Monday, September 22, 2014

Official Photographs

Whenever someone goes missing or dies unexpectedly the news outlets always use THE WORST photographs of the Victim/Deceased.  Therefore I would like to officially declare the following pictures be used if I ever follow the same fate.

If I ever disappear /go missing I would like news outlets to use the following picture:

If I ever die unexpectedly I would like news outlets to use this image:

If I ever win the lottery I demand that the lottery board use the following photograph of me: 

If I am ever accused of embezzlement or other financial fraud I would like the following picture used to represent me:

If I ever given a political appointment like Secretary Of state or something like that, I would like THESE pictures used:

And if Daniel Craig is ever single again, I would like to use the following image as my Profile pic on OKCupid:

If Rush Limbaugh is ever single again I will change my profile pic from the one above to this one...just to be safe:

And last, but not least, If I ever win a Peabody, Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar, or any other type of award. I insist that the following photo be used:

I don't know if I can make those demands once I has passed on or gone missing, but I do hope that someone out there will respect my wishes.  The last thing I want is a candid photo showing my double chin, back fat, or ginormous mole on my jaw to the public at large.  I think this is as important as signing a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order.  If I am ever found or brought back to life, I will be so totally embarrassed that a crappy photo will be associated with me for my entire life! 

I have also made plans with Mr. Sith to pluck the three stray hairs I grow on my chin and to keep my eyebrows groomed if I should ever fall into a coma or am incapacitated to the point where operating a tweezer is beyond my abilities. 

Just thought you should know.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

6 Steps To Make A Great First Impression At A Job Interview

Did you know it only takes about 1/10th of a second to make a first impression?  Like it or not, judgments based on our appearance play a powerful role in how we are treated.  So how do you make a good first impression in a job interview without uttering a word? I have been a recruiter for almost 20 years and I have seen everything when it comes to interview attire and appearance. I have also witnessed first hand how hiring managers react to the appearance of candidates.  In a fair world, it wouldn't matter what you look like, but we all know this world isn't fair.  Most of these suggestions are for a moderate to conservative office environment. Obviously, an interview at MAC for a makeup artist position or an interview for any other very creative type position might not need to follow these guidelines as closely. But I still think everything applies whether you are interviewing for an Executive Management position or for a Cashier at McDonalds.  

Here are six tips to help you make a great first impression and have the manager focus on your skills rather than your looks!

1. Dress For Success.
Make sure you understand what kind of office environment you are entering. Is it conservative, artsy, casual? Getting a handle on that will guide you for the rest of the steps to get ready.  Make sure your clothing is neat, clean, free of wrinkles and office appropriate. This isn’t the time for that neon pink suit and low cut blouse. And unless you are interviewing at the circus, keep your outfit simple and polished. A smart blouse and skirt or tailored pants will win every time over a sundress or capri pants! Obviously a suit would be preferable for an office position, but try to keep everything neutral and avoid flashy jewelry and accessories. You don't want to be remembered for your clothing, you want to be remembered for your expertise!

Real Life Example: I was interviewing candidates for an entry level manufacturing position. The woman who showed up for the interview arrived in short shorts and a tube top which exposed her belly button and wore flip flops. The outfit alone was inappropriate for an interview but also violated the company's dress code. Even if she was hired for the position, she could never have worn that to work.  The manager was so embarrassed by her lack of clothing he blushed just looking at her.

Items to try:
ROMWE Dot Print Asymmetric White Blouse $30
Theory Rhin Austell Pencil Skirt $113
Ivanka Trump Kayden 4 Pump $70
Cole Haan Bellport Leather Tote with Nylon Insert $140

2. "Hand" It To Neatness.
Aside from a firm handshake you want to make sure your nails are neat and groomed. Nothing says "I don't pay attention to details" like raggedy nails and crime scene cuticles. An interview is also not the place to test out that crackle nail polish! Wild colors are also something you might want to avoid. Consider treating yourself to a basic manicure the day before the interview. If you don't want to do that, soak your cuticles in olive oil for 15 minutes, rinse and then buff your nails to a nice shine.

Real Life Example: I once had a woman interview while donning a Kelley Green manicure.  All the manager could talk about after the interview was her nails and how distracting they were.  She completely forgot about the candidate's skills.  I bet that was not the lasting impression she wanted to leave.

3. Put Your Best "Face" Forward.
The night before the interview is NOT the time to test out a new facial mask or treatment. You never know how your skin is going to react. Cleanse like you normally do, exfoliate your lips and apply a good amount of lip balm. Keep your brows looking neat by tweezing away stray hairs and keeping that mono-brow in check. Do you want to be referred to as "Bert from Sesame Street" when the managers are trying to remember all the candidates they interviewed?  I think not.  When it comes to interview make-up the mantra is: “Less Is More”! Interview makeup should be kept as neutral as possible. A neutral eyeshadow, simple liner and not too much mascara are ideal. Minimal blush and a "your lips but better" gloss or lipstick are great finishing touches to your "interview face". 

Real Life Example: I had a woman interview for a secretarial position who had applied so much bronzer that her face was an Oompa Loompa shade of orange. The make up ended harshly at her jawline and the neck and chest were alabaster white. It seriously looked like she was wearing a mask.  While she looked appalling, her skills and references were not as good as another candidate we interviewed so that is why she wasn't hired. But I have to think that her judgement could be called into question if she chooses to walk around like that. As a makeup blogger I REALLY wanted to give her some feedback on her makeup, but it wouldn't have been appropriate or professional of me to do so at the time.

Items to try:
CHANEL JOUES CONTRASTE Powder Blush in Innocence $45
Rouge Bunny Rouge - Original Skin Blush in Delicata $28
NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Bellissima $35
Burberry Beauty Sheer Eye Shadow - 22 Pale Barley $29
Burberry Beauty 'Lip Mist' Natural Sheer Lipstick - Field Rose $33
Clarins 'Rouge Eclat' Lipstick in Candy Rose $27
Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in Uber Pink $26

4. A "Hairy" Situation.
When it comes to your hair, just keep it simple. Try to avoid using flashy hair accessories, keep your hair pulled back or styled in a way where you won’t be tempted to play with it during the interview.

Real Life Example:  I had an applicant show up for an interview with Shipping and Receiving. The woman who arrived for the interview had a lot of hair. I mean A LOT! and she kept whipping it back and forth during the interview to a point where I almost thought it was some sort of nervous tick.  Then, during the interview with the manager, she proceeded to play with it twirling it through her fingers and letting it fall in front of her eyes. The manager actually lost eye contact with the applicant because her hair was covering both of her eyes.  Needless to say, she didn't get the job. Reference checks also showed that her hair was a major issue at her last employer as well!

Items to try:
Elle Fabric Oval Loop Headwrap $8.50
Capsule Ponytail Clip $18
MuchTooMuch Uncommon Character Headband $10.99

5. Have Some Sense About Scent.
It’s best if you avoid perfume or scented creams when you interview. More people are reporting allergies to fragrance these days, so why risk offending the interviewer because your signature scent causes her to sneeze? Or worse yet, what if your perfume is the same that the manager's evil ex wife used to wear? Do you really want to remind him of HER during the interview?

Real Life Example:  I had a woman interview for an engineering position that wore so much perfume to mask the smoke that her cigarettes left on her clothing it was almost impossible to sit in a closed room with her.  My eyes actually began to water and I was getting nauseous during the interview.  I warned the hiring manager before she went in about the "smell" and suggested keeping the door open during the interview.  The manager laughed me off and said she could take it.  A few minutes after starting the interview, the door was opened by the manager and she excused herself in the middle of the interview just to get some fresh air.  After the candidate left and for the rest of the day, the room smelled like the candidate. YUCK!

Item to try:
Febreeze Free-Nature Fabric Refresher - Unscented $5.99

6. A Winning Smile
Most important: Don’t forget to SMILE! All the planning in the world won’t help you if you don’t look excited to be there. Oh, and remember to brush and floss your teeth too!

Real Life Examples:  a) I had a candidate that came in to interview that never once smiled, not even a grin. He sat with his arms crossed across his chest the entire interview. At the end of the interview I couldn't tell if he was nervous or mad at me.  b) I had another candidate interview that must have eaten a Caesar salad right before the interview. Aside from the heavy garlic smell on his breath, there was a huge green leaf of lettuce wedged between his two front teeth! It was beyond gross and distracting. I tried to offer him a mint before the manager came in, but he refused. 
Do you have any helpful tips for interviews or making a great first impression. Please share them in the comments section.  Also if you have any interview "horror" stories where either you were the candidate or the interviewer, please feel free to share as well!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Funny Friday

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top 10 Tuesdays - Top 10 Gold and Silver Cosmetics

Top 10 Tuesdays is back with the Top 10 Silver and Gold Beauty Products.  While it would be easy to show you a ton-o-nail polishes I thought I would leave that the the nail bloggers in this group and focus on makeup.  So without further ado...

My Picks for Top 10 Gold and Silver Makeup

2. Estée Lauder 'Pure Color' Gelée Powder Eyeshadow in Cyber Gold
Both retail for $24 and they are the smoothest, most pigmented metallic powder shadows I have ever used. You can apply them with a sponge applicator for intense color or with a brush for a more shimmery effect. They can also be "foiled" on using a damp brush for super intense, look like you have gold or silver leaf on your eyes color

3. Lancôme 'Artliner 24 Hour' Bold Color Precision Eyeliner in Silver
Retailing for $30.50, you will spend a pretty penny for this muted plum like silver, but its unique color and almost foolproof applicator make it worth every penny.  Plus it lasts like no body's business on your lids.

5.  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Crème Colour Concentrate in Mercury
For a mere $20 you can own this multi-use creme makeup product that works for eyes, lips, cheeks, pretty much anywhere you want color, their OCC Creme Color Concentrate will give it to you.  The metallics are super pure and shiny.  Let's face it, you could totally rock a silver lip.

6.   NARS The Multiple in Undress Me
OK. So it's not a pure silver, but this $39  multi-use product for eye lips and cheeks will impart a frosty silver glow with a touch of pink to keep you from looking corpse-like...unless that's your thing, which I totally respect.

At only $2 for the Silver and $1.60 for the gold, you might as well pick up both.  Your lashes will not turn fully silver or gold with these mascaras, but they will shimmer and sparkle. This glitter top coat for lashes comes with a brush-less applicator so as to not clump up your current mascara. It leaves a shimmery glittery sheen to lashes that is ... well awesome for only $2 or less!

That a mouth full for a name!  But this $20 lip gloss will impart that golden shimmer on top of your current lipstick or when worn, alone, give a shimmery warm glow that will make you lips look so kissable. I have not reviewed many Smashbox glosses here, but I own several. They are all creamy and not too sticky. Plus, helloooo! Gold Shimmer Gloss makes your pout look super pouty!

The Crystal Cove highlighter paper has a shimmery white gold finish. Perfect for on the go application this $28 booklet of 50 powder infused papers will allow you to apply just where you want without the fuss of a brush. 

Check out these other terrific blogs for more Gold and Silver Cosmetics!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Funny Friday

If you have funny beauty meme's or jokes that you would like to see created and posted here, please feel free to e-mail them to me at:

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