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Guest Review by Joeybunny - Edward Bess Dusk Eye Shadow and Night Romance Lipstick

I am in love with Edward.

No, not Edward Cullen (this bunny is strictly Team Jacob), but Edward Bess. Edward Bess is this gloriously handsome 23 year old who has worked very hard over the past couple of years to create his own eponymous makeup line. Ok yeah, it seems a little strange for someone who’s only about a year or so older than me to have his own makeup line, but clearly Edward recognized that he had a vision and worked hard to achieve it because quite frankly, his makeup line is the shit.

Or in more sophisticated language befitting of such gorgeous makeup, Edward Bess makeup is luxurious, elegant, and rich. There, that sounds better!

Edward Bess’ line is only found in Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, home to my other favorite niche makeup line, Paul and Joe Beaute. Clearly, this sucks for the majority of you fine readers, but luckily not for me (I swear I’m not trying to rub it in, guys). Strangely enough, despite my semi-permanent residence in Bergdorf’s Beauty Level, I had been avoiding Edward Bess. Why? The makeup (and gorgeous Edward) frightened me. I wasn’t chichi enough for Edward Bess. Not grown up enough. Not sexy. This line is for the woman with confidence, the woman who doesn’t need bright colors or overly shimmery textures to stand out. Give her a nude lip and a smoked eye and she’s good.

This is not me. Or at least, this wasn’t me. The little makeup devil on my shoulder (aka Lina of TheBeautyLookBook) had long been prodding me closer and closer to the Edward Bess counter with her tempting product pictures (see HERE, but be warned!). A bunny can really only take so many pictures of gorgeous taupes and pretty lipsticks. So finally, one day on my way to work I stopped at the Edward Bess counter. I caved, I admit!

Krista, the counter manager, was sweet and very pretty - a perfect poster child for the makeup line. I told her I wanted Dusk eyeshadow and a pretty, non-nude lipstick. She showed me the newest editions to the lipstick range, and I picked Night Romance, the darkest of the three. She also dabbed on some Afterglow All Over Seduction (a gorgeous creamy highlighter) onto my face, and sent me on my merry way. But not before I had time to create about 10 new lemmings, sigh. I felt as if I had somehow earned the right to let Edward’s products grace my visage.

(An aside: A mix-up of eyeshadow shades caused me to return to the counter later that evening to pick up Dusk. Edward himself was there, and he not only apologized profusely for the mistake, but also had a very lovely conversation with me about myself and what I enjoy about makeup. I came pretty close to a Nars-like mental breakdown - explanation HERE) - and I’m pretty sure Edward was wondering why my face was so red. He was so sweet and so damn good-looking I lost my cool and composure.)

Now, the products are quite pricey. The eyeshadows and lipsticks are each $29. But before you say “Oh Joey WTF I’m not paying that much!”, let me interject. First off, any niche makeup line is going to be pricey. Bergdorf doesn’t sell cheap stuff. That’s a given. Secondly, I have some ridiculously discerning taste in makeup. I am critical as hell when it comes to testing products, because although I may live in NYC and work on the Upper East Side, I’m not rich. I’m just out of college and my ass cannot be spending $30 on a crappy lipstick. So, the moral of this mini-rant is that this lipstick and this eyeshadow are very well worth the $60+ I spent on them.

Dusk is a taupe for the taupe connoisseur. I can tell you that this is a taupe unlike any of the others I own, and I know Elvira hasn’t seen one like this either. In the pan it appears a warm stone color, a medium to deep shade with a subtle shimmer. On my hand there’s more of a brown undertone, the gold shimmer glistening (yes, this eyeshadow glistens more than it shimmers). On my eye it is a bit deeper and the grey undertone is more apparent. I’d call this a perfect neutral taupe. In order for a taupe to be perfect for me, it has to be wearable on its own with just a smudge of black pencil liner. This one is! It is incredibly pigmented but builds easily. I do a wash over the lids and more concentrated color in the crease and outer V. My eye smolder and seduce. I am in love with how long-wearing and concentrated this eyeshadow is, and I plan on buying every other shade in the collection (there are six).

Night Romance lipstick pairs well with Dusk. It’s a deep mauve-berry-pink color that is neutral to cool-toned. I am neutral-warm and this lip color brightened my face like no other. It delivers a nice pop of color that didn’t seem over the top or scary. The lipstick formula is pigment-rich and almost balm-like. My lips stay hydrated while wearing it, and the color stays through eating and kissing. This may be one of the classiest lipsticks I own (as we all know I love me some dark brows and deep purples on the lips)!

So, I’m clearly no longer afraid of the Edward Bess counter. In fact, Edward now has a new devoted fan. Tomorrow I’m picking up a fairly large order from the counter, and I’m thrilled! For those of you who are interested in ordering from the line, you can either visit Edward’s website ( or call the lovely ladies at the counter at Bergdorf (and that number is 212.872.8826). I’m not responsible for any crazy hauls!

EDIT! Here is a picture of Joeybunny wearing Night Romance Lipstick!
isn't she so cute?


  1. Dearest JoeyBunny and PinkSith-
    I am sitting here wiping drool from my face over the gorgeous taupeiness of it all. However, I must stop visiting here, I am starting to channel you both. I said @ the C____ counter this weekend to a customer and I quoute "Oh you need a taupe, everyone looks good in taupe."
    Oh and I am unearthed my Chanel Safari and am wearing it today!

  2. Joeybunny. You are simply wonderful! I love both colors and shall dispatch you to purchase them for me and other goodies ASAP!

  3. Please be aware, in ordering from the Edward Bess website, that there are no returns or exchanges except in the event of damaged products.

  4. I'd love to see what that lippie looks like on!!! Any chance you could post a pic of it in action? :)

  5. Agree with Kristy- I need to see that lipstick on you! You bought a lipstick that is not plum, Joey! I'm flabbergasted!!

  6. Hi Joey!
    I love your guest postings! I already told my husband that I have a Bergdorf shopping list for my one day of shopping in NYC while in NJ the week after XMAS. He doesn't understand why this stop is so important to me - he'll see and then he'll roll his eyes at me!

    I have to resist all urges to partake in all the beauty sales all around me just so I can save up for the Edward Bess line and Paul and Joe!

    Dear zeus on mount olympia, Mr. Bess be a hottie, very Johnny Depp circa Edward Scissor Hands...*drool*

  8. Total gorgeousness on you Joey! I loved reading your article here, it was thoroughly entertaining to read and made me smile, it sounds like you had so much fun at BG!

    Great picks and that lipstick looks fab on you.

  9. Joey, you look as gorgeous as ever! Great article and I am loving your blog Pink Sith. xoxo

  10. Cindy (PrimeBeauty)November 30, 2009 at 6:46 PM

    Another fantabulous post from the bunny! I, however do not have access to EB or Paul & Joe so am extremly jealous and very sad :( BUT... the good news is I bought a taupe P&J eyeshadow from BeautyTicket and am waiting for it in the mail--I think it's called cocoa? it may be old or discontinued or something--ever heard of it Joey or Elvira?

  11. All of you lovely ladies - Thank you SO much for all the kind comments!

    Momma J - Don't drool too much! But hey, everyone DOES look great in taupe!

    Elvira - Lemme know, I'm going back Thursday.

    Anon - Thank you! It's the same at Bergdorf.

    Kristy and Marley - Did you see? The post was edited. And Marley, I know! Not a plum! Amazing!

    Lexi - Let me know when you're around! I'd love to say hi =)

    M.A.C.nunu - He is so, so sexy in person.

    Lina - I love you! Thanks so much! Glad I entertained you!

    Jude - OMG JUDE! JUDE! *attacks you* Your compliment means so much, coming from a hottie such as yourself. Um when are we going to gallavant through the city together? I need to play at Inglot and you should come with meeee =D

    Cindy - P&J Cocoa isn't old, it's quite a lovely shade and I'm going to get it before the P&J eyeshadow line is revamped. And P&J eyeshadows rock because they can be used wet or dry without messing up the shadow =)

  12. Fantastic review! Those products look fabulous, same with Edward, LOL

  13. Hi Joey!
    Adorable pic by the way. Yes, I would love a shopping guide around Bergdorf - I think I may have only been once and sadly didn't get to really shop the cosmetics =(

  14. Catherine - Yes, TAAAAAUPE!

    Marce - Thanks! They are quite fabulous, as is Edward.

    Lexi - Please email me!! I'd love to show you around if I can =D

  15. Joey & Sith,

    Love the crazy Taupe Hoor,

  16. Goodness, that's gorgeous. All of the eyeshadows are, actually. That's a line I'll have to admire from afar for now, but I can easily see placing a large order when my birthday comes around.

  17. Gorgous! Have to say, it's probably a good thing that I don't have access to this line.

  18. I stopped in on vacation because of your blog and was disappointed! They were not very nice and this stuff is all the same colors. I usually agree with what you say, but not this. sorry

  19. Kerri, who did you speak with at the counter? I'd like to know so I could complain on your behalf. I'm there all the time and have never experienced rudeness so I'm very sorry that you had a negative experience. Also, I'm sorry you didn't like the products! Did you end up at another counter instead?

  20. Oh snap! Thank you for your reply!!! I ended up at at paul and jo and chanticale they were nice and got a few things! so much fun! The people there was a black haired girl sitting on a chair on the phone behind his counter! Sorry


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