Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Purchase - Lancôme Erika F. Swoonworthy eyeshadow

I have been pining away over Lancôme Ombre Absolue Radiant Smoothing Eye-Shadow in Color # G40 (a.k.a Erika F) eye shadow for months. I heard a description and knew I had to have it. I wanted it, sight unseen. A grayish-silvery-sparkly-green. ::swoons:: that’s almost like a Greenish Taupe! Please note this shadow is in no way taupe buy traditional standards but still I keep thinking taupe when I use it. Maybe because I love taupe eye shadow so much and I have fallen in love with this shadow that I cannot separate the two. I don't know. That's something I'll have to talk to my shrink about. Regardless I was told it was a green so close to a silvery taupe that I could justify buying it! I can justify buying almost anything so this might not be a good example.

So I went about finding it. Apparently Lancôme does not carry this color in the US. It’s European/Asia only. Well boo hiss on Lancôme. I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a shadow I never saw. Then people started to post pictures of it on I knew then I HAD TO have it.

Last year I had a friend in Poland that offered to buy it for me. Oh but the exchange rate at the time was so terrible, the eye shadow would have cost me $45. Pass.

Six months ago, I had a friend in the US who “had connections” and could get it for me for around $30+. Things were a bit tight with money so I had to pass.

Then good old sent me one of those “we miss your money” e-mails. Buy from them and I save 7% and an additional 5% plus free shipping. Whoo Hoo! They got me again. I quickly went to the site and boo hiss. They didn’t have Erika F.

I bided my time. I waited and waited and looked and looked and they FINALLY got the color in again. $29.50 – 12% = $25.96! What a ridiculous price for an eye shadow! One eye shadow. And here I was forking over my hard earned money (OK. Not earned as it was a check from a family member for Christmas...but still) for ONE freakin eye shadow. I spent it begrudgingly. But note: I spent it none the less. I’m a bit crazy when it comes to “things I can’t have”. If I find an item I want, and then I find I can’t have it, I then MUST get it! Since it had been months…almost a year since I had pined away for gray-green perfection in powder form I spent the money. Oh well. Darthypie will just have to make do with only ONE Elmo toy for his birthday (just kidding)

It arrives. My expectations are high. I photograph the shadow before I actually use it because I’m crazy like that.
I swatch it.
Humm. It’s awfully sparkly.

I notice it’s a tad on the hard side.

Not as creamy as a Chanel or BECCA shadow

Humm. Is my interest waning?

I apply it to my eye. On the lower lid and blend it up to a soft finish.

Humm It blends fairly well actually.

It has a nice rich pigment and while it’s hard, I guess that’s a good thing because the glittery bits don’t fall out when I’m applying it. Of course I’m using a creamy eye shadow primer so that might help as well.

It’s not too glittery; however multiple applications could enhance the glitter.

I paired it recently with MAC Arctic Grey (From the recent Chill collection) and Arctic Grey is a glittery mess when compared to Erika F. Erika F is no where near as bad as Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy. I think it’s really not that glittery now that I think about it. It’s sparkly, but not glittery. Ugh. Enough about glitter!

The color.

Green. Silvery green. With a hint of olive but cool. Not warm. It has a grayish cast to it and hints of some very light tan/taupe…which makes this color a neutral green-grey versus a cool green-grey. It is unique. I have nothing quite like it in my arsenal of eye shadows. I truly have a lot of shadows and I have seen a lot of shadows and I must say that I have never seen anything quite like it. Perhaps it might be almost close to Urban Decay’s Shakedown which is a limited edition color only available in The Book of Shadows (as reviewed here by joeybunny) But honestly. Shakedown has gold flecks in it and Erika F has silver. Shakedown is a lot more opaque and a much warmer color than Erika F too. So draw your own conclusions. Some have said that Bare Essentuals Vine eye glimmer is similar but Vine is MUCH warmer and has no silver to it at all.

The verdict.


Unique color

Easy smooth application

Holds up well (with a primer).

It’s a win.

Here is an eye of the day I did recently. I only used Erika F. I sheered it out to the brow bone and left it more concentrated on the lower lid.

In the past I have mixed it with a deep olive green in the crease and Arctic Grey as a highlight, but the pictures looked like crap and my eyebrows were beyond awful. I didn’t want to subject you all to the horror.

In this picture I have Lancôme Erika F, Koji Line Queen Real Black eye liner, Guerlain Oriental Metal Kohl on waterline, Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara


  1. You told me not to look - so HERE I AM!!! lol

    Its lurvely!! Especially on you!!

  2. Gorgeous! I *love* your EOTD pictures. I am the same way with things I can't have- just makes me want them more! :-)

  3. Dang! It is beautiful. Now I want it even sure looks great on you!

  4. I sorta want it. It makes your eyes pop. I think it would really work on my green eyes.

    And yet, do I $25+ want it? :\


    But right now my budget is more like $5 shadows, or no shadows at all. :P

  5. I just "ran" over to to try & get it but they were sold out - good to know that's where I can get my hands on it though!

  6. why or why didn't you tell me you wanted this!!!??? it's only about 19USD here. and i have done so many CP of this for other girls!!!

    geez... all the trouble you went through...

    you look lovely though. at least that's a good thing.

  7. I'm so happy you finally got your hands on it! Don't know if you're in to smoky looks, but Erika F. makes the most glamorous smoky eye ever. Love. It.


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