Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BECCA Tuberose Lip and Cheek Creme

Recently Hutelook was having a sale on BECCA Cosmetics. Like any good makeup junkie I stalked the Hautelook site until the witching hour (11 AM E.S.T.) and logged on to see the goodies offered by BECCA. OK. I have to admit a lot of BECCA products appeal to me, but I can honestly say my skin is not good enough to go with their sheer foundations or shimmering skin perfectors. But one thing I can go for is BLUSH and eyeshadow. Since I already own all the BECCA shadows I care to, I focused on the creme blushes. I picked up Tuberose Lip & Cheek Creme from the sale as well as a few other items, but the Tuberose Lip & Cheek Creme is a standout best product!

The preservative and paraben free product comes in the signature BECCA flying saucer packaging. (part rubber, part metal) The product is on the small side for a lip & cheek product but the powerful pigmentation in this product makes me think it will last a long long time. I have oily skin and this lip & cheek creme lasted all day on me. I apply it over my foundation or tinted moisturizer and set it with powder. The product doesn't fade or streak on me. It is perfection for a good 8 hours.

The formula is creamy and, as I mentioned, very pigmented. The product has no shimmer in it so it won't exaggerate large pores or make one look greasy. A few dots on the cheeks (like one on the apples and maybe 2 smaller ones on the cheek will give you a very pretty and natural corally pink flush. Not that people flush naturally in a corally pink color, but pretend they can, because this what you would look like if you could. Not that Corally is a word. Coral-ly. Coralish? Coraltastic? OK My limited vocabulary has stunted me again. But seriously, lit from within glow is what I would call this color. If you have ever used or seen NARS "Cactus Flower" creme blush, BECCA Tuberose is a peachier and non shimmery alternative. If you have seen Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush in "In Love", BECCA Tuberose is a slightly pinker and creme version. I am truly smitten with this blush and plan to wear it a lot this summer.

One thing I will never understand why people insist on getting lipstick type quality from a lip & cheek product. Trust me, if you wanted the softness and shine of a lipstick from this kind of product, it would slide off your cheek in a matter of minutes. That's why I never really rely on these Lip & Cheek products to be my sole lip color. I might mix Tuberose with a lip balm already applied to my lips or I might apply Tuberose to dry lips and then add gloss on top but I do not expect or want this as a sole color. It's too dry and accentuates the fine lines in my lips. No thanks. It's pretty as a lip stain, however, it's a touch on the light side and I'm just not a fan of matchy, matchy lip & cheek looks anyway. (It reminds me too much of the 1980's)

Do you NEED this? Duh. YES! It's such a flattering color that I think it would suit the most palest complexions to some of the darkest complexions. If the color will stay on my oil slick of a face you know its going to stay on yours. I experienced no breakouts while using this product. Be warned that the swatches on the BECCA website are sucktastic, your best bet is to do a google image search for the colors you are interested in. The Lip & Cheek creme retails for $29 USD. I purchased mine for $14.50 from the Hautelook sale.

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Octyldodecanol, Cetyl Palmitate, Petrolatum, Carnauba (Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax), Candelilla Cera (Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax), C18-38 Alkyl Hydroxystearoyl Stearate, Kaolin, Tocopherol, Parfum (Fragrance), Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Carmine CI 75470, Red 36 CI 12085, Blue 1 Lake CI 42090.

Please note that while Becca is Vegetarian friendly this specific product is not Vegan friendly. Not that I care. Don't get me wrong. I love animals! They're delicious!...but Vegans may not be interested in using products with Carmine in them. Wanna know what Carmine is?....BUGS!! Crushed up bugs that form the most loverly red color ever! Call me Evil, call me Sadistic, but I will never give up carmine. I hate bugs. This is my sweet revenge upon them for scaring me so! MUWAHAHAHAHA! No but seriously. No offense to Vegans. I just want you to know that this has carmine in it. I like to rant a bit about bugs because I have an unfounded and irrational fear of them.


  1. But...but...tuberose are white?!

  2. I agree, I adore tuberose and I hate bugs. 'nuff said

    I got Byzantine from the Hautelook sale and it's a bronzed peach and loverly.

  3. it look perfect, thank you for presenting it :)

  4. Nice one...this looks good and creamy to moisturize the skin.Depends on what one wants from the cosmetic usage and the skin type.

  5. Tuberose is SO much more pinky on me than it is on you. So bizarre! Once again, skintones do some weird things to colors =)

  6. I second your love of Tuberose with a resounding yea! I also picked it up during the Hautelook sale and it is gorgeous, the perfect brightening-yet-still-natural color on my yellow-pink skin tone. And it also stays all day under powder despite my oiliness! Big thumbs up! Even with the bugs!!

  7. Love Tuberose! Your swatch makes it look so much more wonderful <3


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