Friday, January 15, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Paul and Joe CS Spring 2010, #066 Purple Clover Face & Eye Color

I think that by now my Paul and Joe obsession has been well documented here, on MakeupAlley, and on Lina’s blog The Beauty Look Book. I *love* Paul and Joe Beaute. I really can’t help it. Everything about the line is perfect, from the colors to the formulations to the absolutely darling packaging.

The counter at Bergdorf Goodman recently launched the newest Collection Sparkles (CS) collection, Wild Flowers. Since I had to pay Hettie and Caroline a visit anyway to pick up Paul and Joe eyeshadow #18 (it’s a silvery taupe, of course), I thought it would be a nice time to check out the products in real life.

Now, let me start off by saying that I was not exactly looking forward to the latest CS collection. I had seen promotional pictures on blogs for months, and thought the collection was a huge let down. Potted glosses in pink colors? Not for me! Green and pink eyeshadows? Meh. Yeah. No.

I was confident I would be able to visit Hettie and Caroline and walk away with only the #18 eyeshadow. This is the point, dear readers, where you laugh at me and say “Joey, of course that wouldn’t happen!”

And you’d be right, because that didn’t happen. I ended up bring home #066 Purple Clover Face & Eye Color. If you’ve seen the promotional pics, you’l know this is the pink eyeshadow with the purple clovers. I know, I know - pink eyeshadow?! Pink eyeshadow can be exceptionally hard to wear, I admit. The pink part of the Face & Eye Color is really a pinked mauve, which made a huge difference in the appeal of the product for me. Unlike those who are lighter-toned, I can’t do a light pink on my eyes because it often washes me out or just looks whitish. However, this pink is darker, so it shows up on me nicely (but because it shows up on me, it’d probably be too dark/too pink for someone who’s paler than me). Also, the purple clovers are more of a plummy color, and it compliments the pink-mauve nicely when worn in the crease. Both colors are shimmery, but not frosty. I’ll be interested to see if I can manage to wear this on my cheeks! On my eyes, the colors both brighten and warm up my face.

The other two Face and Eye Colors were ok. I just blatantly refuse to wear pastel greens and pinks on my eyes, so #065 Lady’s Slipper was out of the question. #064 Honeysuckle was pretty but boring - white gold with golden brown. It looked identical to the Fall duo which Elvira reviewed and eventually sent over my way.

The potted Lip Gloss Lacquers CS were cute but totally impractical (you would definitely need a lip brush to use the colors separately), and none of the colors appealed to me (they were either glittery or just too cool-toned). If you like pinks, glitter, or potted glosses, then take a look at these.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my cute little Face and Eye Color! I promise soon to post pics of my little Paul and Joe collection.


  1. *GASP* that is gorgeous! You're a bad girl Josie, you're tempting me to get more pretties now!!! But I must resist ... especially since I was already bad.

    Looks gorgeous on your hand! Glad you were able to add another pretty to your P&J collection!!!!

  2. Sorry Lina, but you tempt me too often as well! =)

  3. Joey,
    Caroline helped me when I made it to Bergdorf's last month - she is so nice, helpful and very patient. I am contemplating placing an order with her since she gave me her card when I said I may start doing direct phone orders. That #066 looks real cute and it may be a pink that would show up on me as a true PINK!

  4. Cindy (Prime Beauty)January 15, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    Bunny! I live vicariously through you. I love, love, love the pink/plum one! How much are these?

  5. Lovely purchase! It looks really cute!

    I have to agree with you. I was really not impressed by the promotional images of this Spring's collection. The glosses look like the ones I got at WalMart as a kid. =/

  6. This is really pretty! It's so hard to resist the cuteness of Paul & Joe powders! I wish they were more accessible in the US...for me to play with!

  7. Lexi - Isn't Caroline the best? I love her. Give this shadow a try!

    Cindy - They retail for $20USD.

    Catherine - Yeah, the glosses were not not my thing.

    Elvira - It's SO hard to resist Paul and Joe =/

  8. OMG I love P&J is it only at Bergdorfs? What other lines are just there? Have you tried Le Metier? sorry for all the questions lol!


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