Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fragrance Flashback


Because I have no original ideas and the best stuff on the Internet is stolen from someone else I decided to inspired by a question that my beauty blogger buddy, Louise from Get Lippie posted on FaceBook.

What fragrance(s) did you wear as a teenager?

I racked my brain and realized I was as fickle then, as I am now. I wore a lot of different fragrances.  Some I still remember how they smell and others I have completely forgotten. 

Let's start with the one I first remember wearing:


A powdery abomination introduced in 1974 and still being worn today. The main fragrance note is a Powdery Floral. Today I don't think I could even stand it but back then I felt VERY sophisticated as it was my first fragrance.  The advertisements...well they were just creepy


AmIRight?  Yikes! That would NOT fly in today's advertising world!


Oh the bottle is what sold me. It was the ultimate preppy fragrance.  The deep red glass square bottle was very unique to me and the scent?  Well let's just say that I DOUSED myself in it.  One of my first blog posts was about this fragrance and a story about a kid named Jose and pistachios.  You can read more HERE.  Created in 1978 this fragrance was Ralph Lauren's first fragrance for women. The feminine, floral bouquet had green top notes and dried down to a powdery base of wood and spices. The heart of this fragrance contained rose, carnation and violet. Rose was soon to become my favorite scent of all time.


The opaque glass and metal bottle intrigued me, but the fact that my parents wouldn't purchase this fragrance for me made me want it even more. They probably didn't buy it because they knew I didn't need it or thought it was too expensive, but either way, I still remember wanting it so bad.  This scent was created in 1978, but I remember wanting to wear it much later than that. Maybe mind 1980's?   I have forgotten what it smells like but looking it up on the Internet it seems that it has all the makings of a scent I would have liked at that age.  According to "Anais Anais is a ultra-feminine fresh, rich and romantic bouquet of flowers. Transparent orange blossom with heady hyacinth open the composition. The intensive floral heart blends sweet rose, delicate white lily and magical jasmine. The base is composed of comforting amber, warm sandalwood with a tender touch of mysterious incense."  Sounds perfect to me. I might sniff it today and be repulsed, but I might also just pick up a small vial for nostalgia.


Another Cacharel fragrance. They were quite the powerhouse in the 70's and 80's.  Lou Lou was a very popular fragrance and one of the top selling perfumes of the 1980's.  Created in 1987 this fragrance had a dividing effect on people. You either loved it or hated it.  I thought I remember it being slightly powdery but floral as well. A rich scent that could be easily overwhelming.  The Tiare Flower at the heart of the perfume is what divided people. The Orris combined with vanilla and balsam that makes me remember the powder. Again, the bottle design was one of wonder. Opaque powder blue glass with a red spiked top. How exotic!


Oh this was the HEIGHT of sophistication for me.  A "Real" perfume that you had to purchase in a department store.  Ysatis was a fragrance I loved for not only the bottle design which had sharp edges and reminded me of a modern take on Art Deco, but the the richness of it.  Marketed as the scent of Luxury, the mid 1980's was the perfect time for this fragrance. While it was created in 1984, I didn't discover it until 1988.  The top notes of citrus gave way to the heart of jasmine, rose and iris. The base of amber and vetiver and sandalwood made this a heady scent that I wouldn't even dare to wear today. My white floral and rose preference has ruined me for anything so bold now a days.  But this is a scent I have even dreamed about. Wearing it made me feel seductive and sophisticated.  I will HAVE TO find a small vial to keep on hand to sniff once in a while to transport me back to the 1980's asymmetrical hair cuts, pegged jeans and new wave music that was my foundation.

What about you?
What are some of the scents you remember wearing as a teen into your early 20's?  If you are a teen or in your early 20's what sort of fragrance are you currently enjoying? I would love to read your comments!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lise Watier Quatour Imagine Eyeshadow Quartet - Review, Pictures, Swatches



I was sent the Lise Watier Quartour Imagine Eyeshadow Quartet along with the blush I reviewed earlier. This limited edition eyeshadow quad has a blend of warm and cool shades all in one compact. The mixture of Ivory, Pink, Marine Blue and Charcoal Grey are all frosty shades that blend well and have decent pigmentation.


The shadows are not too soft and not too hard, but they can be slightly on the powdery side if you aren't careful with application. The shadows went on smoothly and lasted fairly well when I used an eyeshadow base underneath them.


While the colors were pretty and I am able to develop many different eye looks form these 4 colors, I felt that this selection wasn't very "Spring" like at all. It felt closer to a Winter collection to me. In fact, since we are JUST getting into Spring, I wore this quad a lot during the Winter, but it can make the transition from Winter to Spring quite well because of the pastel nature of some of the shades.


Speaking of Winter, I just saw the move Frozen for the second time...under protest. I really do not like Musicals let alone DISNEY Musicals. They are always so dang tragic...and the songs....ugh. I just don't like musicals. I can tolerate The Wizard Of Oz as a musical and perhaps...West Side Story, but that's about it. It's one breaks into song and a choreographed number at the drop of a hat, especially in times of crisis. I just can't deal.


Then there is the Disney part of the equation. Now I know Frozen was adapted from a Hans Christian Andersen story and good old Hans had it in for parents and had some sort of Orphan fetish, but does every parent have to die in every dang Disney story? Can you name me one Disney musical where at least ONE parent wasn't dead? No. You can't. (If you can, please e-mail me so I can plausibly deny any knowledge of being wrong in the comments section of this post.) In the Frozen musical BOTH parents eat it at the bottom of the sea in a shipwreck. (Note that the Little Mermaid, Ariel, swims among the lost souls of that shipwreck like the evil leviathan that she is.) So now we are left with 2 orphan princesses, one of which has special powers to freeze things that she is thanks to her parents.


Oh my gosh, they were THE WORST parents EVER! After getting a bunch of rocks to save one of their daughters' life the parents do the EXACT OPPOSITE of the advice they were given for dealing with a child with "special needs"(...heh. I just realized that Elsa really IS a "Special Snowflake"!) That boulder told them that LOVE thaws and LOVE heals. But what do these nimrod parents do? They tell Elsa to bury her feelings deep down inside of her, causing her to have control issues and a "freedom complex" until she finally loses control of her powers and practically destroys her entire Kingdom. Stupid twerps! What was it they drilled into that girl's head? Oh yeah, "Conceal. Don't Feel." That's EXACTLY NOT what that talking pebble told them to do. I don't remember that boulder telling the parents to lock Elsa up in a castle until she is safe to be around? I don't think that verbalizing gravel told the parents to teach Elsa to be scared of herself. It said PURE LOVE HEALS! AND Another thing! Why didn't that Swen guy remember when the KING AND QUEEN went to his "adoptive" cobblestone parents for help to "cure" their afflicted daughter all those years ago? I think that would be a memory that would stay with you for some time. Right? Well, maybe not. After all, he hung out with articulating stones...I'm sure he saw weirder stuff than that. And what the heck happened to HIS parents? But I digress.


My POINT is, Disney Musicals are always so screwed up. Aside from the insipid singing, the dead parent(s) and easily avoidable misunderstandings from foreshadowing, I thought Frozen was a decent story. In other words. I only like the parts with Olaf the talking snowman.


So what does my rant have to do with the Lise Watier Quartour Eyeshadow Quad? Nothing. I just needed to get that off my chest.


Do you NEED the Lise Watier Quartour Imagine Eyeshadow Quartet? Maybe. It has some pretty colors, but they aren't unique so you might have a dupe of them in your collection already. As I said above, the quality is decent and the shadow lasts fairly well when using an eyeshadow base, but at $36 for the compact, I'm not sure if this is a MUST HAVE. You certainly could do worse for even more money, so if you like the colors and want a limited edition item, this might be the one to pick up. You can purchase the Lise Watier Quartour Imagine Eyeshadow Quartet directly from the Lise Watier website.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine



Now that the warmer weather is FINALLY starting to make an appearance, it's time to start thinking about your skin care routine. Your skin may undergo some changes from the change in the weather/humidity/temperature, but it might also undergo changes because of age and hormone levels.  Here are some reminders for making sure your skin care routine keeps up with the seasons.


1. Sunscreen
I know a lot of people skip it in the Winter (even though they shouldn't) but now is the perfect time to re-introduce a sunscreen to your daily skin care routine.  I prefer a chemical sunscreen but you can use a physical or combo chemical & physical sunscreen, whatever works for you.  Read more about sunscreens HERE.


2. Cleanse Twice Daily
Going to bed in your makeup will age you tremendously. As you can read in this article, sleeping in your makeup will cause premature aging, skin agitation and discoloration. So if you are so dead tired you can't bring yourself to the skin before you crash, at least keep a packet of makeup removing wipes on your bedside table. I prefer Aveeno Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes because they don't leave a greasy film and are fairly effective. But cleansing twice a day to remove makeup at night and in the morning to prep your skin, will have you glowing in no time.  And no, you don't need to scrub your skin squeaky clean every morning. Most days I use a Micellar Water like Bioderma and a cotton pad to remove last night's moisture and grime. Read more about Micellar Water HERE.


3. Moisturize
Just because the weather is getting warmer doesn't mean you should skip moisturizing. You still need a daily moisturizer to keep your skin healthy. Moisturizer acts as a barrier to the surface of the skin and an maintain a health pH balance.  It also plumps up the skin making fine lines less noticeable.  I really love the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer Stress Minimizing Daily Hydrator. It's a clean and simple moisturizer that calms my skin and just makes it happy. You can read my review HERE.


4. Hydrate From The Inside Out
I know everyone nags you to drink plenty of water, but it really is essential for healthy skin. The less dehydrated your body is, the less dull and dehydrated your skin will look. Lotion alone cannot make up for a dry body.  If you're sick of plain water, I found adding a few squirts of STUR water enhancer helps a lot. It's not overly strong and it uses stevia (a natural sugar- free sweetener) to lightly sweeten the water.  You can buy STUR HERE .


 5. Clean Brushes
If you are Spring Cleaning, don't forget to clean your makeup brushes as well. I found myself putting off cleaning bushes more and more until I started using Cinema Secrets Brush Cleanser.  I pour a little in a small bowl, swish my freshly used eyeshadow brush in it, wipe off the excess with a clean paper towel and viola. a clean makeup brush ready for my next use.  Since I started to regularly clean my makeup brushes I have noticed the instance of acne decreasing on my skin. You can purchase Cinema Secrets Brush cleanser from a variety of places. I got my last bottle HERE .

What sort of changes do you make to your skin care routine when the seasons change?  Share your tips in the comments section!

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