Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Votre Vu Makeup Collection for Lips and Eyes - Review, Pictures, Swatches


When a box from Votre Vu showed up on my doorstep I was surprised and curious.  When I opened the box I was greeted with an array of chocolate themed shades of makeup that almost any chocolate fan would love.

Chocolate themed makeup?  Well. Yes. It's the best way to describe it and it sounds better than saying "brown". Brown sounds so dowdy and sad. Chocolate sounds exotic and delicious.  N'est-ce pas?  But either way, the collection of lip colors and eye shades were all in loverly neutral brown, nude, taupe, chocolate, pinkish beige, and copper shades.  So let's get started on what I received and over the next few weeks I'll share with you individual reviews.  I have used all of the products for the past 2 weeks and I am very happy to say all of them met my high standards for quality. They may not have met my preference for shade selection, but overall the feel, look, finish and functionality of all the Votre Vu cosmetics I tried was magnifique!

Sadly, in transit the darkest shade of this palette crumbled a bit. I checked with the reps for Votre Vu and they assured me that if this were to happen to a customer they would replace the item right away.  It's good to know that the customer service is responsive.  This palette comes in 3 combinations, Nude being my favorite of the three.  The shades are described as "New Canvas, Pale Earth, Pretty Penny, Rich Bronze"  I'm not sure which is which but I describe them as Tawny Beige, TAUPE, Ivory and Dark Chocolate. The Tawny Beige and Ivory shades are matte and the Taupe shade (It is fantastique!) and Dark Chocolate are metallic/shimmery.

The formula boasts a blend of Vitamin E, jojoba oil and kaolin clay to give long-lasting, crease-proof color. And that it does. The silky smooth and highly pigmented shades are a delight to work with.  These talc free shadows blend well and last a long time (when using an eye primer) The Palette retails for $42 USD and you can buy refills for $36 USD

Le Joli Crayon soft eyeliner in Chocolat
This liner comes in 5 shades, has a smudger at one end and comes with a sharpener.  I personally am not one for pencil liners, but the gel formula seems to go on fairly well. Votre Vu claims it feels like a liquid liner but I can tell you that is not the case.  I know liquid liners. I use liquid liners every day. This is no liquid liner.

However, the nice thing about this liner is that it doesn't set right away so you can smudge it if you like.  The color is described as a semi-sweet chocolate brown that's not dark nor too light. They are right on the money there!  The liner contains anti-aging fruit extracts, and vitamin E. This is not the best liner I have ever used, but it is certainly not the worst. The liner retails for $23 USD.
This soft and creamy lipstick comes in 11 shades. I received Colette which is a warm and mid-tone creamy nude with peach undertones, and Lisette, which is a muted rose with chocolate leanings.  I found the formula to be highly pigmented, moisturizing and creamy.  The lipstick applied well, didn't feather and wore for a decent amount of time.  

Colette on left. Lisette on right.
While the shades sent were not ones I would pick for myself, it has been fun experimenting with new colors.  The lipsticks are handcrafted of pure, enriched natural plant waxes and vitamin E. They also have a SPF of 8 and touch of natural vanilla mint.  The lipstick retails for $23 USD
This non stick and light feeling gloss is really nice! I received Tender which is described as a soft, rich and velvety mid-tone rose sans étincellement. (Without sparkle/glitter) and Sultry, which is a sheer and shimmery toasty bronze.
Tender on left. Sultry on right.
The pigmentation was excellent and the wear time was decent. The gloss itself feels ultra hydrating and looks very shiny!  The formula features green tea extract and vitamin E and comes in 11 shades. The gloss retails for $22 USD

All in all I am quite impressed with the Votre Vu cosmetics in terms of quality. I'm not as impressed with the prices, as I think they are too high. If you become a Votre Vu "Brand Ambassador" and agree to sell Votre Vu products your discount can range from 30% to 50% but honestly I have no interest in becoming a seller. I kind of hope that they will drop this and offer the cosmetics at a more reasonable price point regardless of if you sell for the Votre Vu brand or not.

What say you?  Do you like any of the shades shown here?  Have you used Votre Vu cosmetics in the past?  What has been your experience?  Do you like the idea of incentive based makeup sales from individuals or would you rather buy direct from the company and bypass the independent sales people?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. I'm really into the replacement pans. Seriously brilliant. Everyone needs to take notes.

  2. Oooh awesome color intensity on all the products, nice!

  3. I am a fan of neutrals and love these colors!


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