Monday, April 19, 2010

MAC Greasepaint Stick in Dirty

I'm torn. I'm supposed to love it because it's taupe. I'm supposed to love it because it's TAUPE! But I just kinda don't.

I'm talking about MAC's Greasepaint Stick in Dirty.

Greasepaint Sticks from MAC are a hybrid of paint pot, eye liner and eye shadow. It has remarkable staying power and is crease resistant like a paint pot. It is lovely used alone to line the eyes like a soft kohl liner and it sets quickly for no smudging. It can be smudged out before it sets to act as a shadow or applied over shadow as a crease color and smudged out too.

So what's not to like?

I'm not sure. It's nice and all.. but I feel like it's almost redundant as a base for shadow as I end up covering it up. The fine point runs down after the first use so use as a liner for my top lids is almost impossible. Using it as a shadow is OK, but honestly, it doesn't smudge as nicely as I would like and I have other dark taupes in powder shadow form that I personally prefer.

Yet another annoying thing...It's limited edition and almost sold out everywhere. Honestly I tried to get this posted as soon as I could, but I had to work with this sucker for a while before I decided if I really liked this item from MAC. I am getting sick and tired of the multiple limited edition releases from MAC. I know this is a tired old argument, but I just have to say that PERHAPS, maybe, if MAC concentrated as much energy into 6 key releases a year as they do into the... what is it? 30 to 40 releases a year? MAC could come out with some STUNNING and revolutionary items. I mean what the heck? MAC released an eyeshadow identical to Satin Taupe...I love Satin Taupe but do we really need two? And another thing, the limited release of items creates a buying frenzy that causes people to hoard product and re-sell it on evilbay for sometimes 5 times the retail cost! I mean what The FUC....I'm sorry. I got carried away. You all know the argument and any business major from any community college could point out the fact that this kind of marketing makes MAC tons of money and it's not about artistic development. It's only, and has always been, about money.

So do you NEED this? (If you can still find it.) I'm going to give an unpopular opinion here and say. NO. I know a lot of people LOVE Dirty Greasepaint Stick and they think it's the bee's knees, but I honestly don't think it's all that special. It's $17.50 and I just don't find it $17.50 special. It's OK to disagree with me. It's OK for you to extol the virtues of Dirty Greasepaint Stick in the comments section. I'm OK with that. I just don't think it's a MUST have.

EOTD using MAC Greasepaint Stick in Dirty smudged along lover lid and lower lash line. MAC Sweet Sienna pigment patted and blended on top of Greasepaint Stick up to crease. MAC Naked pigment blended from crease to mid upper eye. MAC Vanilla pigment used to highlight. MAC Blacktrack gel liner used to line upper lid, tightline upper lid and line waterline. MAC Zoom Lash mascara.

PS! Thank you to my kind readers for pointing out that the Greasepaint Stick actually DOES come with a sharpener. (Under the bottom end of the liner) I had no idea. And THANK YOU for the tip about putting it in the freezer for a spell before attempting to sharpen it. That really works well.


  1. I totally agree in everything!

  2. I agree. It's also really too dark for me. When I wore it as liner it just looked black on me and not taupe.

  3. I hadn't bought any Mac products in months and I caved and got this because it's taupe...UGH
    I haven't even used it yet and now I'm annoyed I got it. LOL

  4. i respect your opinion, but i have to say it looks FAB-U-LOUS on your eyes!!

  5. I don't know if you know this already, but there's a sharpener built into the packaging if you want to get the fine point back (you have to tug pretty firmly at the top of the pencil to get it off, but it's in there). That said, I have this in slick black, and I have to agree, greasepaint sticks seem pretty useless to me. There's nothing I can do with this that I can't do with any other pencil liner.

  6. I am part of the popular crowd and I do love this greasestick. Then again, I am a bigger fan of Designer Purple pearlglide eyeliner. Also LE - yes, I am sick and tired of multiple launches - 2-3 in a month? It's overwhelming and it can drive even the most dedicated MAC fan (like me) away from their counters. This is about the time where I take a time out from MAC and start revisiting other brands - this is how I began my (very pricey) love affair with Chanel. But the best part is - the colors and formulas I have truly fallen in love with from the Chanel line are permanent and not the dreaded LE. This is how they are beginning to win my loyalty by offering me wearable colors, foundations that DO NOT make my skin break out and just keeping customers happy with pretty products in their permanent collection.

    For the record, I only own 3 greasestick liners - Black from Style Black, V - DSquared and Dirty. What I do love the most about them. You can pull out the back end tip and it's a sharpener. It is a great product for what it is but I don't often find myself doing my makeup last minute on my morning train. And I also like using paint pots/eye primer to prime my lids. Oh well, I'm just glad I didn't go overboard with this collection like I thought I would.

  7. I totally agree, I passed on this and had a twinge of "Will I regret not getting this?" but really.... just not something I'd use too much.

  8. Sweet Sienna is gorgeous on you! I wish it wasn't so hard to find!

    I felt the same way about Dirty. I was excited for it in theory, but playing around with it has made me a little disappointed. It comes out very ho-hum-boring on me. My next idea is to try it as a base with some dark, saturated color on top - something like Twinks or Mulch.

  9. WoW! This is absolutely stunning on you!!

  10. I absolutely love the two greasepaints I have (this one and the black one from D Squared) because I need a dark base under my dark shadows to get them to show up. Black is too dark for my daytime eyes and this is perfect for a silvery or neutral daytime eye, plus it doesn't budge.

  11. You may not like it, but it looks damn good on your eye!
    I agree that it's probably not worth it- to use it as a liner would be kinda wasteful if you have to sharpen it all the time to get that fine point.
    It hurts though, walking away from a taupe.

  12. I was actually really disappointed with the greasepaint sticks. None of them are really that pretty, and I totally agree they're not nearly as blendable as I was expecting. Dirty may be taupe, but it's ... just really not a very pretty taupe, in my opinion. I was so hoping for it to be prettier. I skipped everything from this collection (so far) and the only thing that really even piqued my interested was Black Line.

  13. Do these ones come with the sharpener in the tip like the ones from DSquared and Style Black did? You could refrigerate it for half an hour and then sharpen it if it does :)

    No advice on how you dont like having to cover it up though :(

  14. Dear elvira,

    your eyeball is giving me hot flashes.


  15. Sorry you don't like it, because it looks GORGEOUS on you!!!!! Thanks for killing a lemming, though!!!

  16. But... but.. it looks so pretty on you!! I am a Dirty lover... hmmm that sounds bad, but I am! I'm currently obsessed with using it as a base for a smokey eye and putting Mink & Sable over top.


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