Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nfu-oh Holographic Nail polish in #061 and #064

I am currently in awe.
It is amazing how transfixed I am by simple nail polish. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. If I weren't married I would ask this brand of nail polish to marry me. Yes. I like it that much. What am I talking about?
Yes. That's the name of the brand.

Created by Enfu Oh, a Korean Nail Artist since 1996, she found that her unique style of nail art needed its own company to support it. Granted, to the every day person some of the nail designs that Ms. Oh comes up with are extremely elaborate and almost impossible to go about daily tasks without breaking the works of art on your fingernails, theyare still beautiful to look at. (Check them out
HERE on the nfuoh blog) Ms. Oh may have an extensive list of products to make show room quality nails, she also had hundreds of polishes for "us regular folk" who just like a pretty color on their nails.

While Nfu-oh has many creams, I think they are especially well known for their flakey polishes and holographic polishes. I'll do a post later on with the flake polishes but for today I'm focusing on the holographic.

The two holographic colors I purchsed are #061 and #064.

#061 is a silver hologram

and #064 is a cool toned pinkish purple color.

These holographic colors are so itense and so reflective it postively looks like I have stickers on my nails. The finish is so shiney and reflective that I find myself starung at my nails and showing them off as much as possible. Trust me. Mr Sith and Darthypie are tired of seeing my nails right now. Even the MAC sales Associates who are hardly ever in pressed with anyone but themselves, all gathered around to fawn over my Nfu-oh #061 silver hologram manicure. (cheap shot. Most of the MAC SAs I have met have been very nice and super helpful.) It even took me longer to type this review as I found myself mesmerized by the silver holo as my nails hit the keys on the keyboard. I must have been a crow in my former life as I'm attracted to anything shiny!

The Nfu-oh polishes have the most adoreable bottle design. The bottle is shaped like an old time Victorian era skirt and the brush top is modeled after a corset. It's just to cute for words and quite easy to handle.

The application can be a tad tricky for first time holo-users. The holographic polishes dry quickly so you need to use a fairly thick coast and move quicjkly to avoid streaks. Nfu-oh suggests using the Aqua Base for holographic polishes and while some may argue with me, I really did find the aqua base gave the best base for using the holographic polishes. When applied over a bare natural nail and my Creative Nail Designs Stickey Base coat I found that the holographic polishes streaked a bit more than over the Nfu-oh Aqua base.

Do you need these holographic polishes? Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope Catholic? Do I like the Star Wars Triliogy? YES! These are the holy grail of holographic polishes as far as I'm concerned. Now if they would only make a black one and a deep purple one I would be in 7th heaven.

I purchased these polishes from Fabuloustreet.com. The shipping was incredibly fast, the customer service was excellent, and everything was well packaged. These polishes retail for $12.50 each.


  1. aslkdlasd I need these so bad. I think I would wear them every day of my life.

  2. OMG I love the silver hologram. It it so pretty!!

  3. They are on my list of top 10 amazing things in the world. The flakies and the holos are teh bomb. I wore one of the flakies to MAC once, and the SA practically grabbed my hand to stare at my nails.

  4. I have 64 and it's great. I also have 60 but only used it over a red polish - interesting combo. When I order I'll get the base coat on your recommendation. Thanks for showing these!

  5. Nfu holo's (and flakies) are just gorgeous <3

  6. I like the Nfu.ohs! I have some of the flakies.

  7. Those holographic polishes are amaaazing! Love the silver one!

  8. lady Odeur: Me too! Thanks for the comment!

    SilhouetteScreams: I know exactly how you feel. I was actually sad when I took off the silver holo to put on a new shade.

    Linda: Thanks for the comment! It is the nicest silver holo I have ever used!

    Pixie: Your picture of #64 sold me on the color! Thanks for the comment!

    MarciaF: Humm using #60 over another polish huh? I'll have to try that! Let me know how you like the base coat if you get it.

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland: Thanks for the comment. I can't believe I waited so long to try these!

    Phyrra: Hi! Thanks for the comment. I only have 2 of the flakies but I think I might "need" more!

    Marce: Thanks! Oh yes. the silver is by far the most stunning!


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