Monday, April 5, 2010

Estee Lauder Double Wear - Stay In Place Makeup

As I am a foundationaholic I am still searching for the perfect foundation. I must tone down the red in my face, yet match the stark white of my neck, control oil, not break me out, provide medium to full coverage and look natural...oh and it has to last at least 12 hours, be transfer resistant, not fade or slide off my face and most important not cost an arm and a leg. So yeah. As you may have guessed, I haven't found it yet. I honestly don't believe I'll ever find it, but it sure if fun trying new foundations out!

My most recent test was Estee Lauder Double Wear - Stay In Place Makeup. My buddy Janine over at A Lemming A Day blog is not only the most awesomest Clinique Sales Associate in the world she is also very generous and knowledgeable about a bunch of other brands. Well when Clinique bonus time came around I phoned her to place an order with her, because if I'm ever going to get something from Clinique I'm going to go through her b/c it helps with her sales numbers, and I'll know she will never send me a product that is crap. She's not only an Awesome Clinique Sales Associate, but an HONEST one at that. So ANYWAY. After I placed my Clinique order with her, she was able to procure 2 GENEROUS sized samples of Estee Lauder Double Wear - Stay In Place Makeup in the 2 lightest shades in Shell and Bone.

Since my skin color is akin to a sheet of paper with slight red and yellow undertones the lightest shade (Shell) is almost too light for me....nah. it's actually a decent match albeit slightly too pink. The 2nd shade, Bone, Was a better match for the red parts of my face but too yellow for my neck, jaw and forehead. Estee Lauder does have a neutral shade called Ecru, but online swatches are unreliable so I'll have to see for myself when I get to a counter.

OK. Enough about the color match. Let's talk about the product itself shall we?

The consistency of Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is a thick liquid. It's not runny but it's not a cream either. It's a little in between. The foundation does apply well on primed skin. I find that a little goes a long way. I prefer to use my fingers for application, but I have used this with a damp sponge, which offered a more sheer coverage and also with my MAC 187 skunk brush, which offered medium coverage but you have to work on small batches as the foundation dries quickly and the brush didn't have time to properly buff out the lines from the bristles and washing out the brush is kinda a pain in the butt...I digress.

The coverage of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is described on the website as Medium, but I would call this medium-full. The foundation is buildable, but apply multiple layers and it will look cakey after a while. I found that I used less concealer on the days when I wear this foundation so that makes it a fairly full coverage foundation in my eyes.

The wear of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is touted as 15 hours by the Estee Lauder website, and while I have a hard time disagreeing with this, no foundation, after 15 hours of wear is going to look as fresh as as when you first applied it. I will say that the foundation lasts throughout my work day, when I use a primer, and I do not find myself having to blot as frequently as I do with other "long lasting" foundations. The foundation did not settle into fine lines or my pores, but didn't last as well on my nose as I would have liked it to. I chalk this up to that fact that my nose is the most oily place on my face and most often touched, because of allergy season. By the end of the day my T-Zone was definitely showing signs of fading and blotching but this is after 15 hours of wear, and trust me if you can get 10 to 12 hours of wear from a foundation without it fading you have a gem.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is non-acnegenic. This is different than non-comedogenic. According to my old dermatologist he said he didn't care what makeup I used as long as it said non-acnegenic. He said that non comedogenic did not necessarily mean that it wouldn't break me out, but non-acnegenic was going to be OK for me. That if I did get breakouts it wasn't because of the stuff that was non-acnegenic. Um. OK. Whatever. I'll trust him as he was the one that went to medical school for a zillion years, not me. So what happens when I wear this foundation? I DON'T break out. Now I will say that I remove it using an oil cleanser every night. I'm serious about oil cleansers and long wear foundations, Sunscreens, Water proof mascara and the like. NOTHING removes it better than a good oil cleanser. My favorite is ShuUemura, but there are other good ones out there. The oil cleanser really breaks down the stuff that keeps your foundation "long wearing" and what keeps your sunscreen "Waterproof" Just a regular cleanser or makeup remover wipes won't get everything off. I believe some people that experience breakouts with foundations that are labeled non-acnegenic, simply don't remove them properly.

The foundation has no fragrance and comes in a glass bottle with a pump...however I received my samples in little jars so I'm not sure about how much the pump dispenses. Either way non scented foundation is a HUGE plus for me. Revlon Colorstay Foundation (The drugstore answer to Elstee Lauder Double Wear) Smells like paint and it makes wearing the foundation difficult because it's "fragrance" is sooo strong. The foundation has a 10 SPF but honestly I would not recommend you relying on this as your sole sunscreen. A separate sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher, applied after foundation, but before your primer is recommended. This foundation is moderately priced for a department store foundation at $33.50 for 1.0 oz. Plus if you buy it during the Gift With Purchase special sales you might qualify for a gift. Estee Lauder is famous for having really nice eyeshadow palettes as GWPs so that's a plus!

Do you NEED this? Well, let's say you are very oily. Let's say you can't stand the scent of Revlon Colorstay and you need a full coverage foundation. Then YES! You need this. Otherwise, if you aren't oily, you don't need a full coverage foundation and you don't mind the scent of Revlon Colorstay then you can probably skip it...but I think I'll be buying a full sized bottle when I run out of my sample.


  1. Thanks for the review! i have had this on my list of things to try and now I will have to :) My search for a HG foundation lives on again, now that prescriptives is no more =(
    Guess its time to try estee! Great review!

  2. Thanks for the review!
    I've been eyeing this foundation before on the internet (color selection here where I live is quite limited), but the lightest colour, I'm sure, would be too pink for me and Ecru too peachy and dark. Is Bone much darker than Shell?

  3. I am blushing here!!! Thank you for the compliments. If you need the Ecru I will sample that suckah and sent you that too!!!

  4. Great review as I've been lemming this foundation. But at the moment MUST finish what I have LOL!

  5. I have a bottle of this that I used when I need a bit more coverage. Mine didn't come with a pump BAH.

    I quite like it. It seems to last well through the day, but I need to be quite careful to avoid it looking cakey. I might rebuy when I run out :)

  6. Hi, E!

    Thanks for the review. I really like this foundation, but I can never find a good match. Boo hiss.

  7. this was my go-to foundation for years until about 4 yrs ago when the big M and my skin got drier. Fresco was a perfect match for me.

  8. Seriously awesome review. You should look into Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + . Your skin issues and foundation demands are extremely similar (identical!) to mine, so I think it would wear similarly on you as the EL double wear ;)

    I also hate that colorstay stink lol!

  9. I have never used this but I have read that a lot of ladies love it.I am using May.SuperStay and I like it much better than Revlon ColorStay.Have you ever tried any of the Clinique foundations or Cover Fx?Any comments would be appreciated!

  10. Hi Megan: Thanks for the comment. Yeah. It's so sad about Prescriptives. I know a lot of people that will miss their foundations. Maybe some of the EL brands will adopt some of the Px formulas.

    Anon: Bone isn't that much darker than Shell. It's just more yellow. I'm going to try Ecru as I think that will be the best match for my neutral skin.

    fatbottmdgrl: Janine LOVE YOU! Yes. I'll e-mail you. I think I need a sample of Ecru and I'm too lazy to go to the mall and ask for one. LOL

    Hi Monica: TY for the comment. Finishing what you have? That is a foreign concept to me. Error 404!

    Pixie: The pump comment was a typo...I meant to type I wish it came with a pump. Sorry. I'll correct that. And yeah. it's great for extra coverage.

    T: Long time no see. How is Cheeks doing? Yeah. that's the problem w/ foundation either it's a great formula but no color match or it's a great color match but not a great formula.

    Prime Beauty: Hi! Thanks for the comment. Yeah. I thought I was going to avoid needing this but new medications suddenly caused me to be very very oily again. :-(

    Rainbow st@r! hello kitty p@ants: OMG you user name is awesome! Very Kawaii! LOL. I have tried MUFE matte velvet before, but honestly I have yet to find a good color match and I think it might have cause me to break out. I do like the formula..but this EL formula kept the oil away better than the MUFE.

    Michelle from MI: I have never tried Maybelline super stay foundation. I'll have to check it out. I have liked other Maybelline foundations in the past. As for Clinique foundations. No I have not used any. I am slowly, with Janine's help working my way back to the brand after a terrible makeover that left me emotionally scarred for life. Plus most Clinique foundations turn orange on me or run too pink. However I will look into Cover FX as I have been meaning to try them out. I'll be certain to post a review if I get a chance to try a foundation from them.

  11. I just did a search for the EL DW powder and this came up. I've gone back to it. Ecru is perfect for me. This and the Powder FX are my HG powders.

  12. Wonderful review! Great to see there are like minded/skinned people out there! I have very white skin and BONE has a lovely yellow undertone which works perfectly as other light shades can look too orange or dark or too deathly white. I have searched long and hard for alternatives and yes Revlon Colourstay for oily/normal skin in BUFF seemed to be closest to that wonderful, almost unobtainable colour but after trying it out, it is a little too dark most noticeably on the forehead. Coverage is less too but as I have less break outs and am getting a little older that might not be a bad thing. So the search for a cheaper alternative continues or perhaps it will turn up on ebay! Thanks again for great review : )

  13. NEWSFLASH Beauty Bloggers! I think I may have happened upon a Doublewear alternative. Inspired by this blog I went through a couple of samples I have about my person, acquired in my search for the holy grail of foundation and was stunned by Bourjois Healthy Mix. Sounds like some kind of animal feed I know but do not be put off. The Boots (Ireland) shop assistant was very skimpy in her serving of the sample but from what I can see it has that same yellowy undertone, a good level of coverage and seems to go matt and powdery quite quickly and almost magically so that it feels clean and smooth on the skin, ideal for oily complexions. Off to Boots for another sample before I invest...will keep you posted. Excited : )

  14. Hi I am completely new to this whole business but stumbled across your page when i googled double wear! :) I have been thinking about getting it for such a long time now but it is just too expensive to buy online incase i choose the wrong shade for me. I did go into boots but they didnt have any samples! :( I'm really pale and freckly (which i dispise). I can not find a foundation light enough to suit my skin tone yet good enough to cover my freckles! This dw sounds amazing! I just wonder will it come in a shade suitable for such light skin. Is ecru the lightest? Thanks!

  15. Hi Anon. Ecru is darker than shell or bone. Shell is the lightest of all the colors but if you are as pale as you say, it might be too dark for you. However if you mix it with a white foundation like Zero Minus from Face Ateiler you can get the shade you desire without altering the effects of the foundation.

  16. Great, i will try that! Thanks so much!! :)

  17. Have sampled so many drugstore foundation in recent weeks and Double Wear is the way forward...Giving in and purchasing some more 2morrow : )

  18. You know what, I won't have time to go into town today as I'm working from home and`need to look decent as am teaching a class tomorrow. So I realised DERMABLEND in OPAL is pretty darn good. It is a teeny bit darker than Bone but perhaps that isn't a bad thing. It has a yellowy undertone and as much if not more coverage than Doublewear using a tiny amount. It has a Matt finish and unlike Double Wear it won't cake if you try touching it after it's set so you could really build it. People use it to cover scars and tattoos! So it's great for my oily spot prone skin. And what interests me most is the price, in Ireland it is only 21 Euros so it won't break the bank. Will test drive and report back : )

  19. Dermablend was a DISASTER. Looked grand in the morning but by 1pm I looked horrendous. I had forgotten I do have oily skin and DB does not cut the mustard. Exhausted trying to find a cheaper alternative to DW. Raced into town and with my oily slightly mucky face procured DW. I will never forskake DW again! Over and out : )

  20. "A separate sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher, applied after foundation, but before your primer is recommended."
    xD I believe and HOPE you meant it the other way around.. :P

  21. Oh no, I just placed an order for Bone, which is probably too yellow for me as well. I should have read your review first!! :/


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