Friday, April 23, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - ELF/American Laser Center Beauty Boost Event

On Wednesday evening I had the lovely opportunity to attend a press event for bloggers held by ELF Cosmetics and American Laser Center. This was the first press event I ever remember being invited to, so I was super thrilled to go and enjoy a nice glass of red wine and meet some new people (hello to Rosa over at - you were awesome!).

The event was called Summer Beauty Boost, and it was all about how to create a new summertime ‘you’ with makeup, skincare, diet, exercise, hair, and fashion. American Laser Center was offering free samplings of microdermabrasion or Velashape (a revolutionary way to get rid of cellulite), food and wine (I didn’t eat, but you know I had a nice glass of wine!), and gift bags valued at over $500.

**I have to make a note about the gift bags - if you’re going to plan an event where you know over 25 people will show up, why would you only bring 25 gift bags? I didn’t get one, sadly, because all of the bloggers rushed the swag room after the event finished. However, it was a small loss, because I did get free microdermabrasion which rocked (and the wine was really good!).

Anyway, the gift bag that was given out is actually available on - it’s called The Beauty Boost Kit, and retails for $20. This kit includes some great products from ELF’s mineral line, cute gold bangles, a $500 gift certificate for a Velashape procedure at an American Laser Center location, and a Neocutis Journee Bio-Restorative Day Cream (Neocutis is a skincare line only available via a physician, so this is a great way to try it). 100% of the proceeds from this kit benefit Bottomless Closet, an organization that helps women make the most of themselves, rebuilds their self-confidence, and teaches them how to enter the work force. How awesome is that? I’m really impressed with ELF because of this.

It would be difficult for me to give you a rundown of the entire two hours due to how much information was thrown at us, so I’ll just share my highlights!:

  1. Achelle Dunaway, the creative director of ELF Cosmetics, is gorgeous (tall and blonde, so jealous!) and a total sweetheart! She felt badly about my missing out on a gift bag and promised to send me some items. Even if she doesn’t get around to it, she was still awesome and shared some great tips for getting summer ready (and I have to say, ELF’s mineral bronzer looks incredibly natural on!).
  2. I might be officially obsessed with microdermabrasion. I had my forehead and nose done and HOLY HELL - the feel and look of the skin is totally different from the rest of my face! The staff at the W.58th St. American Laser Center were professional and very kind, and I look forward to returning for an appointment as soon as I can afford it.
  3. I might be madly in love with Derek Warburton, of - not only was he absolutely hilarious, but he is a philanthropist who works tirelessly with Bottomless Closet to make every woman “Derek fabulous” (oh, and he’s been on Real Housewives of New York!). Derek shared with us some fashion trends/tips for the summer, and here they are:
    1. Color-rific: color is in for the summer, but in small doses.
    2. Sporty Spice: yoga clothes and gym clothes can translate to other areas.
    3. Ellie May, June, July: country-inspired clothing is in.
    4. Keep It Clean: All hail the white t-shirt/white button-down!
    5. Sheer Madness: Slips aren’t just for the bedroom anymore.
    6. Get in Formation: Camo prints are in!
    7. Studs: Punk will never die, and studded accessories are hot.
    8. Swirly Twirly: Every girl needs a flirty skirt this summer.
    9. Bejeweled: Chunky, glitzy jewelry dresses up any outfit.
    10. What’s Your Platform?: The higher the heel, the hotter you are.

So that’s my rundown of the Beauty Boost event! Thanks to ELF Cosmetics and American Laser Center for having me - it was a huge treat and I look forward to the next event!


  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun! Boo for not getting a bag...but you don't need velashape anyway.

  2. Thank you for the great shoutout! We are so happy you were able to come to the event!
    I'm sure if you still want to try a complimentary VelaShape treatment that we could work something out ;-)

  3. Elvira, shush, I wanna try Velashape anyway!

    Amanda, I loved it! It was so much fun and the wine was really good =) I'll have to stop by the office soon!


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