Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne

I'm not sure if this is something I've mentioned before on the blog, but Kenzo's FlowerbyKenzo is my absolute HG perfume. I know you're all scratching your head wondering why I, professed lover of sticky man pits and the colognes that smell like them, love a perfume with the word "flower" in it. Look, it's been about three years since I discovered FlowerbyKenzo and I still can't figure it out. Ever since that first magical sniff of a decant the lovely Cavewoman (of Blogdorf Goodman fame) sent me, I've been entranced by the scent. Cavewoman knew about my love of a good rose note and a good violet note (yes, continue to be confused, but I love roses and violets, shut up!) and decided that FlowerbyKenzo would be a perfect fit for me. It was, Cavey, it really was!

There is something about the way the Bulgarian rose and Parma violet notes mingle on my skin, and the synergy between all of the notes of the fragrance is just perfect...I don't know. This just works. I think what makes this a flower-based scent that works for me are the middle and base notes. The middle notes are opopanax (commonly known as sweet myrrh) and white musk - any dedicated reader of this blog knows I love a good musk. The base notes are hedione (which smells sort of like jasmine, and is crucial to most jasmine-based perfumes) and cyclosal (which is the one note I actually couldn't pinpoint - sorry!). Basically, this scent has the heady base I love, combined with the soft, sensual, and powdery notes of the rose and violet. What's not to love? There's not a person who hasn't told me I smell amazing when I wear this (and I've had many a boy tell me I smell delicious).

When Kenzo contacted Elvira and I to let us know that there was a new reworking of FlowerbyKenzo, I died of happiness and completely jumped at the chance to review it. I knew I'd love it, I just knew it...despite the addition of citrus notes. If there's one olfactory note I cannot stand, it's definitely citrus. Sorry, oranges are for my tummy not my skin. I outgrew citrus scents in middle school when I discovered Givenchy Hot Couture. I was slightly hesitant, I'll admit, but the additions chosen by creator Alberto Morillas were interesting: bergamot, bigrade leaves (bigrade is bitter orange), and orange blossoms. I was hoping that the bigrade and bergamot would not overpower the gorgeous powdery tones of the original. I didn’t want a zestier FlowerbyKenzo as much as I wanted a spicier, more alive version of the scent. Morillas and Kenzo did not disappoint.

FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne is as gorgeous as the bottle it’s housed in (a more cylindrical version of the original’s bottle). The bigrade and bergamot add a slightly bitter note to the scent, but it’s not so bitter as to completely take away from the softness of the base scent. The myrrh and musk are still there, but are more highlighted by the initial citrusy top-notes. If FlowerbyKenzo whispers, then FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne shouts, and I love the noise! The bigrade note dries into the more subtle orange blossom, and the violet note goes surprisingly well with it.

Basically, I can’t stop sniffing myself when I wear this perfume, and neither can everyone around me. It’s that good! If I have one complaint about the scent, it’s that it doesn’t last as long on me as the original. I’ll blame this on the citrus notes - citrus scents never last on me. Whatever, it’s just an excuse to spray more! Yay!

FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne retails for $72USD and can be found on - it’s definitely a gorgeous, worthwhile purchase.

I mean, just look at how thrilled I am! =)


  1. Wow. You definitely make me want to try this perfume.

  2. FlowerbyKenzo has been my HG perfume for a couple of years now! And what's funny, is that I also LOVE filthy, sweaty man-pit musky odors. Go figure. Lauren

  3. OK - now I wanna try this new one and revisit the original too! :) Sounds lovely!

  4. You are so cute and like you I love a good musk. One of my girlfriends HATES musk - she said it smells like wet dog to her. I was sad by that statement and then I wondered what kind of wet dogs was she smelling??

  5. Great review.. you have impeccable writing style! I always enjoy stalkin gyour blog as its so interesting to read!!


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