Monday, February 23, 2009

Purchase - Guerlain Ombre Eclat Mono Eyeshadow. A Taupe Tragedy

Ombre Eclat Mono Eyeshadow in L'Instant Fume #180 is my newest addition to my Taupe eye shadow obsession. The case is in the same fashion of the lipstick cases designed by French jewelry and furniture designer Hervé Van der Straeten. Aside from the decadent case, I must say that I am incredibly disappointed. It’s a lovely color taupe, don’t get me wrong, but the color payoff is awful. I had to heavily swatch the color on my arm for it to even show up then I decided to use my new ArtDeco Eye shadow Primer (Thanks ALICE!!) to even get it to show up on my arm.

How does it wear?
Meh. It wears very well with my eye shadow base, but if you don’t use a base, don’t expect it to last at all. Although how would you know? You could hardly see it.

How is the texture?
The texture is hard but silky. It shows very little wear even after digging into it with the enclosed foam applicator and my brushes. It’s almost or more than double the size of most eye shadow singles I would have never have purchased this eye shadow if the tester I used wasn’t so pigmented and silky. I don’t know if it felt and looked that way with repeated use or what. I have heard that not all of Guerlain’s Mono Eye shadows are this light and un-pigmented. When I tested the Fume I also tested a black shadow with golden sheen called L'Instant Nuit #182 which was lovely seemed pigmented too.

How’s the value?
Guerlain’s Ombre Eclat Mono Eyeshadow weighs in at a hefty 0.12 oz versus Laura Mercier’s 0.09, Chanel’s 0.07oz , MAC’s 0.05 oz or BECCA’s paltry 0.03 oz. Sure. That’s great and all but what does it matter if you can’t get it to show up? At $34 a single it’s not worth it to try and collect more.

My favorite brand has disappointed me. I’m crushed.

FYI. I swatched Chanel Safari ($28.50) and Laura Mercier Topaz ($22.00) so you can see how similar they are to the Guerlain.

(Left to right: Chanel Safari, Guerlain Fume, Laura Mercier Topaz)


  1. first time commenting... *nervous* i love taupe too and always enjoy reading your posts on taupe eyeshadow. :D

    i don't like guerlain's eyeshadows very much either. i received the butterfly quad for christmas, but to my horror i couldn't two of the shades to show up on my eyes at all as they were very, very hard. and it was sooo pretty. D: my older guerlain quads doesn't have the same problem, hmm.

  2. What a disappointment! Safari and Topaz look gorgeous... I wonder if they are de-pottable, hmmmm... I don't like eyeshadow in separate containers, but it might be sacrilege to de-pot Chanel? ;-)

    Have you by any chance seen Estee Lauder's Fleur de Lys shimmer powder? It has caught my eye, and I'm wondering about the shimmer factor...

  3. Awww, I'm sorry, what a disappointment! I have been eyeing this shade, too. It does look quite similar to Safari, though, but just a touch warmer maybe?

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  5. That stinks! And I wanted to try these too =(

  6. Wow! I had no idea LM Topaz and Chanel Safari were so similar! That's great — though I currently own neither.

  7. Ok - "a taupe tragedy" - that totally made my laugh. Heh. But that chanel is beautiful!!

  8. Bummer :( Thank you though for the other swatches.

  9. what is with taupe? Is it your favorite color? i'm just curious.. =)

  10. i heart the title of this post! a taupe tragedy.

  11. better listen to you when it comes to taupe eye shadow. thanks for another great review.

  12. A Taupe Tragedy- that made me giggle. What a shame for Guerlain. Chanel Safari is quite pretty though. Thanks for the review! XOXO

  13. You're right...that IS a tragedy...I've never had this issue with Guerlain eye shadows before...thank you for the warning!

  14. Mmmmm, Topaz....I've had my eye on that for so long. I have Safari already but it looks soooooo close. It would be a stupid question to ask if I should get Topaz anyways, right? ;)

  15. You've just released my inner taupe lol. Really, yesterday I got the Laneige and ArtDeco (despite it costs twice the price here sigh) taupes you reviewed before. And next on my WL are Lancome Erika F and LM Topaz. Becca and Chanel are kinda too expensive, but who knows, I might caved someday ;).
    Anyway, LOVE your posts! Pls do more taupe reviews :D.
    PS: Shu P Taupe cream shadows is the exact color as Diamond Lil imo, I've been waiting impatiently for my counter to restock :p.

  16. ETA: Just re-swatched it, and Shu P Taupe is the darker sister of Diamond Lil :p. Another reason why I should have it lol.


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