Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You don't NEED A Valentine on Valentine's Day

Shortly before I met Mr. Sith the only other time I actually had a boyfriend during Valentine's Day was when I was in 11th grade.  After that I was terminally single on that "Special" day.  I hated Valentine's Day.  I would say, "Why can't you tell someone you love them every day and not wait until February 14th?" or "This is a Hallmark Holiday! It's meaningless." or "F*CK Valentine's Day!"  But deep down inside I was sad.  REALLY sad. The sad that your heart actually aches. I would be so low on Valentine's day I would hole up in my dorm or apartment and cry and cry and cry. I'm not afraid to admit that I bought into the societal pressure that one must have a partner in life and one must especially have a partner on Valentine's Day. But the year before I met Mr. Sith I had an epiphany. 

You don't need a Valentine on Valentines day...or any day, for that matter.

Oh there are thousands of self help articles out there that say "You have to love yourself before anyone else will love you back." I call BS on that. I didn't completely love myself when I met Mr. Sith. But he taught me that even with my flaws I was lovable.  So I am here to tell you that:

a) You don't need a valentine on Valentine's Day
b) You don't need to love yourself before someone will love you back. You just need to be open to the concept that you are lovable with or without all of your perceived flaws.

Companionship is awesome, but don't get down because you haven't found the right one.   As my friend Oz Longworth wrote:

"You matter. You have value. Not because someone thinks you're sexy or sends overpriced shit to your job. You have value because you're here on this earth when a lot of people didn't make it. These days, when there's something around every other corner that could kill you, I'd say that's a pretty big deal."  -  Oz Longworth - Contributing writer to Black Nerd Problems and virtual friend

If your goal is to meet someone and love them so much that they have the benefit of all you have to give, then cool. But just because you don't have that right now doesn't mean you need to feel down, just be the love of your OWN life until you meet that special someone...or not.

OK. But if you want tome single lady tips for getting though Valentine's Day without a valentine, here are a few suggestions:

Valentine's Day Gifts:
You have been bombarded with ads for crappy jewelry, flowers and candy since early January. It's been practically driven into your skull that you MUST HAVE ALL THE THINGS in order to be happy on Valentine's day. 
If you are motivated by candy and jewelry, that's OK. Go buy it for yourself.  You don't need someone to buy it for you. If you like Godiva, well march into the Godiva store and order a one pound box.  The sales clerk cares not who you are buying it FOR, they are just happy to have a sale.  If you like that "he went to Jared", why wait for this imaginary "He" to go. Drive yourself there and pick out something nice for yourself.  You deserve it.  Know why?  Because YOU DO!

Valentine's Day Dinner
What do you do the "big night" where annoying couples are making lovey dovey eyes at each other over an expensive meal?  Ignore them.  Choose one of your favorite places that allows for take out, (I do not recommend getting a table for one on Valentine's Day unless you are a complete masochist.) and eat at home. No one is going to judge you for eating filet mignon in your yoga pants and ripped t-shirt.  And if they do...f*ck 'em. Do you really care what the delivery guy thinks of you? 

Valentine's Day Pampering
Why not pamper yourself.  It's a great time to do that hair mask, face mask and long soak using those Lush Bath Bombs you have been saving up. It's not like you couldn't do this any other day, but why not treat yourself, since you are now your own Valentine.

Valentine's Day Drinking
If you like to drink, open a good bottle of wine for yourself. Make silly girly drinks with whipped cream flavored vodka, indulge in a single malt scotch.  Heck. Go buy that pink champagne you have always wanted to try.  There are no rules that say you can't drink alone. And lest you buy into the lonely woman drinking red wine between tears streaming down her face, don't. It's BS. Drinking alone (not to excess) is perfectly fine. Why must everything be done in pairs?

Valentine's Day Entertainment
Speaking of streaming...Netflix, HULU, Amazon, whatever. Why not watch a marathon of Orange is the New Black, or catch up on Arrow?  Trust me when I say that half of those couples at the fancy schmancy dinner would rather being binge watching Breaking Bad.  Better yet, watch a fun movie like Simply Ballroom and start dancing around your apartment. No one cares, and if they do, f*ck 'em.

Sure it's easy for me to opine about this subject because I actually have a valentine, but I have lived years and years without one so I know the feeling. Don't be sad. Be glad that you are you and you're here on this planet and you have chocolate and Netflix. I know I am.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my readers. I Love You!

Who Wore It Best?

image from tomandlorenzo.com
The 2015 Grammys were about as interesting to me as watching paint dry. I like music that isn't usually part of award shows. Bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rammstein, and Metallica don't usually make it up to the big stage.  Plus, I am hopelessly stuck in the 1990's as far as music goes. I could listen to Alice In Chains, Sound Garden and Rage Against The Machine all day and be quite content.  But I realize that people like popular music and I caught a glimpse of Rihanna and Kanye and Sir Paul McCartney signing on The Grammys and was awestruck at how stunning Rihanna looked.  She wore this smart woman's tuxedo with a sparkly diamond choker necklace.  The simple smokey eye along with nude lips and glistening skin was all that her look needed to seal the deal. The next morning I heard people joking about what Rihanna wore and I thought, "What's the big deal about a woman wearing a tux?"  It wasn't until I saw a picture of Rihanna in her pink Giambattista Valli couture silk and tulle gown that I understood.

So here we are again with Who Wore it Best. I'll let you all vote.  Below you can see my suggestions for her simple nude makeup look.

1. Rihanna or Barbie Doll Cake 

2. Rihanna or Hostess Sno Balls 

3. Rihanna or Pinky the Ghost from Pacman video game

4. Rihanna or Pink Pygmy Puff from Harry Potter

I think Rihanna wore it best, but those Hostess Sno Balls are a pretty close second.

As for her loveliness'  makeup...Her makeup was bronzy and shimmery. She wore a shimmery bronze shadow on her eyelids and lots of lengthening mascara. Her skin was highlighted and her lips were kept neutral. She looked simply stunning!

I recommend:
Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Incognito 316 A pinky beige neutral with lots of built in shine. $22 (Reviewed HERE)

NARS Illuminator in Laguna (Brown with a golden shimmer) $30


What say you?  

Oh and lest you think I am exclusively making fun of women, I'm not.  I have one of the Jonas Brothers here and I believe Pee-Wee Herman wore it better

Monday, February 2, 2015

Who Wore it Best?

Katy Perry's Half Time Stupid Bowl performance went off without a hitch. She was fun, entertaining, cute and looked amazing!  Her multiple costume changes were dazzling and her winged black and glittery eyeliner combo was stupendous!  But I am asking myself who wore Katy Perry's outfit better. I'll let you be the judge.

A) Katy or Bam Bam Bigelo professional Wrestler

B) Katy or a Flaming Hot Cheetos bag

C) Katy or The Heat Miser from the 1974 Children's TV Special The Year Without a Santa Claus

D) Katy or Will Ferrell in Blades Of Glory

Oh and if you want to recreate her makeup look I suggest using the following Urban Decay products.
Urban Decay Cosmetics 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Perversion $19
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Glamrock and Cowboy $19
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb $22

I do this not just because I am in love with their 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, but also because UD makeup could last through an entire hot sweaty halftime show and press conference!  For the record, Katy Perry wore Cover Girl makeup described HERE.

So give me your vote on who wore it best in the comments section!
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