Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Purchase - My Chanel Haul - Crystal Dusk Irreelle Duo and Cosmos and Mirage Glossimers

Even though my makeover with Chanel was a complete bust, I went in knowing that I wanted 2 Glossimers and at least a blush or eye shadow. Since the MA butchered the blush application and flat out refused to put the new In Love Joues Contraste blush on me (WTF?) I opted for the Crystal Dusk Irreelle eye shadow Duo.

Let’s start with the Glossimers, Shall we? The two Glossimers that I got are from the new collection for summer. All with an Astronomical theme they remind me of a collection from a few years ago in which I picked up Equinoxe, Constellation and Galactic. While those were full of chunky glitter, this new collection is still glittery but not as chunky. That being said, if you don’t like glitter, you need to skip this collection entirely. It’s not as glittery as MAC Dazzleglasses but it’s still pretty glittery. Thankfully I must have been a drag queen in my former life because I LOVE glitter!

Before I start opining on the merits of the 2 glosses let me say how annoyed I am that Chanel has stopped printing the Glossimer name on the sticker at the bottom of the tube. Now I must memorize the name before I toss the packaging and then associate the name with the number on the bottom of the gloss. I have enough useless information in my head…now I have to memorize numbers & names of Chanel Glossimers? What will I do with every episode of Gilligan’s Island I have memorized? Do I really give up the professor making a radio out of a coconut in order to remember that 129 = Cosmos and 132 = Mirage?


Mirage is a cool toned rose gloss with blue, pink and yellow micro glitter. I don’t know if I’m in love with it. But I guess it’s OK. I might return it.

Cosmos is a warm toned berry red with gold, red and blue glitter. It’s very pigmented and looks particularly pretty with Chanel Nude Lip Liner. This one is a keeper!

The Irreelle eye shadow duo I purchased is Crystal Dusk.

OMG it has a TAUPE in it! Can you believe it? Me, Taupe? I know. I’m as shocked as you are. It’s nice and unlike Chanel Irreelle blushes, the shadows are nicely pigmented and go on fairly well. I don’t find them chalky but they are a bit more powdery than the Chanel singles. There is a bit of fallout but nothing terrible. I did take the wretched MA advice and mixed the 2 colors together then used the taupe in the crease and the vanilla color to highlight. The vanilla color in the picture is overexposed and I apologize for not having a better shot of it. I will say that if you thought you liked the Dior Silver Look Duo, but found it too frosty for your liking this Chanel Duo is an amazing compromise.

While the taupe has some sparkle to it, there is literally no frost unless you mix it with the vanilla color, and even then, it’s not even close to the frostiness of the Dior Silver Look Duo.

The lovely SA I mentioned in my makeover post, pulled me aside before I left and said that I should call her and she would do my makeup for me. She said I would be very pleased with her skills as a MA. I believe her, as she has always recommended wonderful colors for me and have never pressured me into buying something that didn’t suit me. If I have time this Friday I might go back and have her do my makeup. I plan to return the Glossimer in Mirage and possibly the Crystal Dusk duo if I fall in love with the Chanel In Love Joues Contraste blush. Get it? Fall in love with In Love!? HAHAHAHAHA.

It’s late and I’m punchy. What do you want?


  1. In Love is a must have for me. Mirage is the best selling colour here but I didn't like it that much.

  2. You constantly surprise me - you actually got Taupe e/s? Wow I am floored. It is quite pretty so I can see why you couldn't resist. Of course since Chanel USA comes out with their own colours I haven't seen any of the Glossimers in these colours yet at my local counters - I am hoping they do release them eventually in Canada cuz I am in love with Cosmo.

  3. Wow... just wow. I adore the cosmos color- mirage, not so much. However, I am most amazed at how shabbily the Chanel MA treated you! For shame!! BTW, I think your blog is wonderful and you are just lovely. If you're ever in Virginia Beach zap me and we will do lunch. :-)

  4. Ohhh, Mirage is so pretty! I think it would look better on me than Cosmo (which is also gorgeous). So much bling. The shadows are beautiful too.

  5. That Cosmos color is very similar to an old one that I have, called Quasar. Mine is more red, I think.

  6. Jojoba: I think I like it more each time I see it and I'm not a peachy blush person.

    The Mighty J: Cosmo would look awesome on you!

    Cheal: Thanks! Cosmo is becoming a fast favorite. I haven't been to VA beach in ages. If you ever come up to Northern VA send me an e-mail. We can go shopping!

    Pixie: I think Mirage is pretty I'm just not sure it's for me. I'm wearing it again today to see if I really like it.

    Wanderer: Oooh. Quasar. I'm not familiar with that. Sounds pretty!


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