polish, I think these are some good quality pretty polishes. I like the creativity with the colors and combinations. I am particularly enamored with the Tiki Bar collection, specifically, the Electric Lemonade glitter polish.  I NEED that one and will be purchasing it soon!  At only $8.50 a bottle for a Full Size, 0.5 fl oz/15 ml, bottle that's a bargain! You can purchase Oopsie Daisies polishes at her etsy store and you can like her Facebook Page and check out Cathryn's blog called Hot Pink Aurora.

Hate glitter nail polish removal?  You won't after you read how to use the FOIL METHOD of removal.  It makes it so easy you'll be wearing glitters all the time.  I'll also be posting a tutorial on a DIY peel off base coat in the near future.

What say you?  Have you had a chance to try out this brand?  Are there any polishes above that strike your fancy?

Want to see more examples of Oopsie Daisies nail polishes from more accomplished nail polish bloggers than me?  Check out the following:

p.s. sorry for the cuticle crime scene that is my hand in these pictures. I have finally healed and my cuticles are back to normal, but I didn't want to wait to show you these polishes.

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Thursday Poll

Thursday Poll

I don't usually talk about my full time job here on the blog.  Yes. I have a full time job aside from blogging, which can be a full time job itself.  I am a recruiter in my civilian life. I hire...get this...rocket scientists.  Yeah. That's right. Actual rocket scientists.  Now I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but in the US a slang term to refer to someone as being brilliant is to call them either brain surgeon or rocket scientist.  Like "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that not paying your electricity bill will result in your power being turned off."...or something to that effect.  Well here are a few things I learned about working with and hiring rocket scientists over the years.
1) Rocket Scientists are very intelligent, but some are not particularly smart.  What I mean is that sometimes they approach a problem in the most complicated and convoluted way possible. Sometimes these brilliant minds forget the theory of Occam's Razor (the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.) and approach a non technical issue with a very technical solution. We had a fire drill and everyone needed to check in to see if everyone got out of the building.  A few of these Rocket Scientists were talking about developing a database that could be connected wirelessly to tablet computers so people could check in on their own.  This would involve making sure everyone had a tablet computer, software to run the database, building a database, making sure a wireless connection was possible, hosting the database on a secure server, etc.  The solution the non rocket scientists came up with: Have a list on a piece of paper and check people off the list as they leave the building.
2) Never watch or discuss a Sci-Fi movie with a Rocket Scientist. After the new Star Trek Into Darkness came out I asked a few of the Trekkie Rocket Scientists what they thought of the movie.  They all hated it.  What did they hate most?  The fact that the physics of the movie were impossible.  "When a ship loses it's gravity hold people don't fall, they float."  "When a ship loses all power and is as far from Earth as the moon the ship will not 'fall down' in space and re-enter the Earth's Atmosphere."  "When a damaged ship is re-entering the earth's atmosphere, the individuals inside would not survive because the heat from the friction of entering the atmosphere would vaporize them."  All valid points. I get that. But they are also ignoring points like Warp Speed Travel, Alien races that are all bi-pedal and speak English, The idea that so far into the future we would have all these amazing inventions yet still make women wear miniskirts as uniforms, things like that.  Some Rocket Scientists have no concept of the "Suspension of Disbelief". They are unwilling to suspend their critical thought processes and believe the unbelievable. They refuse to sacrifice logic for the sake of enjoyment.
3) Many Rocket Scientists are not the most socially capable individuals.  Sure. Not all of them are wall hugging nerds that can't form coherent sentences, but there is a good sized population that avoid all human contact, and prefer to interact with machines and computers more than people.  My job is to make them interact with ME! Getting these people to open up to me has been easy, I am the Rocket Scientist whisperer. But I see how they interact with others at times, and I truly wonder how they are able to communicate at all.
So that's a little peek behind the curtain of my life. I'm the nerd whisperer!
On To The Poll!

1. Since I'm featuring so many nail polishes this week, let's do a Nail Of The Day. What's on your tips and/or toes? - I am wearing NARS Night Rider on my tips. A warm and frosty lilac.

2.  What do you do for a living? (You don't need to be specific about where you work. If you like you can make something up like You specialize in Unicorn husbandry.  Going to school full time is a job as well as being a housewife/stay at home mom) - I already told you I'm a recruiter, so I'll make something up. My job is Nutella Quality Control Inspector.

3.  Do you own a lot (over 100) some (99-35) a little (34-15) or a bit (14-0) of nail polish? - I own A LOT!  I used 100 as the minimum to save the embarrassment of admitting I own well over 100 nail polishes.

4.  What was your first real job, with an actual paycheck that took out taxes and everything? - My first "real job" was working in a costume jewelery store called Carimar. They were owned by Woolworths. The store was similar to ones like The Icing or Claire's. The work was miserable.

5.  Do you have a favorite shade of nail polish? What color do you find yourself gravitating to often? - Purple and shades of purple. I love purple nail polish.  I also like grey and black, but purple is my absolute favorite!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Peripera Nail Polish in Metallic Green P027 - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Peripera Metallic Green P027

I did not purchase the Peripera Perfume Nail Metallic Green P027 nail polish because it is an amazing green duochrome metallic color, or because of its superior fluid formula.

Peripera Metallic Green P027

I did not purchase this nail polish because of the long lasting wear (up to a week with minimal tip wear using a top coat) and the quick dry time.

Peripera Metallic Green P027

I did not purchase this nail polish because it is scented and does not have a strong odor like other non scented polishes do, nor because of the wide flat brush that makes one stroke application a reality. (For smaller nails)

Peripera Metallic Green P027

I did not purchase this nail polish because it was only $4.20 on the Rose Rose Shop, (my favorite place to buy Korean Cosmetics.) or the fact that it is opaque in almost one coat, but two coats were used in the pictures shown.

Peripera Metallic Green P027

I did not purchase this nail polish because it is a great base for other nail art like a golden glitter gradient manicure.

Peripera Metallic Green P027

I purchased it because of THIS!   IT'S A FREAKIN' CAT! A KITTY NAIL POLISH!

Peripera Metallic Green P027


Peripera Metallic Green P027

How could I not purchase it?

Peripera Metallic Green P027

Sure the long wear, beautiful color, great brush, low price, and superior formula seals the deal, but I think I would have purchased the Peripera Perfume Nail Metallic Green P027 nail polish regardless of those things. IT'S A KITTY!

What say you?  Would you/Have you purchased a nail polish simply based off of the packaging?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water - Review

Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water

We all need moisture for our skin.  There are many ways to obtain that moisture.  But why simply slap on a body lotion in the dead of summer only to feel as if you are basting your body in an oven?  Instead, why not....

image from Photo taken by Evan-Amos.

...apply a moisturizer that feels like FROZEN, EXPLODING pop-rocks candy on your skin.  How about adding in the scent of pure lemon with a hint of sugar.  Intrigued?

Oh. Applying candy to your body seems frivolous?  You mean the feel of pop rocks candy exploding in your mouth, but actually on your skin is  not interesting to you?  How about if it felt ice cold?  Humm? Sounding a tad more interesting?  What if I told you that in addition to it feeling like little FROZEN effervescent bubbles all over your skin, it also smelled like real lemon?!? (not that lemon furniture polish smell.) Like a real lemon sorbet!  A tad more interested now?

Yeah. I thought so.  You, my dear, are what is called a bath and body adventurer. Sometimes you just need a bath and body product that is slightly frivolous and slightly fun and totally yummy smelling.  Sometimes you buy a moisturizer, not because of the ingredients or the brand name, but because of the bottle it comes in or the scent. Sometimes, you have to just say "forget it" when it comes to frugality and splurge a little on yourself.  I'm not saying that investing in the Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water (That is a mouthful!) is foolish or trifling, but I'm also not saying it is a product that you need in order to survive.

This sparkling and crisp moisturizer from Perlier refreshes in one easy step. It makes your skin nicely smooth and scented while providing a sudden and strong cooling effect.  Ever felt like diving into a tub of sorbet in the middle of a hot day? Well the Perlier Ice Body Water gives that effect.  It actually crackles when you apply it to your skin!  The fresh scent combined with the light texture gives a sorbet-like effect on the skin.

The Italian made, mousse like moisturizer can be applied to any part of your body in need of a sweet, cooling effect.  After a long day of work,  there is nothing I want more than to soak my hot and tired feet in a tub of icy cool water and relax, but I really don't have the time to do that. I have Darthypie to play with, meals to make, blogging to do, pictures to edit, TV to watch (OK I don't HAVE TO watch TV, but I kinda do), etc.  So the Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water is a quick and easy fix to my tired toes.  I spritz on a little, feel the distinct chill and crackle, snap, pop of the moisturizer and my tootsies are temptingly sweet smelling and cooled down.

So the question is, do you NEED this?  I'll be honest. At $24.50 for a 5fl oz can, you don't NEED it. I'm not saying it's a bad product. It certainly is not. But spending almost $25 for a mousse like moisturizer that feels like crackling ice it not a necessary item in order to survive in this world.  Is it nice to have?  ABSOLUTELY! Is it fun to use? CERTAINLY! Would I spend my own hard earned money on it. Probably not. (This was sent to me for review.) If it were maybe $10 cheaper I would think about purchasing it, but the price combined with the utility of the item, is not enough to convince me to buy it. If I won't spend my own money on it, I don't expect you to either.  HOWEVER, it sure would make a fun gift for someone that needed a little indulgent pick-me-up. Now THAT, I would recommend.

You can purchase the Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water for $24.50 from

What say you? Is this an indulgence you would invest in?  What do you buy when you want a little self indulgent bath & body pick-me-up?


Monday, June 24, 2013

Makeup Wars - My Favorite Summer Mani

Makeup Wars Summer Mani  
This Makeup War is all about our favorite summer manicure.  Truth be told, I really don't have a favorite summer manicure, but I do find myself tending to stay in the brighter colors for the summer.  My blacks, greys, and deep purples are pushed aside for bright greens and blues and watermelon pinks.

Speaking of watermelon. I really do love that summertime brings some of the best watermelon. I could eat that stuff every day, all day long. I like it ice cold or room temperature. I like it cubed, sliced and by the spoonful. I cannot get enough of watermelon.

I decided that since nail art is so big now a days, and I also love watermelon, I should combine the two!  However gluing watermelon seeds to my nails became cumbersome and sticky.  I decided I should just do a watermelon nail art manicure instead.  I did a Google image search for "watermelon nails", and I got a zillion images.  I tried my best, but after all the studying and hassle, I was only able to end up with this

Watermelon Nails

Not as pretty as some of the images I found online. (It's actually not that great upon closer inspection.)  The lines are ragged, and the seeds look like polka dots more than seeds, but it was my first attempt. I realized rather quickly that I lacked the tools to do a proper nail art manicure. I have no special polishes with super thin brushes. I have no tape or ways to make thin lines, I have no dotting tools. I don't even have an orange stick. So I improvised. I have all the motivation to do nail art, I just don't have the tools. I need to change that!

I painted my nails the base "Watermelon color" using Lise Watier "Gulabi" nail polish from their summer collection.  Then I painted the tips of the 2 nails I was going to convert into a "watermelon" white.  While I waited for the white tips to dry I stuck a sewing pin into the eraser of a pencil and dabbed some black nail polish on a piece of tin foil.  I dipped the pin head into the back nail polish and "dotted" the "seeds" of the watermelon on to the nails.  When the white tips were dry I painted Essie "Pretty Edgy", a vibrant green, for the rind.  Then when the green was still wet I dabbed (using my makeshift dotting tool) in some mint green to make what is supposed to look like stripes on the rind.

Watermelon Mani

If I do it again, I will make sure I have some tape guides for the white and green lines, so they don't look so raggedy.  I'll also try to pick up a different color for the stripes of the rind because the mint green against the yellow based green of the rind ended up looking blue.  I will also invest in some fine brushes so I can paint the teardrop shape of the seed onto the nail in a precise manner.

I didn't want to do each nail in the watermelon theme because that would be too busy for me, but having an accent nail or two makes it fun without it being over the top.

Watermelon Nail Art

What about you?  Do you change up your nail polish routine for summer?  What about nail art? Do you indulge in it from time to time?  Let me know in the comments section.  Also don't forget to check out a BUNCH of other pretty summer manicures from these great bloggers, below.

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