Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Purchase - Yves Saint Laurent Lip Twin - A gadget lover's perfect lip!

image from StrawberryNET.com

As ostentatious as the Guerlain G lipstick is, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Lip Twins are on the same par. A gadget lover’s dream (ah hem.. that would be me) This Lip Twin by YSL is a dream come true. It’s a gloss, it’s a lipstick, it’s a lip brush and mirror all in one! Yup. Completely unnecessary lip product. (CULP). This has “PINK SITH” written all over it don’t cha think?

So YSL had this super idea to have a lipstick and gloss all in one and solve the awful lip palette problem by putting the products in a tube that rotated with a lip brush. I really don’t have a whole lot to say about this item other than it is a ridiculous item, but it was such a nice color combination I had to get it. Pink and beige together are my favorite colors….next to red and red.

I picked up this little item on ebay for a whopping $9.99. Grated the lipstick retails for $32.00 and oh yeah, they discontinued it…but you can still find a lot of them on evilbay or at StrawberryNET.com . You just have to be patient if you are looking for a specific color combination.

From what I gather, the color combinations are the following:
#01 – Sparkling Beige (clear gloss and beige lipstick)
#02 – Purple Beige (sheer plum gloss and beige lipstick)
#03 – Pink Beige (hot pink gloss and beige lipstick)
#04 – Carmine Beige (hot red gloss and beige lipstick)
#05 – Coral Harmony (coral gloss and a beige-coral lipstick)
#06 – Pink Harmony (warm pink gloss and a warm pink lipstick)
#08 – Brown Harmony (beige gloss and a light brown lipstick)
#09 – Fuchsia Orange (hot fuchsia gloss and a orange lipstick)
#10 – Blackcurrant Rose (light pink gloss and deep berry lipstick)
#11 – Red Cristal (clear gloss and a red lipstick)
#12 – Raspberry Violet (purple gloss and a berry lipstick)

OK. Now I have not seen all of these in person and only remember seeing them in stores last fall ….I think, so don’t hold me to the exact color descriptions.

As far as the product is concerned, it’s actually pretty nice for a CULP. It has a scent to it, but I can’t describe what it is. Sorry I’m bad at that. It’s not offensive or overpowering though. It seems to have no taste to it so, YAY! The lipstick portion (beige) is harder than most palette form lipsticks
and the gloss (hot pink) portion it softer than most palette versions so you need to take care when using the brush (that is neatly stored inside the case) as to not to apply too much pressure or you’ll make a dent in the gloss.

You move between the 2 products by twisting the top. There is a little mirror in between the two lip products so you can see yourself putting on the items. The beige lipstick alone is OK but when paired with the pink gloss you are given a perfect my lips but better neutral lip that is to die for. Oh and it lasts quite a long time too. It comes off on your cup but normal wear time seems longer than the average lipstick/gloss combination.

The packaging is the usual garish gold metal signature of YSL. But the lip brush tip (That holds the YSL logo) is plastic. A little disappointing, but I suppose having the whole thing be made out of metal might make it a bit heavy. It’s a hefty weight and the size is larger than most lipsticks so it will not fit in a traditional lipstick carrier. I believe it comes with a little velvet pouch, which, if you do get one of these I recommend you using as the lip products are not sealed off when the mirror is showing…so any dust in your pocket or pocketbook may travel to the actual product making a dusty sticky mess.

Do you need this? No-ish. OK. That’s not a word. I know that. The YSL Lip Twin is cute if you love gadgets, yes…but it’s not a must have…certainly not for the retail price…but if you are fortunate to snag one off of evilbay for under $15, YAY! It’s fun and it a bit of an attention getter…so why not just go for it?


  1. You got me at gadget. I'd been seeing this on strawberrynet for a while now. Your review might just push me over the edge :P

  2. Hmm I had seen these but passed them of as novelty things - maybe I will take a look on evilbay now.

  3. Now I want this, dammit. It's so gorgeous!

  4. oh this is so... NOT me! I have tried them all at the counter and I was laughing out loud at the packaging. I guess I am not gadget person. i found it cumbersome... *_* and colours were just so so. but now i looked at the swatches on you, hmmm

    great review!

  5. I love them combined but not so much apart.
    Thanks for the review.

  6. thats a great price! i love twisting it around haha

  7. I have to hand it to YSL, thats kind of genius. Its a very pretty base, and a very pretty gloss but when layered give a very pretty, well thought out color. Normally products like this don't end so well.

  8. Damn it, this is all sorts of cute...

  9. Your post descriptions, pictures and swatches were really helpful! Thanks very much!


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