Friday, August 29, 2014

Funny Friday

If you have a funny beauty meme or joke that you would like to see created or posted here, please feel free to e-mail it to me at:

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beauty Myths Debunked - 7 Makeup Myths

There are so many myths out there related to makeup and beauty I thought it would be nice to start a new series called Beauty Myths Debunked. I will try to debunk myths related to makeup, acne, skin care, hair care, nail polish, you name it.  If you have some questions you would like to send me, I would be happy to research them and report back in a new post (or e-mail you back if it's an urgent need to know).  Just send me your beauty myths to heyelvira (at) pinksith (dot) com.

This myth-busting theme is Makeup, specifically foundation/concealer and what it can do to your skin. Let's start with a myth that is my favorite..

1.  MYTH:  Sleeping in your makeup will age your skin.
Sure, sleeping in your makeup is not a good idea...ever, but sleeping in your makeup will not cause wrinkles.  Wrinkles are caused by age, sun exposure, dehydration, and life in general.  All that sleeping with makeup on can do is leave you with clogged pores and possibly acne.  Sleeping in eye makeup like mascara, will ruin your pillowcases, but could lead to irritation or an infection.  Always Use a cleanser and eye-makeup remover to get rid of all traces of makeup before going to bed. I recommend using an oil cleanser like the Eclos Oil Cleanser and follow up with a regular cleanser like Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. However, if you’re too tired to do a proper cleansing at the end of the day, keep a pack of makeup wipes on your bedside table for a quick "cleanse". I prefer the Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths. They remove most makeup (not waterproof makeup) and don't irritate your skin. 

2.  MYTH: In order to get the perfect foundation color, match it to your wrist.
Let me say this as simply as I can. Foundation should match your neck.   For many reasons, sun exposure, environmental stress, genetics, etc. the skin on our face is usually a different color  than the rest of our body.  In order successfully select a foundation shade, you need to make sure that the makeup gives a seamless look when adjoining areas of the body do not have makeup. Therefore, the best place to test for the correct foundation color is on the jawline. This will allow you to see how close the color match is to the neck. Just be warned that you may have to buy 2 shades of foundation to find a match or you may have to carry that foundation down from your face on to your neck...depending on what you need to cover. Blending is your friend!

3.  MYTH: You should take a makeup break to let your skin "breathe".
I know that most people mean "let your skin breathe" means going makeup free, having bare or almost bare skin. But you don't need to worry about suffocating your skin with makeup; it’s simply not possible.   Your skin does not have tiny little lungs but it does have pores.  Dirt, oil, pollution and makeup can build up in those pores so it it always good to cleanse your skin well and make sure those pores are clear. 

4.  MYTH: Use a darker foundation to make you look tan.
Please NO!!  Not only does a darker foundation make you look like you are wearing the wrong color foundation You end up with a noticeable jaw line demarcation where your "Tan" ends.  You can always use a self tanner designed for your face, like Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. This is a serum you add to your regular moisturizer and it gives you a gradual tan over a few days.  I like the fact that I can use it with products I already know work for my skin and don't break me out!  You can also project a tan appearance by using a bronzer applied to the tops of of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and chin. I find the Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess or the  Le Metier de Beaute Bronzer in Sunkissed to be the most natural looking bronzers I have used.  Plus they remove with a facial cleanser and don't need time to develop on your skin. I prefer the natural untanned look, so my use of bronzers is limited.

5.  MYTH: Wearing makeup every day is bad for your skin.
Sure, wearing tons of makeup can be a bit of a burden of your time, but not the skin on your face.  Wearing makeup consistently won’t actually make your skin worse. The real culprit of skin damage is not washing your makeup off that can be damaging to the skin (Clogged pores, skin irritation and acne).

6.  MYTH – Mineral makeup is better/safer because minerals are natural.
Newsflash! All makeup is made out of minerals.  Natural does not mean better. Arsenic is natural, doesn't mean you should add it to your beauty routine.  Mineral pigments give makeup products their color. Many people don't understand that some mineral makeup could  have other ingredients that are harmful to sensitive skin and could even cause cystic acne! For example, bismuth oxychloride can not only irritate sensitive skin by making it feel itchy, turn it red or start a rash, it can also be a culprit for acne forming. There are less irritating mineral makeup products out there, but don't feel compelled to use them just because you think it's better for your skin. However if you just MUST use mineral makeup as a foundation, some good mineral makeup brands that don't use bismuth oxychloride are Alima, Silk Naturals, and Purely Cosmetics.

7.  MYTH  To hide dark circles under your eyes, use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation.
Not only will a lighter color concealer accentuate the darkness under your eyes, it might make it look even worse!  Your concealer should match your skin-tone exactly in order to disguise under-eye darkness.  HOWEVER, if your under eye dark circles ate really excessive, you should consider using a color corrector first then applying a foundation matching concealer.  Color correctors will minimized the darkness under your eyes much better than just concealer.  If you have purple to blue toned under eye darkness you should look for a yellow/orange color corrector to neutralize the discoloration. To neutralize violet-blue tones use a yellow to peach color corrector. To neutralize red tones a green color corrector works best. I like the Lise Watier Portfolio Professional Corrector Concealer, as well as the NYX Cosmetics Concealer in a jar (Peach Lavender, Yellow and Green) and Makeup For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream palette.

Do you have any makeup myths you want to see busted or verified? Let me know in the comments section or send me an e-mail.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Lipstick League - week of 8.18.14


Question of the Week: If you could only wear one nail color for Fall 2014, which shade would it be? 

Answer: A dark vampy purple...of course!

Clumps of Mascara - can’t wait to try Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Basics palette! But...will she like it? Dun dun dunnnn!

Gouldylox Reviews - Wonder how something that calls itself "Bulletproof" actually stands up to smudging? Read the findings of my investigation of Too Faced's new Bulletproof Eyeliners!

My Beauty Bunny - What products does a beauty blogger spend her cash on? Check out my very favorite cruelty-free faves and see!

Nouveau Cheap - Your friendly neighborhood lip balm fanatic gave the new eos Visibly Soft Coconut Milk Lip Balm Sphere a whirl. Adorable packaging aside, is this worth a purchase? Click here to find out.

Pink Sith - agrees that saving money on beauty items is awesome. but sometimes “saving” costs more than the “splurge” as she explains in her recent post.

Prime Beauty - gets in touch with her sensual side (don't laugh!) with Laura Mercier's Sensual Reflections Collection for Fall 2014. Can it be soft and sexy at the same time? Find out!

Phyrra - Craving Fall? Check out my Colour Pop Fall Tutorial!

we heart this - No need to get out your fangs, we're giving away all 23 perfume oils in the BPAL Only Lovers Left Alive collection (based on the the Tilda Swinton/Tom Hiddleston vampire movie!)

Glitter.Gloss.Garbage -Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue switcharoo probably has you down in the dumps. No worries, I’m giving an original bottle away! Plus, some really cool dupes inside!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Clumps of Mascara - My girl Ren over at Makeup by Ren Ren creates an amaziiiing look using a cheap (yet powerful) little palette from Wet ‘n Wild.

Beauty Spotlight

Christine from 15 Minute Beauty is a busy lady.  She works full time, has a blog and a family.  She gets phone calls all night long for work, not to mention restless nights of sleep because of pregnancy issues!  It should come as no surprise that she has more concealer than a Sephora store.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Funny Friday

I decided to start a new series called Funny Friday.
Each week (or month) I will feature a meme or joke related to beauty.
The post will not have commentary, because if you have to explain the joke, it isn't funny.  

The jokes and memes will not always be created by me, but when they are, I will have my website name on it. You are free to copy, share and pin the images I create as long as you don't remove my watermark.  

If you have funny beauty meme's or jokes that you would like to see created and posted here, please feel free to e-mail them to me at:
heyelvira (at) pinksith (dot) com


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Black Eyeliner

A friend of mine posed the question:

How many black eyeliners does one really "need"?

Being that she is a makeup junkie, like myself, she has like minded friends and they justified owning a ton of black eyeliners because of the type (Pencil, Liquid, Gel, etc.) and Finish (Matte, Shiny, Shimmery, etc.)  I like these people!

I believe that one can own multiple types of liners. One liner is not going to do the job for different looks.  Black liner is the most basic and necessary of all the liners. A building block, if you will.

The first eyeliner I ever purchased was a black liner. It was actually one of those red Maybelline brow and eye pencils in black, but I loved the red casing of the pencil and it was the 80's everyone wore black liner...even the guys.

I used pencil liners forever, but quickly found that I was skilled enough in liquid liners to use those on a daily basis.  My current favorite liquid liner (I use it almost every day) is the Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner.  It's a deep black color with a micro fine brush. It's perfection.

I never got the hang of gel liners. I think my eyelids are too saggy to keep the brush from dragging and making me look like a clown. But I admire other people's handy work when it comes to gel liners. I still have a MAC Blacktrack gel liner from years ago. I keep it stored upside down and tightly sealed. So far it hasn't dried out or turned.

I did have a brief love affair with cake liners at one time. My most favorite being the Chanel La Linge de Chanel in Nior Lame.  I love the deep black and ease of application, but then I had a kid and time was precious so mixing a liquid with the cake liner took up too much time. Sacrifices had to be made.  I sill have that liner, and I use it on special occasions.

So if anyone questions how many [insert makeup item here] is too many?  Just point them in a makeup addict's direction. We're here to justify your purchases as well as your collection!

Do you have a favorite black liner?  Let me know in the comments section.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When Saving Costs More Than The Splurge


A little while back I listed a few Splurge VS Steal items. Basically I was showing you that some high end/more expensive items have suitable duplicates from other brands for much less money.  However, not everything can be duplicated, as I recently found out when I tried to find a less expensive dupe to my Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB Cream.

Let me start from the beginning.  My skin has drastically cleared up and has become less oily. YAY!!  What once was a perfect foundation (Ben Nye, Kat Von D, Edward Bess), now provides too much coverage and it can be drying for my skin in places.  I wanted a foundation with sheer coverage that would even out my skin tone and provide light moisturization.  I reached for my bottle of Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB SPF 20. (Review) At the time of my original review my skin was very different. I needed more coverage and was much oilier. Now with my skin under control the Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB was IDEAL for me.  Perfect color, perfect sheerness, perfect finish, just perfect all around.  But the $135 price tag gave me heart palpitations.  What was I going to do once I ran out? I certainly couldn't afford another bottle, could I?  I set out to find a less expensive alternative.

I tried the following:

1.  CoverGirl Smoothers SPF 15 BB Cream Tinted Moisture Fair to Light for $7.99. - Still AWFUL stuff. (review)  Still barely any coverage, still streaky and still an oily mess on my face. $7.99 down the drain.

2.  TheBalm BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer SPF 18 for $25. A Decent TM but The Color was off and by the end of the day it looked cakey and had settled into my pores. No Bueno.  $25 gone.

3.  Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation in Porcelain Ivory for  $10.99. A great color match but funky applicator and it settled into my pores like nobodys business.  I tried applying it with  my Sonia Kashuk Dual Fiber Brush and the finish was better but it turned cakey and oily in short time. $10.99 spent and lost.

4. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB for $14.18 it's jelly like texture was a tad too watery for me and never felt like it fully set on my skin.  The coverage was perfectly sheer and the color match was great, but the dewy texture didn't jive with my preference for office makeup. $14.18 poofed just like that!

5. INNISFREE Long Wear Cushion BB Cream for $16.80.This is a sponge infused with a liquid BB/foundation hybrid.  The coverage was a too opaque and it was impossible to blend. $16.80 off to South Korea never to be seen again.

6. Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying' BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 50 for $37.00. (Review) The coverage was OK, but I wanted something more sheer.  Plus the color match was a tad darker than I wanted. Oh Well $37 well spent, but not the perfect match.

7. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare CC Cream SPF 18 for $36.00. The CC Cream was nice and provided very sheer coverage. Almost too sheer! I couldn't tell it was on my skin at all.$36 went invisible like the CC cream on my face.

Adding up all I spent came to $147.96 not counting the shipping and tax. Sometimes you end up spending more to find a less expensive "dupe" than you would if you had just purchased the original in the first place.  Luckily I can still use most of the items I purchased as back ups or alternatives when I'm in the mood for a change, because none of them were awful, well except for the CoverGirl BB cream. That stuff ...ugh!   Lesson Learned. When I run out of the Omorovicza Complexion Perfector BB Cream. I'm buying a new one!

Have you experienced this before?  The only other time I would day this happened to me is with The Clarisonic.  Dupes to this facial brush just don't match the awesomeness of this tool.  Let me know your experiences in the comment section.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lipstick League

Question of the Week: When it comes to fall/winter, which beauty brand collections are you always excited to see?

Answer: Chanel, Dior and NARS. Always!!! For some reason I don't ever buy Dior Eyeshadow Quints but I love THINKING about buying them.  What about you? Le me know in the comments section.

EauMG - Are you completely over the heat? Cool down with EauMG’s guide to perfumes inspired by snow.

Gouldylox Reviews - Can you choose just one of the palettes for fall? I don't think I can....

My Beauty Bunny - Sun and hot weather stressing out your skin? Chill out with the Dermalogica Clear Start Cooling Masque - we saw visible results after just a few uses!

Nouveau Cheap - shares her first impressions (and swatches) of the entire Wet n Wild Summer 2014 Limited Edition Summer Festival Collection.

Pink Sith - International readers REJOICE! I’m holding a Giveaway for a Haughty Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette only for readers outside of the USA! Ends August 20th so enter today!

Prime Beauty - (and even more top bloggers) give you the birds-eye-low-down on their Top 10 Drugstore Picks!

Phyrra - Need help choosing a neutral companion? Phyrra compares Urban Decay Pulp Fiction vs. Naked Basics vs. Naked 2 Basics so you can choose the best palette for your skintone!

we heart this - Check out our Top Ten Favorite Drugstore Products and see if you agree with our picks!

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beauty Spotlight

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog had a swatchfest with the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Solo Eyeshadows because they are utterly delectable!

Carrie from eyeliner on a cat shares what she's Currently Loving from two of her favorite brands, Atopalm and Korres.

Mostly Sunny is a junkie for gel liner in pencil form. She has tried one that she likes, she has tried another that she hates. The new Hourglass 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Eye Liner however, is pure love!

Prime Beauty has fallen HARD for the new LORAC PRO Palette 2, take a look at her swatches and you will fall too!

Splurge or Steal? The Pink Sith has a brief list of beauty items where you can save tons of cash and still look amazing!

Back to school time has got Jessika from polish insomniac in the mood to get Back To Basics with her eye makeup! Check out her favorite purchases in this week's Friday Favorites!

Sometimes, catacombs are full of the risen dead. Sometimes, they're full of shiny lipstick loot! The Painted Rogue has been loving some luxury with three Guerlain Rouge Automatiques! But then, who doesn't love a lipstick that leaves your lips feeling soft and hydrated?

When you just gotta shop there's always the drugstore. See what Beauty Info Zone likes to spend money on when that urge comes on.

Christa at Perilously Pale has been busy reviewing all five looks in the extensive Dior Fall 2014 Colour Collection. Check out one of her favourites for everyday, Bar Grey.

Japanesque launches a gorgeous new collection of primers! Pammy Blogs Beauty tries them out and realizes that she is a primer-girl after all!

Need help choosing a neutral companion? Phyrra compares Urban Decay Pulp Fiction vs. Naked Basics vs. Naked 2 Basics so you can choose the best palette for your skintone!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

National Relaxation Day with Neutrogena

Slow down… Breathe. Relax.
Today, August 15th and it's National Relaxation Day.
Today is all about winding down and taking it easy.
If you’re lucky enough to have the day off work, like me, why not indulge in a nice mini spa day? Then maybe binge watch something on Netflix and maybe a light stroll around the neighborhood…or not if your neighbors stress you out.  Either way, relax!

I'm going to start my day by taking a relaxing bath using Neutrogena's Rainbath Renewing Shower and Bath Gel in Pear and Green Tea scent.  It's a lovely light floral/green scent that might just make me want to stay in that bath all day.  After the bath I'll indulge in the Neutrogena's Body Oil as an all over moisturizer for my body.  Later on I'm going to give my hair a nice deep conditioning and repair it by using the Neutrogena Professional Triple Repair Leave-In Treatment. (Reviewed HERE) Lastly, throughout the day I'm gong to treat my hands (and feet) with Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula Hand Cream to keep them soft and smooth.

What are you going to do for National Relaxation Day?  Let me know in the comments section.

Shop This Post:

Splurge VS Steal Beauty Products

I think it's fun to buy makeup. I adore certain brands like Chanel, NARS, YSL, etc.  But I don't like wasting money. There are some beauty items I will splurge on like foundation, for example.  If I find the right one for my skin type, I "need" to buy it no matter what the cost!  Mascara is so subjective, what works for me, may not work for you, so I spend what I like on mascara if it works.  My philosophy is this:
If you spend time and money trying to find a dupe for "that perfect, but expensive, product", you will end up spending more money and time trying to find a decent dupe than you would, if you just purchased "that perfect, but expensive, product" in the first place.  However that doesn't mean you have to break the bank on every beauty product.  Pick your battles in life just as you pick your splurges.  

I have compiled a brief and incomplete list of Splurge VS Steal items I have personally used and found to be just as good as the pricey originals.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Top 10 Tuesdays - Top 10 Drugstore Beauty Products


Hi! I'm back with Top 10 Tuesdays. After taking a little hiatus, I knew I just couldn't resist sharing with you my top ten drugstore beauty products!

So without further ado!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Beauty Spotlight with Pammy Blogs Beauty

Ever wondered, "What are the on-the-go essentials are for a busy Mommy Beauty Blogger?" Pammy Blogs Beauty opens up her "Mommy Bag" to share her basic, beauty, and baby/toddler go-to items! Not to mention, you have to check out her chic version of a baby bag. Hey, now that Pammy is over 40, a mother of 2, and lives in the burbs, it doesn't mean that she has lost her cool, lol (never, gasp)!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Haughty Cosmetics Pressed Satin Luxury Eyeshadow Giveaway ONLY for International Readers

Isn't it about time someone had a giveaway that included international readers?  That someone I'm talking about is ME! And the answer is YES! It's PAST time to hold an international giveaway for my readers.

Eyeshadow quad in Treat. Image from

It's so crappy how the regulations for sending mail FROM the USA, TO Anywhere are so strict. Liquids are questionable, nail polish and fragrances with alcohol are considered HAZMAT and forbidden, so what's an American Beauty Blogger to do?

Eyeshadow quad in Impress. Image from

Hold a giveaway for an eyeshadow quad! Of course!  Eyeshadow is POWDER, which is still allowed to be shipped (for now) and it's compact so the package size and weight will be small which in turn cuts down on shipping costs!  Genius!

Eyeshadow Quad in Enhance. Image from

So here is the deal. I will purchase (with my own money) for one lucky winner a Haughty Cosmetics Pre Made Pressed Satin Luxury Eyeshadow quad in the color of your choice (8 quads to chose from) and send it to you as the giveaway prize! But, in order to be eligible to enter you must be a non-USA resident and over 18 years of age.

Eyeshadow Quad in Define. Image from

Questions about eligibility? Read my helpful Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I live in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. Can I enter?
A: YES! (Even Canadians can enter!)

Q: I live in Singapore. Am I eligible to enter?
A: YES! It's so humid there but you are eligible!

Q: I live in Dallas, Texas. Can I enter?
A: NO! As much as everyone would like Texas to secede from the USA, it is still a state and part of the USA. Sorry.

Q: I live in Puerto Rico or other US territory. Am I eligible?
A: Actually YES! But only because they were excluded from the last giveaway. The US Postal Service can sometimes charge as much as international rates for these locations. Lucky Ducks, You get to live on a tropical island AND enter this giveaway!

Q: I am under 18 and live in the North Pole in an ice hut on a glacier. May I enter?
A: NO! You must be at least 18 to enter AND you must live in a place that where US Mail can be delivered.

Q: I live in Libya, Malta and/or Syria. Am I eligible to enter?
A: No. Sadly the US Postal Service (USPS) has declared that all mail to  Libya, Malta and Syria is suspended until further notice.  For more information on service alerts for your country you can check the USPS website HERE.

Q: I am a Robot Llama that lives in Peru. Am I eligible to enter?
A: NO! Not because you live in Peru, but because you are a robot llama.

Any questions?

Eyeshadow quad in Enlighten. Image from

And now for the rules:
This giveaway is open to International/Non Contiguous USA Residents ONLY. I can only ship the prize to a country that accepts Mail from the US Postal Service (USPS). You must be 18 or older to enter.  In order to enter the giveaway, use the rafflecopter widget below. (You may need to wait for it to load. If it does not load, please go to the main page and scroll down to this post.) The only required entry is leaving a blog comment. However, you can earn extra entries by following me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also gain extra entries by following Haughty Cosmetics on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Plus you can get an extra entry every day by tweeting about the giveaway through the rafflecopter widget.  The giveaway ends on August 20, 2014. The verified winner will be contacted no later than the 21st of August, 2014. The verified winner will have 3 business days to respond to my e-mail with their color preference for one (1) Haughty Cosmetics Pressed Satin Luxury Eyeshadow Quad in their choice of color from any of the pre-made quads.  If the verified winner does not respond within 3 business days, a new verified winner will be selected.  For more information on this blog's official rules for giveaways please read HERE.

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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