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Purchase - MoroccanOil. – Moroccan Oil for the hair. Here’s the straight poop

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Recently there has been a lot of hype about this new “miracle” hair oil. MoroccanOil Treatment. It apparently imparts a lot of shine, makes your hair silky and basically does your dishes and folds your laundry. Who wouldn’t want silky soft shiny hair? I know I did. I did something I normally don’t do. I purchased this based on the hype without doing my research. Well my friends. Let me be the first or 2nd or 10th to say that this MoroccanOil is pure bullsh*t. Well actually goat sh*t.

OK. Let’s start from the beginning.

The MoroccanOil Treatment is said to contain the legendary Argan Oil. If you have never heard of Argan oil, it is explained here in Wikipedia. Argan oil is produced from the kernels of argan tree fruit. These trees only grow in a few regions, like Morocco, so this oil is one of the rarest in the world due the small supply and the limited growing area - hence the high price and the hype. Argan oil is a legendary oil that is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Argan oil is said to have many treatment benefits, including hydrating skin, it allegedly has anti aging properties and has been rumored to be good for toning and firming. It is also believed to help with various skin conditions including acne.

Normally the oil is produced by first stripping the soft pulp from the nuts. Then they are cured in the sun. The nuts are cracked open and the seeds removed. They roast the seeds add water and grind the nuts into a thick paste. The paste is then squeezed and the oil is extracted.


There is documentation that there is another way to produce this oil. The breaking of the nut shells is labor intensive. And like good humans that we all are, we always look for a way to make things easier. In come the goats. The Moroccans found that it is easier to have the goats to eat the fruit from the Argan tree, wait for the seeds pass through the goat’s digestive track, and collect the now softer, partially digested seed from the er…um…other end. The digested seeds are easier to break open but I do believe that the “scent” of the “product” leaves much to be desired. Is it true? Yes. Do most companies use this practice to extract the oils? NO! Don’t worry. The MoroccanOil or Argan oil you put on your face, hair and salad dressing most likely did not come out of a goats butt! I just liked the idea of being able to write about a goat’s poop on my blog!
hee hee! The goats actually climb the tree to get to the fruit. How cute is this?
image from grayslaker.com


Back to the item at hand. Argan oil. That is supposed to be the miracle ingredient in the MorrocanOil hair treatment. Since the actual benefits of Argan oil on the hair are not really proven I can’t say that this stuff will do any good for your hair. I will say that I have looked at the other ingredients of said MoroccanOil and I was VERY disappointed.

Here are the ingredients for MoroccanOil
Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Argania Spinoza Kernel Oil (Aragan Oil), Linseed Extract (Linum Usitatissimum), Fragrance (Supplement), D&C Yellow 11, D&C Red 17, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone

OK. The first 3 ingredients are silicone or silicone binding agents.

Cyclopentasiloxane - a binding agent for silicone oils
Dimethicone - Derived from silica (a naturally occurring component of sand and quartz); emollient, water repellent, adds shine to skin and hair.
Cyclomethicone - a silicone oil used in hair and skin care products to impart shine and/or silkiness

The 4th ingredient is fragrance
Butylphenyl Methylpropional - a synthetic fragrance compound.

The 5th ingredient is Argan Oil then some linseed extract and more fragrances & dyes.

Argan oil is so far down on the list that the soft & silky results one might get from using this product, is most likely from the silicones in the first 3 ingredients.

This is basically silicone with a touch of oil and some perfume. What a complete and utter waste of money. You can buy other silicone laden products out there for ½ the cost with the same results.

Oh let’s talk about cost.
MoroccanOil isn’t cheap. 3.4 oz of the product will run you about $32 on drugstore.com
If you can find a smaller bottle, (like I did) 0.85 oz will cost you about $10- $15

Alternatively, pure argan oil runs the gamut in prices. You can buy Josie Moran’s pure argan oil from Sephora for $49 for 1.7 oz

Or you can look online and find etailers that will sell you Argan Oil at $32 for 30 ml
or others that will sell it to you for $28 for 100 ml

But that's neither here nor there. My main point is don’t buy MoroccanOil for your hair. It’s expensive and it’s crap.

Yes, I admit, it did make my hair feel silky. I have used it 4 times so far and each time my hair was silky but not greasy. But I achieved the same results from other silicone products. Plus, silicones aren’t so wonderful for your hair in the first place. Over time, silicones build up on your hair and you need to strip them out. This can be drying to the hair. It makes your hair feel like straw, which makes you want to put silicone in it to get it silky again, which builds up, which needs to be stripped out which …oh you get the point. A vicious circle indeed.

Oh. P.S. Argan oil may be beneficial to the skin, but do not use it if you are sensitive or acne prone. The oil itself is very comedogenic and can cause inflamed acne. FAIL!

Oh and P.P. S. I know some of you are going to disagree with me on this one. That's OK and I'm happy to read your comments.


  1. I've gone through two bottles of this stuff and consider it HG material. I have very thick, wavy hair that likes to frizz out. I've tried countless other silicone-laden products and I honestly don't think the cones in this is what helps. I've also used the Moroccan Oil Curling Cream and love it. Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Dry Oil is 100% Argan Oil and I have it and like it but the texture is runny and it just doesn't do as much for my hair as the Moroccan Hair Oil. Plus, I love the way Moroccan Hair Oil smells!
    (I'm trendoid on MUA)

  2. awww...look at those goats...

    This actually sounds like something I might try, until I see the lists of silicone...I hate anything with it...

    Yeah, if you want a similar result. maybe you could give tsubaki (Japanese Camillia ) oil a try?

    I guess you can go with any type but there is a certain brand of Tsubaki oil that ranked number 1 for years in one of those Japanese beauty magazine (or forum?)so if they are good enough for those bleached blond in Shibuya, it should be pretty nice.

    I have had a bottle for a few months and I kind of like it (means, it's no miracle oil but nevertheless really neat product) , it's just plain camellia oil but it does moisturize without adding that much weight... (Using too much makes me look like Severus Snape though, since it's potent as hell...)

  3. OMG, look at those goats, how freaking cute!!!! Silicones and me don't mix, in make up or hair products.
    The last product I used was Rockstar (i think) by Tony and Guy, and it smelled wonderful and it left my hair soft, shiny and perfect, but then I got breakouts in every spot where my hair touched my body. I could literally trace my layers by connecting the "dots"
    Products like this make it hard to find the good ones, you know, the ones that aren't 90%fillers. >=/

  4. Finally, some truth!
    I very much wondered about this product.
    I hate buying into all the hype.
    I no longer wish to try this product.
    Thank you!!!

  5. What an excellent article.

    Thank you so much for posting this!

    I have bought so much junk over the years......., i wish there were people like you and blogger a long time ago, to help others find out what is garbage and what is worth trying out. ♥

    A++ on your research and examples toooooo!

  6. Those goats are incredibly flexible, OMG.

    mmm, as with many raved about oils, I am not extremely enthousiastic about argan oil. It smells nice, though.

  7. I'm glad you posted about this... it popped up on some site i was on the other day and looked interesting but I really dislike putting silicones in my hair, it seems to exacerbate the dermatitis. :(

    anyhow I can't speak to how it does with frizz but I used some of the Living Proof no frizz wave making or whatever its called, and it curled my hair up nicely, but it also claims to repel dirt, and I didn't wash my hair today but its not greasy or dirty or whatever. Not sure if it works but I like it!

  8. Argan oil made my hair a greasy mess, absolutely hated it. My hair drinks up MoroccanOil. No matter how much I use, it doesn't get greasy.

  9. Well Shit! :)

    I try to stay away from high silicone products. You are right it is horrible for your hair.

    I love the honest review and the funny comments.

    Personally I will stick to Coconut milk for shiny hair.

  10. Wow, this is an extremely informative review! Thank you so much for the great info. I am loving your blog--I just followed you and I'm adding you to my blog roll because I want my readers to know about your blog as well :)

  11. Informative and humorous blog. Kudos to you for helping a lot of people understand the hype and misinformation. I've actually done a lot of scientific research on argan oil. The skin moisturizing properties are well documented. And although it defies logic or common beliefs on oil, argan oil is non-comedogenic. What that means is "A product marked noncomedogenic does not contain any ingredients proven to cause pore blockages aka comedones." What sets argan oil apart is that it readily absorbs into the skin rather than lays upon it creating a proverbial greasy effect that people associate with oils. Also, the unique proportion of active biological ingredients in argan oil prevents pore clogging. It is commonly used as an organic treatments for acne, as opposed to one that is avoided.

  12. Well, I had to commment on this product, and as we all agree, everyone has a right to their opinion...however, I am a hairdresser. I was sold on this product by, as usual, my rep visiting with this "new" product several months ago....well, for me and my salon, the results have been truly amazing! I actually like the oil, it is absorbant not oily, but highly recommend the hair masque, it is unbelievable and is smells fabulous. I had a customer with very dry hair that wanted a body wave. I advised her that the ends of her hair would probably have to be cut off, but we would wait until after the process. I decided on the spur of the moment to wrap the ends of the hair in moroccan masque, and what a surprise, the hair looked wonderful, hydrated and curled!! After 25 years of hairdressing, I was shocked!!! This is a product worth trying, silicones and all...I highly endorse it!! Good luck to all!!! Christine

  13. Personally, I love Moroccan Oil products. I have a natural frizz to my hair and have tried so many products. Did I mention I live in 100% humidity??? This works without weigh-down. Also, on a cheaper note, I love the John Frieda Frizz-Ease shampoo and conditioner. It's 6 bucks and works wonders with the Moroccan oil products.

  14. I have tried everything on my very curly,dry hair........and nothing has ever worked as well as the moroccanoil!! I just spent the morning running around trying to find a salon who carried it as I am all out!! I ended up ordering it on line and also trying the spray shine. Next week I go for a color and my colorist is going to mix some in my color (cant wait to see how that works). If you have very curly hair girls....this is it!! Hey...has anyone tried Aragan oil (pure)...maybe a cheaper alternative??

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